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This page is about the clown that eats lettuce with barbecue sauce and steamed ice cream. For the British song not written by Bonkers The Clown, see Bonkers (song). For the game that's never the same twice, see Bonkers! (game). For the childish television series that Bonkers did not appear in, see Bonkers (TV series).
Bonkers (The Clown)
Born Bonkers (According to official birth certificate; Disputed)
Bonkers (the Clown) (According to my dad)
Bonkers (The Clown) (According to my mum)

Pyongyang, Naughty Korea
Nationality Singaporean
Other names BTC
Occupation Clown
999999921 This user currently has
999999921 spouses.
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See also: Bonkers' SHINY STUFF (a.k.a Vanity)

Your Introduction to Bonkers: A Short and Fictional Origins Biography with No Relation to Actual People or Dogs in Real Life, Completely Written in a Third Person Perspective

Bonkers (The Clown, also the Clown; Aliases: BTC, simply Bonkers, BONKERS, Bonkerz; simplified Chinese: (耍笑的)笨可丝) is a clown named Bonkers (The Clown). Born to a clown and a clown,[1] in 조선민주주의인민공화국, the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, a.k.a Naughty Korea, Bonkers fled to the other half of Korea, codenamed Nice Korea, on a five-dollar rubber boat, purchased from local Naughty Korean Lottemart stores, when he was just around 6.4 years old, and was fortunately successful! After two hours and fifty two minutes in Nice Korea, Bonkers was finally granted official asylum in it. Bonkers adapted to the peaceful life in Nice Korea, glad that he was free of the clutches of the Naughty Elites and their master, (Personal attack removed). However, things took a turn when Gangnam Style was born. Bonkers could not swallow the idea of fat Kim Jong Un lookalikes dancing and galloping like a boss (or a hoss), and decided to find further peace, in Singapore, where the only noise was (Personal attack removed) mumbling about fertility rates (that was better than Oppa Gangnam). Contented, Bonkers bought a one-room flat in Orchard (also known as a public toilet cubicle) for just five hundred dollars, but he was not yet 100% happy with just free water and soap and toilet bowl. Thus, Bonkers got himself a laptop, which he cleverly swapped with his "home". Then he traded the laptop for a flower, and the flower for a chicken, and the chicken for a donkey, and the donkey for an elephant, and the elephant for a Godzilla-species dinosaur, and that for a house. This time, the house was a six room landed property in the Istana; Tony Tan liked dinosaurs, in turned out. And that's the end. Bonkers lived happily ever after. And in his free time, he performs at circuses, sells popcorn, sleeps, breathes, survives, and last but not least, creates crappy Wikipedia (and Uncyclopedia) articles like THIS. | size = 215px | border = yes | alt = | caption = Well hallo | birth_name = | birth_date = | birth_place =

| death_date =

This user is an ageless immortal.

(So he can't die, ya fools!)

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| nationality =

Flag of Singapore.svg This user is Singaporean.

| other_names = Bonkers The Clown
Bonkers | known_for = | occupation = }}-->


Penning fictional and nonsensical and stupid biographies aside, Bonkers (The Clown) also enjoys writing for Wikipedia. He spends approximately three hours a day in his basement staring at the tiny screen of his laptop. On Wikipedia, Bonkers is formally known as User:Bonkers The Clown, though in some instances, other users simply address him as BTC or Bonkers The Clown or @Bonkers The Clown or Bonkers. As of date, User:Bonkers The Clown has created over 260 substantial pages[2] and made more than 8000 edits.[3]

Geeky hall of fame

Good articles

  1. The Decay of Fiction
  2. Peter Chao
  3. The Medico of Painted Springs



  1. 8,000th edit: shit



(Hey! You can actually already find most of these info above!)

General facts

  • Bonkers' name is Bonkers?
  • He's a clown?
  • Bonkers' favourite food is peanut butter-flavoured peanut butter?
  • He's a distant relative of Bozo the Clown?
  • He does NOT believe in Karma?
  • Bonkers' real name is actually not Bonkers. Betcha didn't know!

Number of blocks bestowed upon him

For being a prick at times, this user has been blocked not just once, or twice, but three time.[4] Hopefully we won't see a fourth time.[citation needed] You may use the information below for future incrimination of this user.

Offence Duration of block
Racist trolling One day
Trolling, violation of topic ban and gross breach of BLP Six months and eighteen days
continued disruption, only days after previous indef block for disruption was lifted indefinite?

Top ten favourite movies

  1. Avatar
  2. Inception
  3. Fast Five
  4. Skyfall
  5. Die Hard 4.0
  6. Gattaca
  7. The Forbidden Kingdom
  8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  9. Surrogates
  10. Iron Man 3

Top ten favourite people

  2. Barack Obama
  3. Cee Lo Green
  4. Tiger Woods
  5. Stan Lee
  6. Warren Buffett
  7. Bruce Willis
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  9. Rick Ross
  10. DJ Mustard

Mentions in print and the web

They might not realise it, but they unavoidably mention my name everyday! You will find thousands of results just by typing in "Bonkers the Clown" into the search bar of Google News![5]

See also

Other clowns

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References and notes

  1. ^ According to his official biography on Wikipedia, which can be actually retrieved HERE in which Bonkers The Clown stated that his parents were clowns by profession.
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