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'I am a bounty hunter. I hunt bounties.' - Jango Fett, Star Wars Bounty Hunter
My name is bounty hunter, and I travel the galaxy looking beings to capture and exchange for money. I wear classy blue and silver mandolorian style battle armor with a matching jet pack. Some of my other gadgets include toxic darts, id scanner, grenades, a missile launcher, gauntlet whipcord, flamethrower, sniper rifle, and westar-34 twin dual dallorian alloy blasters. I used to be a mandolorian warrior, until my legion was betrayed and massacred into extinction by the jedi.

I am currently travelling in a previously uncharted system, wikipedia. On wikipedia I will be hunting the local troublemakers, dead or alive. I will also be helping an academy training new fighters into true bounty hunters, helping the new hunters, and setting them up with contacts to support their career.

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