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𝕭𝔯𝖎𝖆𝖓𝕶𝖓𝖊𝖟 is a fictional character, pivotal in three of Alkor Grimbadel's nine Visions of the Future futuristic novels. Alkor, better known as Arch Mage Ikor VII, was a prolific and popular writer of the late Fourth Dynasty. In Visions of the Future, Brian Knez is an ennui - ridden anti-hero whose actions and words ridicule the morals and laws of the time. He has made many contributions to several dimensions, many of which you are likely incapable of comprehending. After his arrival into our dimension, Brian Knez not only consolidated authority and built mighty fortresses in rural Ordonia, but also contributed greatly to the local infrastructure, initiating a building campaign of mud canals, treehouse complexes, and mysterious aesthetic architecture. As Primate of Zog, Brian Knez is credited with the introduction of three new festive dances, the addition of two beautifully decorated and architecturally unique annexes (which, apparently, are inaccessible), as well as the most gaudy ceremonial clothes in all Hedon (One outfit alone contains at least 13,00 tiny mirrors, sixty yards of brightly colored silks, and four live macaques).

Early Life[edit]

Thirteen years after being published, and after the death of his creator, Alkor Grimbadel, Brian Knez alone attained a life of his own when a group of street urchins laid a copy of The Unrest of Zog at an altar to Umbradel. Twenty minutes later, Brian Knez himself stepped forth from the temple, and proceeded to rob a nearby brewery. Following a period of about six years, and the chaotic end of the fourth dynasty, Brian is heard of again, leading a tribe of small furry creatures in what is now known as Ordonia. Deep in the swamps of that province, Knez fought his way to become the most powerful warlord in the area, holding the metropoli of Ordi and Vir as well as his walled stronghold at Kvh.

Middle Years[edit]

From this position of power, Brian launched himself into the religious arena, becoming an Ordinand of Zog seven years after the establishment of the Fifth Dynasty. Four years later, in 826, Brian ascended to the rank of "Primate of Zog, initiator of the grand debauch, Lord of all Hedon," the ultimate position of authority in the hierarchy of the Zogite Hedonists. In this position, Brian developed a reputation as a powerful mage, making increasingly frequent trips outside the dimension of fiction, reputedly establishing a matching reputation in several dimensions, most notably those of intoxication, delirium and delusion. After holding the primacy for a nearly unrivaled thirty-six years. Iglish 'The Loquacious' was supposed to have held the primacy from -262 until his death in -223, but only according to Utorius the Ogian's Epistles of Despair. Other authors cite his death as occurring in late -231 or -232.

Recent History[edit]

Brian Knez went on to leave our dimension at the age of forty-three via The Stairs of Toil, and is currently Chair of Esoteric Mathematics at Miskatonic University (Arkham, Ma, USA, Earth, Fringe of Reality.)

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