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About Me (my work on WP)[edit]

I occasionally spend time improving math and physics articles that have more than 100 views per day according to here, that have poor class/grade ratings, and of which I am particularly knowledgeable (with an emphasis on pages that are rated with high importance). I feel that views per day is just as an important measure as the importance, which is a very hard thing to gauge.

Recent Changes[edit]

Lately, I made major changes to sequence and methods of contour integration. Similar work could be done on the page limit of a sequence.

Mass Rating of Math and Physics Articles[edit]

I am also going through Math and Physics articles with high importance and Start class to make sure that these ratings are correct, and to see how I could improve the content. I have found that most article ratings have not been update for more than 3 years and many are better than Start class articles by now. A nice set of criteria for ratings can be found in within the Math Project. If anyone objects to my mass changing of class, please contact me here.

Recently, I also started looking for articles within the Wikipedia:WikiProject_Mathematics that are sufficiently within scope to be rated. For a discussion of the difference see the comment on the Project Talk Page. I think the best strategy for finding these articles is just to check the (not as well known/read) math articles that I (or you!) read and/or edit for a maths rating and to add one if there is not one already.

Other Stuff[edit]