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Once Dead, Twice Shy is a young adult novel by Kim Harrison


Madison Avery was a normal teenage girl until a dark reaper scythed her, killing her by severing her soul from her body. Stealing his amulet, she is given a half life and becomes swept into the war between light reapers, who believe in choice, and dark reapers, who believe in fate. Ruled by the Seraphs, these two sides have been fighting since the dawn of time. Guided by the light reaper Barnabas, Madison must learn how to use the stolen amulet as she aids him in preventing scything when the danger mounts around them. When her amulet is recognized during a scything, the peril deepens as it is revealed that she stole the dark timekeeper's amulet instead of a reaper's amulet, putting even those around her in danger. Harrison's young adult debut is an amusing and entertaining jaunt of an urban fantasy. Based on a previously published short story that is hinted at or glossed over at best, the book has a slow start, which might annoy some readers. The characters are an entertaining bunch from the witty punk lead Madison, to the humorous guardian angel Grace, to the ever arguing reapers. All points considered, the novel is a solid and enjoyable read, great for fans of fantasy. Reviewer: Susan Hampe