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I assume that if you're looking at this, you probably want to know something about me, so here's a short profile:

Real Name: Brian

Sex: Male

Age: Old enough to know better.

Username: At the time it was first used, I was working as a cemetery caretaker, and "the boneyard" was an affectionate (though irreverent) term for my workplace. The ninety is for the milestone year I graduated high school and joined the U.S. Army.
Current Wikipedia Activities: Working on trying to clear out the multitude of Unassessed articles or evaluating the Unknown Importance articles in WikiProject:Japan and a couple of other wikiprojects.

Photo Contributions: Boneyard90 at Wikimedia

General Interests: All things historical and cultural. My degree is in Anthropology, in which my specialties are Human Osteology and Bioarchaeology.

I've worked in and studied American cemeteries and Southeastern Archaeology of the U.S..
I lived in Japan for about five years, and while there visited about 130 castle sites; some were originals, many were reconstructions, ruins, or empty sites.

Most anything else of passing interest can probably be learned from the Userboxes I've posted below. I'm still working on this page, because I have no idea what I'm doing.


Articles Created Articles Expanded Sections Written Some Pages Edited Other Pages Edited
Symbol b class.svg IJA 18th Inf Regt Symbol b class.svgSakae Ōba Japanese castle: Modern Period IJA 3rd Div Missing Treasure
Symbol start class.svgAndrew Scott Symbol c class.svgAkiyama Nobutomo Skull cup: Japan IJA 16th Div Love hotel
Symbol start class.svgKannonji Castle Good articleDid You Know? Coffin birth Toyokawa: History Fusō class battleship Coffee jelly
Symbol b class.svgNirengi Castle Symbol b class.svgDid You Know? Camp Nelson NC Siriraj Hospital: Museum Jingei class ship Sloppy joe
Symbol b class.svgToyohashi Air Raid Symbol b class.svgBattle of Miyajima Dolphin: Cuisine Seppuku Necktie
Symbol c class.svgEjin Horo Qi Good articleDid You Know?Siege of Inabayama Castle Pilot Whale: CuisineGood article Hiji Castle Murder ballad
Symbol b class.svgMiyao Castle Short-fin pilot whale: Cuisine Ina Castle Khamisiyah
Symbol b class.svgNishikawa Castle Japanese macaque: depictions Oda Nobunaga Talil Air Base
Good articleDid You Know? Black Thunder Famine: Cambodia Mōri Motonari Hernando de Soto
Featured articleDid You Know? Lady Saigō Putrefaction:Description Rokkaku Yoshiharu Museum of Osteology
Recumbent effigy: China Shibata Katsuie Castle
Japanese civilians in WWII: Challenges Tokuhime Funeral
Tahara: Transportation Itsukushima Shrine Cemetery
Itsukushima Gravedigger
Tsu, Mie Skeletonization
Toyohashi, Aichi Dismemberment
Taiji, Wakayama Impalement
Tahara, Aichi Disembowelment
List of castles in Japan Slow slicing


Symbol start class.svg Start-classSymbol c class.svg C-classSymbol b class.svg B-classSymbol support vote.svg Good articleCscr-featured.svg Featured articleSymbol question.svg Featured in the Did you know...? section of the Main Page


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Barn-Ogi-Sensu-Red-Hinomaru.png WikiProject Japan Barnsensu Award
For your indefatigable efforts to assess WikiProject Japan articles. Michitaro (talk) 14:38, 24 March 2012 (UTC)

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Countries lived in or visited:
United States Mexico Germany United Kingdom Saudi Arabia Iraq Japan Cambodia Thailand Vietnam Malaysia China South Korea Mongolia Canada Taiwan
American States lived in (top) or visited:
Georgia (U.S. state) Kentucky New York New Jersey Missouri North Carolina Alabama Ohio
Pennsylvania Florida Massachusetts West Virginia Virginia South Carolina Arkansas Nevada Tennessee Louisiana Illinois Indiana Texas New Mexico Colorado Kansas Nevada Iowa Wisconsin Michigan

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