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Mar Omega owns the Copyright to this name which was obtained January 12th 2001. This can be verrified through

Mar Omega (born April 16th 1979) is a modern renaissance artist / entertainer with artistic skills across the board. He is best recognized from his fire eating performances with live bands such as FREAK. He has performed in places such as Murphy's Third Rail in Dover NJ (now Pub 66), Dingbatz, and the Starland Ballroom.

Mar Omega is also an accomplished artist being widely recognized by many different organizations. Some of his digital artwork was recently published in Ghost Rider (comics) issue 14, released October 2007. Mar Omega's artwork will also be featured on one of “Code One Auto's” concept cars. Code One Auto is best known for the stunt cars they created for films such as "The Fast and the Furious (2001 film)" and "The Dukes of Hazzard (film)"

Besides being a death-defying performer and amazing artist, Mar Omega also finds time exhibit his theatrical skills by acting in theaters, short films, and modeling for various events. Mar Omega was published in the local papers when he made his exceptional performance in Brundage Park Playhouse in Randolph NJ, of Dracula in 2003,Beyond Therapy 2004, Dracula 2006, and William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus in 2007.

Mar Omega has a fan base consisting of appoximatly 5000+ people. They travel from diffrent parts of the United States to visit him at conventions,(Chiller Theatre Convention, Big Apple Comic Convention)or live shows. Those that do not travel purchase his artwork and request autographs via his website.

His Name[edit]

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Early Life[edit]

Mar Omega is a modern renaissance artist / entertainer with artistic skills across the board. He was born in Oklahoma and raised in the town of Perryton, Texas.At the age of 8 he began his first entrepreneurial venture as a landscaper. By the time he was 16 and had a driver's license, he managed 4 employees with a small fleet of equipment. Then the company expanded to fire wood delivery from Oklahoma to Texas in the wnters.Aside from his own company, he worked on farms, drove trucks, worked for the town's parks department and held public jobs as well. All of these things he did while honing his skills as an artist and actor.Throughout his school career, he received many awards for theatre, speech, art and technical / mechanical drafting. The Perryton Rotary club awarded him a trip to New Mexico for Camp R.Y.L.A. (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) for his exhibition of leadership qualities. There he learned strategies from CEOs and CFOs of fortune 500 companies, financial brokers,entrepreneurs and government officials.

College Years[edit]

After graduation from Perryton High School in 1997, Mar was accepted into the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. JKS is a highly exclusive school for artists focused on the art of comic books and story telling expression. The curriculum Mar chose was an intense 3-year program with 33 courses of extensive media arts training. All 33 courses had to be completed to graduate. Most of them required students to finish one work of art a week, considering students would attend 10 courses per week. Mar Omega graduated with 32 others in 2000.

On the side, while attending JKS, Mar Omega studied runway modeling and was signed for three years with New York, New York Modles INC.


From 2000 to 2003 Omega attended County College of Morris and earned certificates in Web Development, E-Commerce and New Media Technology. He excelled in Web Design, Photography, Digital Media and Television Production.

In 2001 Mar worked as a camera operator for Fairway Productions, shooting medical conferences, theatrical performances and car show / conventions. Bob Findlay, owner / operator of Fairway Productions, was the co-founder of Pax Amicus Castle Theatre in Budd Lake, New Jersey. Findlay introduced Mar to Stan Barber, who now runs Pax by himself.

This launched three long-standing careers for Omega, one in video, one in acting and one in set design. Mar Omega was in several productions at Pax Amicus, including DRACULA, BUMP 'N GRIND, and The ODD COUPLE. He designed and refurbished sets for all current productions.

While at Pax Amicus, Mar Omega studied under SAG actor, James Karcher. He also helped Karcher by designing the logo for the ROGUES CO. theatre troupe.

With the influx of theater and video graphic work, it was decided to open a company called MAR OMEGA DESIGNS. Omega's company started out with a grand clientele.

For the majority of 2002, Mar sub-contracted under A.M. Designs as the crew chief and head designer. From April through November, Mar designed, refurbished and installed holiday sets for shopping centers all over, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

In December of 2002, Mar Omega modeled clothing for designer Chelsea Soranno at the CCM Winter Fashion Runway Show

In 2003 Mar expanded to other theaters in the North Jersey area. At Brundage Park Playhouse in Randolph, NJ, he auditioned for and landed the role of DRACULA. He has played several roles at BPP as well as designed, built and painted several sets.


Because of his experience in Camera Operations and the courses in Television Production, Mar Omega began working as a freelancer for MSNBC in 2004. He showed great promise and was then asked to work for Maximum Stedicams at CNBC.

That year, Mar also began working with his friend of 2 years, Danson as a DJ's assistant. Danson was a circus veteran of 20+ years who worked as a clown, a ringmaster and a multi-talent side show entertainer among many other things. Omega studied the art of Fire Eating under Danson. Later, they expanded to a two-man ten-in-one sideshow, working for many private events and public gatherings. Danson trained Mar Omega to perform the Bed Of Nails act, the Sword Ladder act, the Straight Jacket Escape, the Electric Chair act and the Grinder act.

Their public shows evolved to the point of inviting other acts from out of town. Mar performed with the Electric Side Show and the Unholy Side Show. Rev. First-Minister and Barry Silver of the Unholy Side Show taught Omega the Human Pin Cushion act and the Flesh Stapler routine. Mar Omega has performed the Staple-Man act at many events in New York and New Jersey.

In 2005 Mar modeled in the Imbolc Manifesto fashion show in Green Brook, NJ. The event showcased four lines of clothing by Metamorphosis llc. It was a charity event and all proceeds went to The National Alliance For Autism Research (NAAR). Omega later modeled in the catalog shoot for those lines.

He did more modeling later on in the year. The Washington D.C. based photographers, Charles Pilzer and Larry Bradby had him model for portfolio shoots.

Durring the fall season of 2005 Mar Omega began exhibiting artwork publicly. His first exhibition in the West Village in New York met challenges as the curator dropped out of the show at the last minute. Omega had to handle all of the business aspects for himself and the other artists involved. After that he showed work on a few occasions in Washington D.C.

In December of 2005, Mar started working as a theater tech for The Theatre At Raritan Valley Community College. He did tech work for The Moscow Ballet's THE GREAT RUSSIAN NUTCRACKER.

In 2006, Omega continued working with the RVCC Theatre and did tech work for CHANNEL and helped
refurbish and construct the set for the Australian tap group known as Tap Dogs. For the New Jersey run of the TAP DOGS show, Mar worked as a carpenter grip.

Later that year Mar Omega had acquired 9 artists and photographers to exhibit artwork with him in public venues such as Niagara in NYC and Big Art Show in Brooklyn. Many of them consisted of artists that attended JKS with him and photographers that attended CCM with him. He had also gathered talented musicians and dancers to aid with audio and visual support for the shows.

In the mean time, Omega had reprised his role at Brundage Park Playhouse as DRACULA, which ran throughout October of 2006.

On Halloween of 2006, Omega judged the costume contest at JKS and gave out the Mar Omega's MOST BIZARRE COSTUME award. Later that night, he performed a fire show at Josh's Fire Pit in Landing, New Jersey. At that party, he met a talented girl who would later become his apprentice and assistant. Her stage name was Lady Kyra.

The following month, Mar Omega and long time associate, Tony Dragonfire, did a test market performance at Murphy's Third Rail in Dover, New Jersey to pitch an idea for a weekly or monthly club night. On Friday, November 17th 2006, the club asked Omega to perform with FREAK, New Jersey's heaviest cover band. This alliance with FREAK would go on to great heights in the years that followed. The fire performance with the live band was an absolute hit with the band's following.


2007, Mar Omega's 10th year on the East Coast was a landmark year in his life. He expanded his repertoire of artistic trades and took his work in new directions.

In the spring of 2007, a faction at Brundage Park Playhouse launched a repertory company called the Shakespeare Initiative. The debut show of this group was Richard Norman's vision of William Shakespeare's TITUS ANDRONICUS. Mar Omega accepted 4 small roles as Martius Andronicus, Chius, Goth #3 and a follower of Saturninus. For this show, Omega crafted several props and prototype prosthetics.

Some of the props for TITUS required Mar to master latex mask-making and cilicone mold-making. For the parts of Martius and Quintus Andronicus, Omega made took molds of his head and carved negitave sculpts to cast full-detail latex heads. He also made prototypes for Lavinia's arms and amputated hands. Because of this, Mar Omega was appointed the position of official Special Effects Fabricator for the Shakespeare Initiative and special effects makeup artist for Brundage Park Playhouse.

On April 4th, 2007 Mar Omega's television career changed drastically. When radio personality Don Imus made an off-color comment about the Rutgers ladies basketball team, the show that Omega operated camera on for 2 years was cancelled. And since MSNBC was in the process of moving to 30 Rockefeller Center in Manhattan,
Omega decided to downgrade his affiliation with MSNBC and work full time for Maximum Steadicams at CNBC on Jim Cramer's Mad Money.

Omega's long-time friend, Cesar Cruz from OutWorld Entertainment, ran across him around that time. OutWorld Entertainment was hosting a premier for all of their award winning films of 2006, and wanted Mar to exhibit his artwork there. After the premier, Cesar asked Mar to audition for some of the upcoming 2007 and 2008 projects. Mar Omega auditioned and was offered the lead role in OutWorld's action film, REDIMERE.

REDIMERE was shot in August 2007 and released in February 2008.

Over the summer of 2007, Mar and his apprentice, Lady Kyra, grew closer together, both in performance and romantically. In early October, Kyra asked Mar to marry her. As they knew their love was real, they wasted no time and were married on "Mischief Night" (a year after they met and the day before Halloween).

In early 2008, the Omegas opened a new company called Mar Omega UNLIMITED. At their residence in Stanhope, New Jersey, Mar and Kyra built a studio where they can create carpentry, molds, latex monsters prosthetics and other props. They are equipped with photography strobes, lighting, blue and green chroma screens on a fly system in their studio and provide digital and physical special effects services.

In 2008, Mar was offered art and design jobs on 2 feature-length horror movies, one with OutWorld Entertainment and one with THR Productions. He also collaborated with his talented friend and colleague, Brendan Naranjo on an original theatrical endeavor. Each of these projects entailed several designs, sculptures and monsters.

Mar Omega UNLIMITED has plans in the works to shoot three of their original short films and one feature in 2009. Mar Omega's HIGHLANDER-Based fan film, QUICKENING is scheduled to wrap post production in February 2009.

Mar Omega freelances as a camera operator, cable utility grip, theater tech, photographer, sideshow entertainer, actor, artist, and art curator. He works in television, theatre and film and at public and private events.



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Mar Omega was contacted and gave permission regarding the use of the information from the Mar Omega Unlimited website.