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Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Pontus Eriksson, born in the mid 60's. I'm from Scania, an ex-Danish province that became Swedish in 1720. Many years ago, but I can still see Copenhagen across the Øresund. My dad was an airline pilot who among other aircraft flew Boeing 720 / 720B for a duration of 18 years, 1970-1987. Hence the choice of my alias. For myself is MS Flight Simulator 2004 enough, and I usually use Historical Jet Group's Boeing 707 simulators. I've also (and quite successfully, if I may say so) "flewn" - and landed around 10 times, in a real Douglas DC-10 simulator which earlier has been used by Scandinavian Airlines crews, now located at Västerås Flygmuseum, Sweden.

Sparnberg 1980s.jpg

This is the little East German "Dorf", Sparnberg during the 1980s. Then it was a part of the border between East and West Germany, located at the wrong side of the river Saale. I have visited the nearby border station "Hirschberg", no less than four times, in 1981 and 1982. Coming from the Bavarian side, Western Germany was very different. Around 15 km from this motorway border, were huge motorway signs in English warning NATO-vehicles to use next exit, etc. I think there were four of those very large road signs. "Last exit for NATO vehicles." and the last one was something like this "NATO vehicles - STOP AT ONCE ! DO NOT PROCEED".

. Please note

The picture above and its text are not parts of any Wikipedia article. I would , if I could make an article about Sparnberg and the Hirchberg BRD - GDR border. But all I've got, is my memories. And we can't build an Encyclopedia based on memories. But I watched the little "dorf" from the higher located motorway, could see some kind of meander , and a wall that completely prevented the people from this GDR-village to reach (or even see) the water, and I felt petty for them.


Major contributions:

  • HH Ferry route and related articles regarding the ferry traffic on northern and central Øresund
  • Good parts of Scania (including nature and climat) and in History of Scania filling major gaps, as the end of the Middle Ages, the Rennaicance as well as the time after 1720.

Some minor contributions:

lacked for instance Soviet Union on Poland and later on Finland, as well as Japan on USA.

Countries I've visited

SwedenDenmarkGermanyEnglandNetherlandsBelgiumSpainNorwayPolandAustriaFrancePortugalTunisiaItalyGreeceEast Germany

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