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Hi! I am Brian Scherf, and I started editing Wikipedia in October 2009. The the Editor refers to my editing Wikipedia and not to my occupation in real life. I believe that this project works best if every user agrees to be bold; if you feel an edit of mine has made something worse, then please do not hesitate to revert me and explain why in your edit summary.

Things I do on Wikipedia[edit]

Things I don't do on Wikipedia[edit]

  • Create stubs—I usually like to get things at least up to WP:DYK-quality before posting them. I think this is more useful to readers than posting a couple sentences of information that they probably know already.
  • Edit a page solely for the purpose of changing something from one correct spelling to another, even if the page violates WP:ENGVAR
  • Say, "Feel free to revert me if you disagree" in an edit summary—This does not need to be said; you are always free to revert things.
  • Get involved in frustrating arguments regarding controversial topics such as politics, religion, or punctuation.

Things I've done on Wikipedia[edit]

The following are articles that I created. Ten of them have appeared on the "Did You Know?" section of the Main Page.


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