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STAR TREKBorb is a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation.TNG

Borb is a wikipedian who enjoys hacking and making diagrams with Inkscape.

Images Uploaded[edit]

The following images were created by me and are released under the GFDL and Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike:

Photographs taken by me and released under the GFDL and Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike:

If you choose to use any of my images under the Creative Commons license, attribution to "Wikipedia" is sufficient.


Created or Greatly Expanded[edit]

Boiling tube | Separating funnel | Addition polymer | Alkyl | Top Gear (radio show) | Polyamide | Flipside TV | FAQ U | Bristle

Please improve these where you see fit


Inverse-square law | Nuclear fusion | Alkene | Clifton Reynes | Olney, Milton Keynes | Newport Pagnell | Reflux | Ester | Condensation polymer | FL Studio | Sound Forge | Alanine | Arginine | Asparagine | Aspartic acid | Cysteine | Glutamic acid | Glutamine | Glycine | Histidine | Isoleucine | Leucine | Lysine | Methionine | Phenylalanine | Proline | Serine | Threonine | Tryptophan | Tyrosine | Valine | Carbon monoxide