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Age Warrior
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Hi! I am BrambleclawX, but you can just call me Brambleclaw. I specialize in Warriors articles, and I have a lot of knowledge of Warriors. As of October 23, 2017, I have been on Wikipedia for eight years. My first edit was here, which also happens to be my first vandalism revert. I do make the occassional foray into Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons, as well as other-language Wikipedias, which may be how you've come across this page.

About me[edit]

This editor is a Veteran Editor III and is entitled to display this Silver Editor Star.

I am a cat. To be exact, I'm currently the leader of ThunderClan.

My favourite books in the whole universe happen to be Warriors. I enjoy composing, arranging, and I am a bass clarinettist, pianist, and a cappella vocal bass. I am also very interested in herbs and their medicinal uses.

On Wikipedia, my main focus is WikiProject Warriors. My secondary focuses are WikiProject Classical Music, Compositions Task Force and WikiProject Cats. I also participate in Recent Changes Patrol. Being a WikiGriff, I'm not afraid to make WikiDragon edits, but I'm generally not that kind of editor. My favourite kinds of cats are: Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon, Russian Blue, and the typical Wildcat.

See here for some weird stuff I found while editing.

A little something I'm writing.

My sandbox

ThunderClan's conquests[edit]


  • Fix grammar, spelling and prose of all Warriors related articles, as well as add additional citations to help the pages get to/reclaim Good Article status, then reach Featured article.
Current focus: The Sun Trail




Work process[edit]

This is a little checklist for me to use.


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