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Brandi Carolyn Hull (1990-) was born in Longview, TX and currently resides in Arkadelphia, AR. She graduated from Pine Tree High School in May, 2009 and is currently seeking a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Ouachita Baptist University.

Potential Sources for Negativity Bias Article:

1. "A Negativity Bias for Ambiguous Facial-Expression Valence During Childhood: Converging Evidence From Behavior and Facial Corrugator Muscle Responses."

2. "Looking up: Mindfulness increases positive judgments and reduces negativity bias."

3. "Early negativity bias occurring prior to experiencing of emotion: An ERP study."

4. "A note on negativity bias and framing response asymmetry."

5. "'Negativity bias' in risk for depression and anxiety: Brain–body fear circuitry correlates, 5-HTT-LPR and early life stress."

I read and reviewed the WikiPage on "Information Processing" -This article did not have accurate citations. -This article did not have enough sources. -This article was not written well enough for the average person to understand. -This article needs more data and depth to the page.