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Hello there, guy/gal/guy-gal, and I'm sure you have (most likely) visited my babble page, or else you wouldn't have gotten here. Wanna leave me a message? Sureeee. But PLEASE do read this first.

Adressing me[edit]


"Can I call you Bonkers?", one may ask. OF COURSE! Just remember NOT to NOT capitalise the "B" in Bonkers. I am Bonkers, not bonkers. Understand? Get it? Moving on.

What about "The Clown"?[edit]

My actual name has been disputed many times, just like Kim jong Il's birth date. According to my official birth certificate, my name is just "Bonkers" (with a capital "B"!). However, my dad claims that he picked the name "Bonkers the Clown" (the exact reason, I don't know...) And to make things worse, my mum says its "Bonkers The Clown". This remains a heated debate, and possibly the longest of its kind.

Anyway, to make things simpler, just call me "Bonkers". Or you could call me Sir. Or Babe. ;) And sometimes "Singaporean Bonkers" – though I rather you not.

Other points[edit]

If I left you a message on YOUR talk page, reply there, but please do leave me a "Talkback" note, as I most likely WON'T be watching your page. Thank you.

If vice versa, then vice versa. Thank you ;)

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!