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Wikipedia: The Crack Cocaine of Copy Editing

As a contributor I've done various things, but at the moment I'm concentrating on keeping up with my watchlist.

High point of five years of editing was when David Quantick wrote to me and now uses our Wikipedia article, substantially written by me, as his official IMDB bio.


I joined on April 28 2004

1,000 edits as of June 10 2004

2,000 edits as of August 18 2004

3,000 edits as of August 2005 which means it's taken me one year to do what had previously taken me 4 months.

4,000 edits as of October 25 2005

5,000 edits as of July 2 2008. I have been tardy.

6,000 edits as of November 2008.

7,000 edits as of July 2009.

8,000 edits as of July 2010 (although I did a ton more on the Strategy wiki this year).

9,000 edits as of September 2010 (lots of welcoming users),(gives an average of about 1,500 contributions a year).

10,000 edits as of January 2010.

11,000 edits as of September 2011 (welcomes and warnings).

12,000 edits as of December 2016 - 50.81% in the mainspace.

As of August 8 2004 I was #664 in the list of main namespace editors and #482 on less discriminating editing terms [1]

As of August 29 2004 I was #627 (up 45) in the list of main namespace editors and #453 on less discriminating terms [2]

As of July 25, 2005 I was #1291 in the list of main namespace editors and #973 overall (there's 350,000 registered editors).

As of October 15, 2005 I was #1216 in the list of main namespace editors and #992 overall. Midtable obscurity

As of July 2, 2008 I was not in the top 4000 editors. The end of an era.

Check how Wanky I am right NOW!

WP Stats:

  • English Wikipedia reached a peak of just under 55,000 editors making 5 edits per month or more in 2007.
  • As of 2009 that was down to around 45,000. That's about the population of Christchurch, Dorset.
  • As of January 2010 [3]:
    • 365 million unique visitors visited Wikimedia projects (all projects combined).
    • Of those 189.9 million visited the English Wikipedia.
    • 60.1% of the visitors to Wikimedia projects are estimated to come via Google searches.
    • only 0.025% of visitors to Wikimedia projects are editors with more than 5 edits.
    • For the English Wikipedia, only 0.021% of visitors have more than 5 edits.
    • 5th in the list of most-visited websites in the world.

Articles I've initiated

Categories I've initiated

Alpha order: category:British television comedy + category:British political scandals (see category:Political scandals in the United Kingdom + category:four letter words (see category:profanity) + category:gay icons + category:Hanna-Barbera cartoons and characters + category:insects + category:London's West End + category:Members of Saddam Hussein's family (see category:Saddam Hussein family + category:most-wanted Iraqi playing cards (now a list) + category:plumbing + category:priests + category:Satirical television programmes + category:transsexuals + category:Social realism

Articles I've revised worth mentioning

  • Amusement Park - added a British section, wrote about fairgrounds (now an article of its own) and brief mention of Brit theme parks.
  • Ivor Cutler - added discography, note on his style of delivery and content of work, external links.
  • Angus Deayton - added Merton's "I stabbed him in the front" amongst other bits.
  • Paul Merton - Added para about his performance style.
  • sitcom - Major revisions to dilute the US-centric tone. Put out a call for more countries to contribute.
  • Vivian Stanshall - Early life, brief Bonzos para, rehab, valium, the rubber ears anecdote.
  • Webcast - added details of NetAid webcast.
  • comedy - Massive organisational revision of links so I can try and make sense of Wikis comedy pages. 'ray!
  • Johnny Vegas - added a fair bit, even if the upshot was that the article is now a horrible chunky listy affair rather than graceful reading... will try and sort that out.
  • Rachel Whiteread - though half of it's just stuck on the Talk:Rachel Whiteread page. I'm thoroughly sick of her and her casts now.
  • Only Fools and Horses - added info about Sullivan (as script and theme song writer)
  • John Sullivan - added stub for Sullivan
  • Arthur Mathews - put up a pretty damn good article on that half of the Linehan & Mathews axis (Father Ted etc). Graham Linehan - completes the pair
  • Bruce Robinson - writer + relevant additions to Withnail and I and The Killing Fields
  • The Information (novel) - added quite a lot there, including plot summary and critics.

'Reception' pieces

I have a strange, sad and lonely obsession with documenting what critics say about the arts, so I often document the reception of a work. I have done that for:

Little edits I'm pleased with

UK-US Keyboards + Discography + Gymnastics scoring: beam, floor, asymmetric bars, vault + Shoe japes of The United Kingdom at Shoe flinging

An Award
For all your hard work and efforts on Wikipedia, but particularly your impressive contributions to comedians and British television comedy writers. Awarded by Angmering
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To bodnotbod, for high quality reviewing at FAC Karanacs (talk) 20:16, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

Personal Grooming - Aug 05

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