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Pocket Nature Fungi of Britain and Europe, Shelley Evans and Geoffrey Kibby, p226 2010 ed[edit]

  • Hymenochaetaceae
  • Forms very thick brackets annually, with a velvety upper surface that is ochre to reddish-brown
  • Oozes red-brown liquid when young
  • Pores go grey-white to yellow when young
  • Soft flesh with unpleasant odour
  • Appears on wounds on broadleaf trees, predominantly oak although occasionally maple, elm and chestnut.
  • Brown spores
  • Summer to autumn fruiting
  • Locally common, widespread in temperate N. Europe
  • Inedible

Mushrooms & Toadstools of Britain and Europe, David Pegler, Kingfisher Publications, p155 2001 ed[edit]

  • Occasional to fairly common
  • Grows close to the ground on oak trunks
  • Cap margin exudes drops of yellowish liquid
  • 5-30cm fruitbody, thick, broadly attached, rusty brown, white to yellow margin.
  • Tubes up to 3cm long
  • Pores 3-5mm, yellow to brown
  • Flesh fibrous, yellowish-brown, up to 5cm thick.
  • Spores globose, smooth, white, 7-8 x 6.5-8 micrometres
  • Season Jan - Dec
  • Inedible
  • Sim. species: I. cuticularis smaller, grows on beech, sycamore, elm

Collins complete guide to British Mushrooms & Toadstools, Paul Sterry and Barry Hughes, p286 2009[edit]

  • Also known as Oak Bracket
  • Large, fleshy, associated with oaks
  • Weeps more than is usual for Inonotus spp.
  • Fruit body to 25cm across, thick body, broad margin.
  • Upper surface pitted and felty. Cream to orange-brown with paler margin.
  • Underside with fine pores, greyish white which mature to yellow or reddish-brown.
  • Solitary or in groups, at base of oaks
  • Widespread but occasional

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{{subst:NewDYKnomination | article = Inonotus dryadeus | hook = ... that the fungus '''''[[Inonotus dryadeus]]''''' exudes an amber liquid from tubes in its fruit body ''(pictured)''? | status = new | author = Brammers | nominator = | image = GOODIMAGEGOESHERE | rollover = Young specimen of '''Inonotus dryadeus''' | alttext = Photograph of the fruit body of the fungus '''Inonotus dryadeus''' growing on an oak tree. Amber liquid can be seen oozing from tubes in its upper surface. | comment = Article created in my userspace on July 30, moved to mainspace July 31 awaiting better picture. | ALT1 = ... that the fungus '''''[[Inonotus dryadeus]]''''' is known as '''''weeping conk''''' because of the liquid it exudes ''(pictured)''? }}