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I'm getting a bit tired of acting purely as an admin and contributing nothing more than occasional minor edits to the actual encyclopedia. Wikipedia:Women in Red is a very worthwhile projected aimed at trying to rectify the systemic gender imbalance we suffer from, and that fits in well with my interest in Paralympic sport - an area where there are many red links. Progress so far...

  • Oksana Khrul - I was astounded that such a world-class athlete, with multiple Paralympic medals, did not have an article.


I have an alternative account at User:Boing! on Tour, and during an absence from using this account I edited from User:EightTwoThreeFiveOneZeroSevenThreeOne (the latter is abandoned and now blocked, and both user pages declare that they are my accounts).


I am open to recall, but I don't want to put in place any complicated procedure. All I require is a discussion in an appropriate place (the admin noticeboard springs to mind), closed by a disinterested editor after a suitable period, and if the result is judged to be a consensus to desysop then I will resign.


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You will not be unblocked until:

If you have no interest in editing Wikipedia beyond writing about your organisation, then you will not be unblocked. If this is the case, I recommend you consider alternative outlets.

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There are several issues that need addressing before you can be considered for unblock:

  1. Companies can not have accounts here and user pages must not be used for writing about companies. Please read WP:User pages to learn more.
  2. Wikipedia has clear conflict of interest guidelines for those editing on subjects with which that have a personal connection. See WP:COI
  3. The Wikimedia Foundation has strict rules which must be followed by editors with a commercial/professional/paid connection with their subjects. See WP:PAID
  4. Wikipedia will only host an article about a company if it meets the notability standards described at WP:NCORP, and is supported by multiple, independent reliable sources which cover it in depth. See WP:RS for more information.

Once you have read those pages, please make a new request which describes what relationship, if any, you have with the company XXX, makes it clear that you understand the relevant policies and guidelines, and explains how your editing will be different if you are unblocked.