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Latent Hazard[edit]

Latent Hazard is a high-octane 2008 fiction thriller by author Piers Venmore-Rowland.

Plot introduction[edit]

Set against the background of the aftermath of the banking crisis of 2008, Rafi Khan a Muslim terrorist suspect is arrested and interrogated by MI5 following the bombing of a City of London police station. The body of evidence against Khan is such that the Home Office is keen for justice to be seen to be done and swiftly.
The City of London Police, however, have their doubts and are concerned that the "suicide" bombing is an harbinger of a wider terrorist conspiracy. Detective Inspector Kate Adams and her team delve into Khan's background and his connections. Has he been set-up or is he at the heart of the terrorist operations?
A complex conspiracy is revealed, but the progress of the police is hampered by political spin. The stakes multiply as the plot of the well resourced terrorists is uncovered bit by bit. Will the police have enough to stop the terrorist onslaught? Or will they miss vital pieces of the jigsaw puzzle?
The chase to stop the terrorists is skilfully interwoven with dialogue from the House of Commons. Will the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer find a way of preventing the fragile British economy from facing financial Armageddon? In amongst the action and the political intrigue, surprisingly this thriller introduces a number of thought-provoking and topical solutions.
In a style reminiscent of Robert Ludlum and Alastair MacLean the reader is propelled along a well researched plot and into a conspiracy not knowing what to expect next.

Book Formats[edit]

Latent Hazard is published by Galleons Green in paperback and e-Book(Microsoft Reader, EPUB, Mobipocket and Kindle) formats.

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