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Brady Bunte description :

President / CEO of Tres Sietes Spirits- (2006-Present) Directly involved with all aspects of the Tequila Brand: "Tres Sietes Tequila". Responsible for overall corporate strategies and general supervision, Branding, Research & Development, Sale & Marketing Tres Sietes Tequila is one of the finest quality tequilas distributed in the US & Mexico. Mr. Bunte is a frequent spokesman for Spirits Industry in both the media and the professional arena.


[1] President and Founder of Cabo Foods, Inc. (2005-2013) Gourmet Snack Foods- Cabo Foods is most widely recognized for its Cabo Chips product. Cabo Chips is a subsidiary of Cabo Foods. Mr. Bunte built the company on the premise of giving back to the Cabo community. Cabo Foods has achieved successful and steady growth and continues to expand on a national scale.

Career Highlights:

Brady Bunte California Real Estate Broker License, HUD Direct Endorsement Underwriter CHUMS #043, VA Automatic Designated Underwriter, VA LAPP Designated Underwriter, American School of Mortgage Banking Graduate, Underwriting Graduate, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Practices, Legal Aspects of Real Estate, Property Management, Real Estate Economics, Business Law.He also served on the Residential Funding Corp. Advisory Board in 2003 and 2004 and participated with the Bank of America Advisory Board. He is further involved with charities on a national and international level.

Personal life description: Brady Bunte Proud Father of 4 successful children. Entrepreneur, Hobbies include, Snow Skiing, Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu (Brown Belt) & Ruas Vale Tudo Kick Boxing. Mr. Bunte additionally an avid sports-fisherman and has been the recipient of numerous Sport Fishing Awards including Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin tournaments.

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