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I am a Bear of Very Little Brain.


Personal and business commitments leave me little time to contribute, but I try my best. Bovlb 08:28, 1 December 2007 (UTC)


WIki Philosphy[edit]

If you want to understand my Wiki Philosphy, a lot of it is on display here (comments welcome). In essence, I think we're too quick to delete content and bite the newcomer, but we do need to hold fast to our core principles.

Personal Attack Pages[edit]

I've been watching some of the cases on RfC and RfAr (and, to a lesser extent, VfD). The thing that leaps out at me is that these pages seem to be taken as general exceptions (and possibly reversals) of the usual rules of no personal attacks and assume good faith. People suddenly feel free to provide negative characterizations of each others' behaviour. I can see the argument that this is necessary for these pages to operate, and I guess I can see the argument that people need some outlet for this sort of thing, but I'm left with a sense of disquiet.

Typically, the bad feelings, flipping the bozo bit, and slanging matches will gradually escalate on article talk pages, and boil over into RfC's and RfAr's. However, unless they end up with one party disappearing (say by being banned), then the disfunctional editor relationships remain, possibly worse than before.

No, I don't have a magic answer.



Fields I am interested in[edit]

Pages I created[edit]

I have stopped updating this list, but am leaving it for historical interest.

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