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Articles Written By Moi[edit]

(Some articles are listed more than once)


George Esser

Actors, Actresses, Directors & Screenwriters (in film, television, theatre, etc.)[edit]

Dean Armstrong, Desmond Askew, Lucas Babin, Penn Badgley, Chris Beetem, Willam Belli - Lourdes Benedicto, A.J. Buckley, Michael Paul Chan, Warren Christie, Mark Christoper, Clayne Crawford, Ian Anthony Dale, Charlie Day, Traci Dinwiddie, John Driscoll, Roger Fan, Noah Fleiss, Nicole Garza, Brian Geraghty, Rachel Grate, Adam Hann-Byrd, Hank Harris, Jonah Hill, Ashton Holmes, Glenn Howerton, Steve Howey, Geraldine Hughes, Brad Hunt, Eric Jungmann, Dagney Kerr, Marian Marsh, Peter Masterson, Holt McCallany, Rob McElhenney, Janine Mellor, Cory Monteith, Cullen Moss, Lee Pace, Mark Pellegrino, Shelley Plimpton, Keri Lynn Pratt, Logan Ramsey, Sebastien Roberts, Jeff Roop, Theo Rossi, Stark Sands, Leonard Schrader, Columbus Short, Jimmi Simpson, Kevin Sussman, Mary Ellen Trainor, Bree Seanna Wall, Jake Wade Wall, Celia Weston, Christine Willes, Tod Williams, Colby Wilson, Jade Yorker, Mather Zickel

Artists, Art-related & Designers[edit]

Florence Klotz, Arlene Raven, Jason Rhoades, Jeffrey Wasserman

Associations, Foundations, Organizations, Programs & Societies[edit]

North Carolina Fund

Authors, Journalists & Journalism-related[edit]

Barbara Albright, Sandra Dallas, Clyde Edgerton, Carolyn Haines, Matthew F. Jones, Carroll Knicely, Jenna Maclaine, Darcy O'Brien, Arlene Raven, Stanley Rothenberg, Anatole Shub


Buddy Killen, Carroll Knicely


Columbus Short


Belden Bly, Arlene Raven, Stanley Rothenberg, Leonard Schrader

Film, Film-related & Television[edit]

The 24th Day, Cherish, Childstar, Deepwater, Die, Mommie, Die!, Edmond, Ethan Mao, The Forsaken, The Groomsmen, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Hallam Foe, Havoc 2: Normal Adolescent Behavior I Love You, I Love You Not, In the Land of Women, Intern Academy, Investigating Sex, Jackpot, Julie Johnson, Killer Diller, Lost Junction, Manic, Mini's First Time, The OH in Ohio, One Last Thing..., Pizza, The Plague, Polish Wedding, Resurrecting the Champ, The Secret Lives of Dentists, Sex and Death 101, Sherrybaby, Suffering Man's Charity, Svengali, The Unbelievable Truth, The Wilby Conspiracy, The Zodiac

Gay & GLBT-related[edit]

The 24th Day, Dean Armstrong, Willam Belli, Mark Christopher, Die, Mommie, Die!, Ethan Mao, Julie Johnson, Florence Klotz, Lee Pace, Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Arlene Raven, Stark Sands, Spyder Games, Suffering Man's Charity

Lawyers & Law-related[edit]

George Esser Frank Dunham, Jr., Stanley Rothenberg

Music, Musicians & Music-related[edit]

Buddy Killen, The May Street Project, Shea Seger, Starchild


Samuel Howell Ashbridge, Chris Beetem, Willam Belli

Politicians & Politics-related[edit]

Belden Bly, Samuel Howell Ashbridge, Carroll Knicely


Chuck DeShane