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Brian M. Sweis - University of Minnesota
Name Brian M. Sweis
Current location Minneapolis, MN
Education and employment
Occupation Medical/Graduate Student

University of Minnesota ('12-Present)

M.D./Ph.D. (MSTP) student studying Neuroscience

Loyola University Chicago ('08-'12)

B.S. in Biology & Psychology, Neuroscience & Philosophy minors
Contact info
Website UofM Brian Sweis Bio
Human brain (hypothalamus=red, amygdala=green, hippocampus/fornix=blue, pons=gold, pituitary gland=pink)

I am a graduate/medical student researcher studying neuroscience.

As an undergraduate student at Loyola University Chicago, I conducted interdisciplinary work in a neuroendocrinology laboratory studying the effects of stress the brain and behavior using an animal model. I also worked in a cognitive neuroscience laboratory investigating the neural correlates of human memory and reasoning in healthy, aging, and cognitively impaired individuals.

I am currently pursuing a career as an M.D./Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - and look forward to expanding my research horizon as I complete my first years as a medical student and identify a thesis advisor.

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