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My Interests[edit]

My primary interest lies in the history of the Germanic peoples from Late Antiquity till the Early Middle Ages, especially that of the Norse and Anglo-Saxons. I've a thorough knowledge of Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon language and literature, and edit on these frequently. I also edit on ancient and later medieval European history, military history in general, folklore and mythology, and modern Scandinavia, along with any article that happens to pique my interest.

I have an academic background in Old English and Old Norse philology, as well as the associated history and archaeology. I speak Norwegian fluently and Icelandic semi-fluently, and have a more rudimentary knowledge of Swedish, Danish and Faroese. I've lived and studied in England, Norway, and Iceland where I currently live.

Articles Created[edit]

Arne Torp, Norwegian linguistics professor

Bjǫrn the Easterner, Norse Viking featured in various sagas

Gilbert Hamilton, Swedish noble and military officer

Helga Haugland Byfuglien, Norwegian Bishop of Borg

NERO (confectionery), Norwegian liquroice and dark chocolate confection