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Hacker, engineer, philosopher, secular humanist, small-l libertarian, occasional writer, alumnus of Princeton University and the Princeton Triangle Club and Quadrangle Club, formerly with Netscape Communications Corporation and Apple Computer, now with The Walt Disney Company. Currently living in Celebration, Florida right next to Walt Disney World Resort.

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Help me help you[edit]

I am a Wikipedia administrator, which means that I have a mop and bucket with which to help keep Wikipedia sparkling clean. If I can help you out with anything, please let me know on my talk page. (An archive of my RfA page is at Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Brian Kendig.)

It's not personal[edit]

I edit boldly. If I make an edit you don't like, it's not because I don't like you. I will not waste time on pointless drama and I will not respond to personal attacks. I do my best to assume good faith. However, I am human, I screw up sometimes, so if you feel I've screwed up then please let me know and let's talk things over calmly.

If you have a problem with edits I've made to a particular article, I prefer to discuss that on the article's Talk page (rather than over IM or email) so that other Wikipedians can share in the discussion and offer suggestions.

See also[edit]

Links that I want to keep handy because I may refer to them often.

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