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Greetings. I am an undergraduate student at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY who is majoring in molecular biology and minoring in music. I was born and raised in Aiea, HI. I got introduced to Wikipedia editing through BIOL 389: Molecular Neurobiology and am now hooked! Please feel free to post any comments/concerns on my talk page.

Articles I've contributed to[edit]

  • Glial fibrillary acidic protein
    • Added citations to many uncited claims, reorganized the sections for better logical flow and readability
  • Zebrafish
    • Added details about current research into retinal regeneration
  • Macropinosome
    • Created the article
  • Genetic code
    • Did some minor edits reorganizing the article and changing wording to improve readability
  • Muller glia
    • Added a section on function, updated the article to reflect current research with regard to regeneration
  • Transcytosis
    • Added sections on regulation and pathogenesis, improved introduction
  • Central dogma of molecular biology
    • Reworded for clarity, rearranged sections for better logical flow, minor spelling changes
  • TRPN
    • Created the article

About me[edit]

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