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This is Brian Adler's user page. The following are articles I have created and am currently working to improve. I try to follow Amcaja's example when creating new articles. DYK? articles are designated by the Symbol question.svg symbol.


· Anotogaster sieboldii · Arichanna gaschkevitchii · Callambulyx tatarinovii · Chalcophora japonica · Chrysochroa · Chrysochroa fulgidissima · Promachus (genus) · Promachus yesonicus · Sympetrum frequens


· Abukuma-do · Symbol question.svg Aizu Matsudaira's Royal Garden · Akira Watanabe (disambiguation) · Goshiki-numa · Symbol question.svg Haruji Matsue · Iizaka, Fukushima · Kenkun Shrine · Kume no Heinai-dō · Lake Hibara · Maiko Haaaan!!! · Meiji Shrine Inner Garden · Mount Azuma · Mount Tanigawa · Nicholas Bartlett · Sabakoyu Onsen · Sake kasu · Tenjin Beach · Symbol question.svg Tōshiya


· Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall · Vajiralongkorn Dam

United States and the Americas

· Symbol question.svg Barley Yards Brewing Company · Patrick Aaron Hodgkins · Symbol question.svg Seneca white deer · Surinaamse Brouwerij · Long Pond

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· My photos · Translation · Article assessment · Manual of Style (Japan) · New pages · Wikipedia traffic stats

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