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My primary interest on Wikipedia is helping to weave the web. Creating links between mere raw items of information turns data into the "aha!", the "I never knew that!", the "now I see!", the "eureka!"

Sometimes I act as a wikignome. Sometimes I add facts that come my way. Mainly I sprinkle in wikilinks, and "see also"s, and terms for things that previously had no name. (I love it that Wikipedia has given me names for concepts I knew of but had never really thought about. Once we have a name for something, it becomes a much more real mental construct, and suddenly we see examples all around us. So once Wikipedia led me to the Anglosphere and cousin couples and political decoy I want to add them wherever relevant, so other readers can be exposed to these ideas as well.) Sometimes I write opening sentences or paragraphs that tie the threads together, placing a subject in context. Sometimes I contribute to the reference desks, especially humanities and miscellaneous: answers, and also questions. Sometimes I hive off sections into separate stand-alone articles. So I really should join in with Wikipedia:WikiProject Reference Desk Article Collaboration.

I have wide-ranging interests. Don't we all? I also have my blind spots. Don't we all?

Articles of interest[edit]

Ones I've worked on[edit]

These are a few articles I've made substantial contributions to:



Authors and books[edit]


Ones I have actually started[edit]


Reminder to self: articles to work on and things to do (someday)[edit]


  • Find templates for troublesome articles, e.g. weasel words, limited scope, needs citations
  • Label the articles that deserve it

Start (just ideas)[edit]

Sandbox (my notes)[edit]


Sometimes this might mean going through the archives to see what has been removed or messed up.



Useful links[edit]


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Categories, tags, and templates[edit]


Reminders to self of things done[edit]

Things I've learned on Wikipedia that I never would have heard of without[edit]

Info about Wikimedia and wikis generally[edit]

Just in case[edit]


To read[edit]


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Your recent work on Farid Esack (besides other articles) is careful and skillful, and I can't help but appreciate it. Jizakullah! -- Rob C (Alarob) 22:28, 7 June 2007 (UTC)
Barnstar of Diligence.png Broom icon.svg The Barnstar of Diligence
To User:BrainyBabe I hereby award the prestigious Barnstar of Diligence for sweeping questions from the wrong desk to the right desk with unfailing, deft wrist motions and alacrity thereby saving the rest of us our time and hair pulling, clearing the refdesks of clutter and restoring their precision, so improving Wikipedia. With thanks, Julia Rossi (talk) 01:00, 18 April 2008 (UTC)


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