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Hello! My name is Brian Seeling Katt and I'm a professional photographer from the New England area. I've been editing Wikipedia (if you want to call it that) on and off for a few years, but finally decided to take the plunge and start getting involved with it a little more. To that end, I'll be contributing a number of my photographs I've taken around town and on my travels and help the project along with a little illustration.

File:Brian's peppers.jpg
This is Peppers, my Cat, showing a large amount of cuteness for his usual personality.

The Katt Family[edit]

Yes, I know I have a cat and my name is Katt. But it wasn't what you think.

My family's full name, according to records we researched a while, was Katzenpfens, which was what my great-great-grandfather brought over on the boat and preceded to lose upon entry to America. Apparently he was a budding marketer, since he decided a short, snappy name like Katt would suffice in the new world. So Katt it's been for the last 90 years or so, spreading through both New England and some weird subset from a great uncle who decided to make his way into the south, in the Florida area.

There's pros and cons to having a last name that ends up sounding like a proper noun. I've been called everything: Alley Katt, Black Katt, That Darn Katt (a personal favorite), but it's my name, I'm sticking with it, and I'm not going back to Katzenpfens!

The Gear[edit]

If it makes sense to, I'll talk about what I tend to use on any given day both for my job and for fun. I'm 100% digital these days, although there's a few sweet-smelling piles of darkroom chemicals in the back of the studio (I have to get that stuff out of here). For the shots I'll be uploading to Wikipedia, I'll be using my Canon_Digital_Rebel, since it's less than a grand and more of my "play around" camera. For more serious shots, especially if I'm paying someone to pose, I get out the big guns. More on that later.

I prefer natural light, using whatever's available to give a realistic look, although I won't shy away from a flash if absolutely necessary. Who wants an artistic shot that looks like the underside of a turtle?

Some of my Contributed Photos[edit]

If I can keep up with it, I'll put up copies of my contributed photos on this page:

Al Sheedakim and Panel.JPG
Al Sheedakim, Hacker and Programmer.JPG


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chikn.JPG
Juicy knob.JPG
Feed the clown.JPG
Snorkelling with the swollen purple head.JPG


No blood for oil.jpg
Hooking up in parking lot.JPG
Rest stop with clownburger.JPG
Love machine.JPG
Dunkin donuts electric power meter in framingham ma shot by brian katt with a canon digital rebel in June of 2006.JPG
Mcdonalds bush.JPG
McDonald's card reader.jpg
Video game - Ms Pacman and Galaga.jpg
Two holes no waiting.JPG
Dollar bill goes here.JPG
What's the password.JPG
Purified tap water.JPG
Gonna catch me ridin dirty.JPG
Dishing out the truth.JPG
Blueberry Toyota Steering Wheel.jpg
Unsure Studebaker Desiring Other Plans.jpg
Movers and Shakers.jpg
Peppers Reverse Shot.jpg
Overly Protected Wetlands.jpg