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Hello friend! I strive to make sourced, balanced edits to articles. I have been a proud member of Wikipedia over the past six years. I have started a variety of articles on rural villages in India, a topic scarcely covered in Wikipedia. I am interested in Science and Medicine, Space, Religion, Animals, India, and Politics. I have created several articles based on my interests. I have several hundred pages on my watch list and have made approximately 7,000 edits on 1000+ Wikipedia pages.

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User Subpages

Many users like to create user subpages to store various bits of information such as welcome templates or other information. For example, if you are drafting a new page that is not ready to "go live", or proposing major changes in redrafting an existing page, a user subpage may be very useful.

To create a subpage simply visit your User page and then append the name of the subpage in your browser's URL bar. For example, would become When you press the ↵ Enter key you will be prompted to create the new subpage.

If you no longer need a subpage, or wish to have it deleted, you can mark the page with {{db-owner}} or {{db|reason}}.

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To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd}}