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  • Dutch;
  • born in Venlo, Limburg;
  • studied computer linguistics, with a specialization in corpus linguistics, but flunked both;
  • wrote comics [1] (he refuses to apologize for any stereotypes of scientists he may have worsened);
  • edited the Dutch translation of one of the few good consumer computer magazines, c't [2];
  • currently works as a client-side web developer slash interface designer, which is fancinese for 'he builds web pages';
  • is glad that apparently persistent cookies are no longer needed to be a Wikipedia user.

My Watch List:

(in no specific order, last updated 21-8-2002)

A Barnstar!
The Dutch Award

Awarded to Branko, for his contribution to Dutch articles. — Intergr8; 19:10, 23 November 2006 (UTC)