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Leonhard Schmitz, Leonhard (1870). "Curtia gens". In Smith, William. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. 1. 

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There are only 2 articles that try to put a picture in, those are Biological anthropology and Ethnic group. The flaw occurs in both of them. The main person with the template in his sandbox is User:Quiddity/sandbox2. He looks pretty busy, not likely to repond any time soon. The iff approach would probably keep him happy and he has a certain set-up there. I have not yet figured out what it is. It is in the picture caption set-up only. Those are the last two parameters. Whatever it is centers the caption text. That seems worth keeping. However a straight file specification is simpler and keeps the numbers. The thing is, we need a second iff for the pic below. So, that would seem to mandate file spec. And, we need one for the width. This all needs to be right before the pics start going in. You could try a few alternatives in the template sandbox after you figure out what he other two file parameters are. Give him a day or so to respond. The previous edits look pretty much like their-way or high-way. Time for change.

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