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Cliftonwood is a small suburb of the English port city of Bristol. It is bounded approximately by the Hotwell Road to the south, Jacob's Wells Road and Constitution Hill to the East and North East, Clifton Vale to the West, and by the gardens of Goldney Hall, a University of Bristol hall of residence, to the north.[1] Due to the geography of the area, there are only two roads in and out: Ambra Vale in the south-west corner, and Clifton Wood Road in the north-east, though there are many footpaths. On some sources the area is spelled Cliftonwood (one word), and in some Clifton Wood (two words).

The suburb is primarily a residential area, with the only commercial premises being the Lion pub. Housing is largely large Victorion terraces, which are often painted bright colours - the coloured houses one can see when standing on Bristol's harbourside and looking up at Cliftonwood (such as here) are the backs of houses on Ambrose Road and Clifton Wood Terrace.


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