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DOB: 4 June1982
Place of Birth Flag of Hong Kong (1959–1997).svg Hong Kong
Citizenship  Hong Kong, China
 United Kingdom (Overseas)

I am currently living in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. I am an immigrant from Hong Kong, and has live in Canada since 1993. I am a dual citizen, holding citizenships of both Canada and China (Hong Kong permanent residency). My field of interests is history and politics, particularly topics about Greater China and overseas Chinese, World War I and World War II (espeically the Pacific threatre), and Sino-Japanese Relations. Despite my interest in the two world wars, I would say that I am more of a political and diplomatic historian than a military one. I am more into the political and diplomatic aspect of the two world wars than the battles itself. I am a graduate from the University of Alberta, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in history.

One of my goal is to tranlate more articles from English to Chinese, and vice versa.

I also like hockey. My favourite player is hall of famer Ray Bourque (hence the nickname).

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Some of my works include:

and tranlated into Chinese...

I have partly contributed to: