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Wikipedia has become hopelessly politicized, as evidenced most recently by the unwarranted persecution of User:Jayjg. This coupled with the recent rampage by deletionist cadres whose idea of enhancing the project is deleting the hard work of others based on their own limited notions of notability, has convinced me that this project is no longer a good use of my free time. I may continue to make minor adjustments to existing articles but do not intend to add any new content. I will not be checking my talk page regularly but invite those with whom I've developed correspondences to continue to contact me via email.

Unified login: Briangotts is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects.

The current time is 01:41, July 15, 2024 (UTC). It goes without saying, but please do not edit this page. You may post comments in my talk page.

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About Me[edit]

My true passion is history. My primary areas of interest are Jewish history, Eurasian nomads, Icelandic sagas and the history of the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

I once played a game of Go with a guy who claimed to have a Shusaku number of 14. Since I'm not very good at Go, and understand very few of its rules, the game lasted about ten minutes and I was horribly defeated. Nonetheless, my shusaku number is 15...

I have made my own tafl board.




The Working Man's Barnstar
For your excellent work on Sviatoslav I of Kiev, please keep it up! Khoikhoi 21:40, 25 November 2006 (UTC)
The Mapmaker's Barnstar
For past and continued hard work illuminating (pre)historical territory in historical context, via numerous top-quality maps. Xaxafrad 21:48, 27 December 2006 (UTC)
A Barnstar!
The Black Cross of St. Declan

You, Briangotts, are awarded the Black Cross of St. Declan for going medieval on our asses with your excellent work on articles of Dark Ages and Middle Ages interest. De réir a chéile a thógtar na caisleáin - "It takes time to build castles" Ciarán of Clonmacnoise 05:27, 8 January 2007 (UTC)
Germanic WikiProject award
I, Odin Rex, hereby grant you the Snorri Award for your work in Germanic articles . 09 April 2007. King Óðinn The Aesir 20:08, 8 April 2007 (UTC)
The Epic Barnstar
Awarded to Brian for superlative work on historical articles. Blnguyen (bananabucket) 02:46, 4 June 2007 (UTC)
The Varangian Guard Award
I have been thinking of giving you an award for a long time because of your extensive quality work on articles relating to the middle ages in both Northern and Eastern Europe. Þú ert manna mestr óníðingr.--Berig (talk) 17:52, 24 November 2007 (UTC)
Four Award
Congratulations! You have been awarded the Four Award for your work from beginning to end on Rus' Khaganate. TonyTheTiger (T/C/BIO/WP:CHICAGO/WP:FOUR) 02:43, 21 August 2011 (UTC)

Norse history and culture
Thank you for donating quality articles such as Rus' Khaganate and Kylfings, for starting the project Norse history and culture, for covering Israelite and Jewish history, for related images, - repeating: you are an awesome Wikipedian!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 07:41, 19 August 2012 (UTC)


This user has written or significantly contributed to 6 Featured articles on Wikipedia.

This user has helped promote 12 good articles on Wikipedia.
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Works in Progress[edit]

See User:Briangotts/Wiglaf Norse articles for links to Norse myth and history articles by User:Wiglaf, who has now left Wikipedia. I keep them for reference in case I need to use or improve one of them.


To be created[edit]

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WikiProjects initiated[edit]

Articles initiated or substantially re-written[edit]

  • Articles I have either started or substantially re-written on Wikipedia include (grouped into occasionally overlapping categories):

Israelite and Jewish history[edit]

File:Mountain jew.JPG
One tough old Jewish fellow, Daghestan, c.1900
Hakham, Hakham Bashi, Krymchak, Togarmah, Unetanneh Tokef, Zadok (High Priest)
Tanakh (c. 1600-500 CE)[edit]
Amminadab (Ammon), Baruch ben Neriah, Chilion and Mahlon, Jewish temple at Elephantine, Kenites, Pahath-Moab
Classical age (c. 500 BCE-100 CE)[edit]
Alabarch, Antigonus of Sokho, Antigonus the Hasmonean, Boethusians, Dathema, Hall of Hewn Stones, Hyrcanus II, Jose ben Yochanan, Joshua ben Perachyah, Land of Onias, Nittai of Arbela, Onias I, Onias II, Onias III, Onias IV, Simeon bar Ezron, Simeon ben Shetach, Tomb of Daniel
Samaritan history and culture[edit]
Andronicus ben Meshullam, Baba Rabba, Book of Joshua (Samaritan), Julianus ben Sabar,
Mishnaic and Talmudic periods (c. 100-500 CE)[edit]
Abba the Surgeon, Anilai and Asinai, Bar Kappara, Bebai ben Abaye, Eliezer ben Jose, Hiyya bar Abba, Jose ben Abin, Jose the Galilean, Me'asha, Resh Lakish, Sama bar Raqta
Gaonic period and Middle Ages (c. 500-1300 CE)[edit]
Aaron of York, Abraham ibn Daud, Abraham of Aragon, Abraham Prochownik, Abu al-Bayan ibn al-Mudawwar, Abu Haftzah Yazid, Ahimaaz ben Paltiel, Amnon of Mainz, Amram of Mainz, Asher ben Meshullam, Bahiel ben Moses, Banu Qurayza, Brutakhi, Da'ud Abu al-Fadl, Daniel al-Kumisi, David ben Boaz, Dodai ben Nahman, Elias of London, Ephraim ibn al-Za'faran, Hagin ben Moses, Hasdai ibn Shaprut, Huyayy ibn Akhtab, Isaac ben Ezra, Isaac of Norwich, Jacob ben Reuben (rabbi), Jacob of London, Jehoshaphat ben Saul, Joseph ibn Plat, Joseph Rabban, Josippon, Judah ben David Hayyuj, Judah ibn Ezra, Kahina, Masarjawaih, Menahem ben Saruq, Meshullam ben Jacob, Moses ben Hanoch, Moses of Kiev, Nahshon, Nehardea, Petachiah of Ratisbon, Petrus Alphonsi, Presbyter Judaeorum, Radhanite, Red Jews, Sa'ad al-Dawla, Sefer ha-Qabbalah, Solomon Bahiel ben Moses , Solomon ben Abraham of Montpellier, Talmudic Academies in Babylonia, Zerahiah the Greek
Aaron ben Joseph of Constantinople, Aaron ben Joseph of Nicomedia, Benjamin Aga, Benjamin Nahawandi, Boaz ben Jehoshaphat, Chufut Kale, Crimean Karaites, Elijah Bashyazi, Hasdai ben Hezekiah, Hasun ben Mashiach, Hezekiah ben Solomon, Jacob ben Reuben (Karaite), Joshua ben Judah, Judah Hadassi, Levi ben Japheth, Mourners of Zion, Saul ben Anan, Seraya Shapshal, Simcha Babovitch, Jacob Qirqisani, Mordecai ben Nissan, Mordecai Sultansky, Saul ben Anan, Solomon ben David, Solomon ben Hasdai
Renaissance and early modern periods (c. 1300-1800 CE)[edit]
Azariah dei Rossi, Bikhakhanim, Ghisolfi, Isaac Israeli ben Joseph, Jacob ben Reuben ibn Zur, Jacob Castello, Khozi Kokos, Ma'aseh Toviyyah, Miguel de Barrios, Moses de Leon , Moses Nagari , Tobias Cohn, Solomon Molcho, Tobias Cohn
Modern times (c. 1800 CE-present)[edit]
Aaron Karfunkel, Chaim Nahum, David Levi (Italy), David Reubeni, Ferdinand Joachimstal, Hirsh Glick, Julius Friedrich Cohnheim, Julius Stern, Markus Horovitz, Moses Montefiore, Süsskind Raschkow, Yakir Gueron, Yakir Jerusalem, Zog Nit Keynmol.
Disambig pages[edit]
Aaron ben Joseph, Amminadab, Dosetai, Hanun, Isaac Israeli, Jacob ben Reuben, Kagan, Onias


Aaron II (Khazar), Arsiyah, Ashina, Babaghuq, Baghatur, Barjik, Battle of Balanjar (650s), Battle of Balanjar (723), Battle of Balanjar (730s), Battle of Marj Ardebil, Battle of Mosul (731), Benjamin (Khazar), Bihar (Khazar), Bulan, Bulan (Khazar), Bulanids, Busir Glavan, David of Taman, Georgius Tzul, Jawyshyghr, Joseph (Khazar), Hazer Tarkhan, Irbis (Khazar), K'o-sa, Khagan Bek, Khalga and Kaban, Khamlidj, Khazar-Arab Wars, Khazar language, Khazar Correspondence, Khazars, Khazars in fiction, Khvaliskoye, Khvalisy, Kievian Letter, Kozar, Kündür, Mandgelis Document, Menahem (Khazar), Obadiah (Khazar), Ras Tarkhan, Saltovo-Mayaki, Sambalut, Samiran, Schechter Letter, Tmutarakan, Tzitzak, Yitzhak ha-Sangari, Zachariah (Khazar),

Ancient Mediterranean and Middle East[edit]

Abdi-Heba, al-Kutbay, al-Qaum, Alalus, Ammon (nation), Aram Rehob, Aranzahas, Aristodemus (Spartan), Artinis, Aserdus, Ashtar-Chemosh, Astabis, Atirat, Avith, Ba'al Hermon, Baal-hanan ben Achbor, Baasha ben Ruhubi, Beder, Bela ben Beor, Biryawaza, Chemosh-nadab, Cuthah, Dhiban, Dhu-shara, Dienekes, Dinhabah, Edom, Elah (Edom), Elkunirsa, Ellel, Emim, Geshur, Hadad ben Bedad, Halki, Hannahannas, Hanwasuit, Hazzi, Hebat, Hepit, Hissalel, Humban, Husham (Edomite king), Hutena, Irsirra, Istanu, Jabru, Jarri, Jebusite, Jetheth, Jobab ben Zerah, Kaasḥalta, Kamrusepa, Kaus, Ḳaus-gabri, Ḳaus-malaka, Kazalla, Khaldi (god), King's Highway (ancient), Kotar, Kusuh, Labaya, Lahurati, Macedonian cubit, Magdiel, Malik-rammu, Mibzar, Midian, Moab, Muẓuri, Nahundi, Napir, Ninsusinak, Pado'el, Pau (Edom), Pinikir, Pinon (Edom), Pirwa, Polemon (Cilicia), Pontic Greeks, Posca, Rib-Hadda, Ruhubi, Ruldaiu, Selardi, Shanip, Shobi, Siwini, Theispas, Timotheus (Ammon), Tjeker, Samlah of Masrekah, Sargon of Akkad, Saul (Edomite king), Teman (Edom), Ubelluris, Upelluri, Wadi Zered, Wenamun, Wurrukatte, Yahu-Bihdi, Yitzhak Dorbelo, Yuya, Zedek, and Zobah.

Eurasian Nomads[edit]

Ai Toyon, Ak Ana, Alp Ilutuer, Altan Telgey, Anapel, Arsan Duolai, Aspandiat, Aysyt, Bai Baiania, Bai-Ulgan, Barsils, Berendei, Buga, Bugady Musun, Buri-sad, Cherniye Klobuki, Codex Cumanicus, Djagfar tarikhy, Dulo, Elteber, Erlik, Esege, Eskeri, Etugen, Gurkhan, Hinkon, Issedones, K'daai, Kara Khan, Kende, Kereit, Khalyzians, Khazz, Khursun, Khusaw, Kini'je, Kuara, Kudarkin, Ku'urkil, Lebedias, Mayin, Merkit, Mo-ho sad, Nga, Nu'tenut, Numi-Torem, Old Turkic, Oshlaq-ay, Pliska, Pugu, Rhoxolani, Shaubarak, Tarkhan, Tashtyk culture, Tasius, Todote, Tomam, Torkil, Toko'yoto, Tong Yabghu, Tudun, Tung-ak, Ulugh Kun, Umay, Ustrusana, Wasilla (god), Wasterzhi, Xaya Iccita, Yer-sub, and Zonget.


Abraham Firkovitch, András Róna-Tas, Charles Barbier de Meynard, Elkan Nathan Adler, Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, Hillel Noah Maggid, Jonathan Shepard , Louis Rabinowitz, Moshe Gil, Peter Benjamin Golden, Raphael Patai and Roman K. Kovalev.

Middle Ages[edit]

Knights of Malta. Reenactment, Valletta, May 2005
Abd ar-Rahman ibn Rabiah, al-Djarrah ibn Abdullah, al-Fadhl ibn Muhammad, Babung, Bank of Saint George (Genoa), Book of Roads and Kingdoms, Book of Roads and Kingdoms (al-Bakri), Book of Roads and Kingdoms (ibn Khordadbeh), Christian of Stavelot, Crimean Goths, Eudoxia Epiphania, Gazaria, Georgios Kedrenos, ibn Khordadbeh, John of Gothia, Mangup/Doros, Marada, Mardaites, Maslamah ibn Abd al-Malik, Oleg of Novgorod, Palazzo San Giorgio, Rus' Khaganate, Salman ibn Rabiah, Sus al-Aksa, Sviatoslav I of Kiev.

Norse and Viking history and literature[edit]

Atgeir, Bjalfi, Eyvind Lambi, Gunnhild Mother of Kings, Hallbera Ulfsdattir , Hallbjorn Halftroll, Jomsvikings, Hrafn Haengsson, Kari Solmundarson, Kerthialfad, Ketil Flatnose, Ketil Trout, Ketil Trout (Iceland), Kjotve the Rich, Kveldulf Bjalfasson, Kylfings, Olaf Feilan, Olaf the Red, Olaf the White, Olaf the Peacock, Olaf the Red, Olvir Hnufa, Quickfire, Raven banner, Ringarike, Sigurd Syr, Thorkel of Namdalen, Thorolf Kveldulfsson, Thorstein the Red, Ubbe Ragnarsson, Ulf the Brave, Vagn Åkesson, Viking Club


Aide, Anchorhead (game), Astrakhan State University, Bank of Saint George (Genoa), Barzapharnes, Brethren of the Coast, Committee of 100 (Delaware), Cottyto, Djall, Eate, Ekhi, Douglas Morton Dunlop, Fitzpatrick's War, Lurbira, Luzzu, Maju, Marek Halter, Mari (Basque), Orko (Basque), Ostri, Pedro de Aranda, Perendi, Prende, Priestly caste, Salau Aliyev, Shamkhal, Shurdi, Taman peninsula, Tazenda, "The Man Who Came Early", The Martian General's Daughter, Tomor, Verbti, and Yaun-Goicoa.

Collaborative Projects[edit]

Thanks to all those who have subsequently helped to edit and improve these!!


Those interested in my edits should see my contributions.


Category:Akkadians, Category:Arabian deities, Category:Aramaeans, Category:Baltic deities, Category:Basque and Iberian deities, Category:Bosporan Kingdom, Category:Canaan, Category:Crimea, Category:Chaldeans, Category:Crimean Goths, Category:Crimean Tatars, Category:Dacian deities, Category:Edom, Category:Elamite deities, Category:Exilarchs, Category:Göktürks, Category:Hasmoneans, Category:Herodian dynasty, Category:Historical maps by William R. Shepherd, Category:Hittite deities, Category:Hurrian deities, Category:Hyborian Age fictional deities, Category:Jewish Encyclopedia images, Category:Karaite exilarchs, Category:Kipchaks, Category:Mercenaries, Category:Mercenary units and formations, Category:Moab, Category:Norse history and culture, Category:Oghuz Turks, Category:Phoenicia, Category:Phoenician colonies, Category:Siberian deities, Category:Thracian deities, Category:Urartian deities, Category:Viking Age settlements and Category:West Semitic deities.

Images I've added[edit]

Image:13thcenturyrabbis.jpg, Image:Agrippa II.jpg, Image:Ahimaaz ben Paltiel.jpg, Image:Alexander Aramaic coin.jpg, Image:AlgerianJew.jpg, Image:Amarna letter.jpg, Image:Argyros map.png, Image:1st Baron Rothschild.jpg , Image:Bayeux raven banner 1.png, Image:Bayeux raven banner 2.png, Image:Bring the Jubilee.png, Image:Bukharan2.jpg, Image:Bukharan3.jpg, Image:Bukharan girl.jpg, Image:Cochin Jews.jpg, Image:Dalriada.jpg, Image:David Cassel.jpg, Image:Early Rus.png, Image:Edom.PNG, Image:Ethiopian Jewish woman.jpg, Image:Fiat Lux Canticle map.png, Image:Faisal-Weizmann map.png, Image:Fitzp.PNG, Image:FrenchJews2.jpg, Image:Frenchsanhedrin1.jpg, Image:Frenchsanhedrin2.jpg, Image:Fitzpatrick's War.jpg, Image:Ge-Hinnom.jpg, Image:Gerizim2.jpg, Image:GermanJews1.jpg, Image:GermanJews2.jpg, Image:Gokturkut.jpg, Image:Hephthalite.jpg, Image:Herod coin1.jpg, Image:Hrafnsmerki.png, Image:Host desecration1.jpg, Image:In the Presence of Mine Enemies.png, Image:Jews in Jerusalem 1895.jpg, Image:Jews of Fez.jpg, Image:JosephRabban.jpg, Image:Kaifeng synagogue.jpg, Image:Khazar coin.jpg, Image:Khazar_1.gif, Image:Khazar1.png, Image:Khazarfall.png, Image:Khazarfall1.png, Image:Kohanim.jpg, Image:Levant 800.png, Image:Luzzu.jpg, Image:Luzzu1.jpg, Image:Malta anti-EU.JPG, Image:Malta Knights.jpg, Image:Maurai.PNG, Image:MayerRothschild.jpg , Image:Molcho.jpg, Image:Montefiore100.jpg, Image:Montefioretomb.jpg, Image:Moroccan Kabbalah.jpg, Image:Mountain_jew.JPG, Image:Olaf Cuaran coin.gif, Image:Moroccan Jewish women.jpg, Image:MtnJew3.jpg, Image:PolishHebrewCoins1.jpg, Image:PolishJews3.jpg, Image:Premongol.png, Image:Radhanites.png, Image:Rothschild family tree.png, Image:Rus Caspian.png, Image:Samaritans.jpg, Image:Sarkel.jpg, Image:Scotch regions.png, Image:Shabbatai1.jpg, Image:Shabbatai2.jpg, Image:Shabbatai3.jpg, Image:Tang dynasty1.PNG, Image:Tarxien fat lady.JPG, Image:Transhuman Space Earth.png, Image:Transhuman Space Earth economic.png, Image:Tunisian Jews.jpg, Image:Tunisian Jewish Cemetary.jpg Image:SwabianJew.jpg, Image:Temple inscription in greek.jpg, Image:Uyghur Khaganate.png, Image:V04p036001.jpg, Image:V05p329001 Falashas.jpg, Image:Valletta.jpg, Image:Varangian routes.png, Image:Viking expansion.png, Image:Vinland flag.gif, Image:World 2000 BCE.png, Image:World 1000 BCE.png, Image:World 500 BCE.png, Image:World 323 BCE.png, Image:World 200 BCE.PNG.

See also Commons:Category:Maps by User:Briangotts

Favorite Users[edit]

Something as monumental as Wikipedia could only be possible through the efforts of thousands of dedicated editors. For me, it's been a pleasure to work with a number of people on various articles. Check out their user pages, listed here in alphabetic order: