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Why I am here.[edit]

I have developed an interest in Wikis, in general, and am trying to learn the etiquette of the Wiki. If I break the rules of Wikipedia, it is unintentional. Help me learn.

What my specialty will likely be.[edit]

I am a research attorney and I have an interest in legal topics. I will likely do some editing, and contribute articles, in those areas.

I am starting my own wiki,

Here is the Intro page to legalwikipro:

LegalWikiPro is a Wiki-type encyclopedia for Lawyers. There are several "wiki" sites out there that cover legal issues, but they seem to be primarily for consumers. LegalWikiPro is of, by and for lawyers. LegalWikiPro will provide the detailed, jurisdiction-specific content that lawyers need. Click the "Federal" link for Federal law, the "State" link for law pertaining to specific states, and the "General" link for articles that have multi-jurisdictional application.

Because we want to provide real content for real lawyers, we need real lawyers to contribute content. If you are a lawyer (civil, criminal, contract, agency, judge, professor [or law student]) we need your help. Create a free account, login and start contributing.

Check out the Oklahoma section of the Wiki to get a taste of what can be done with LegalWikiPro.

It is not our goal for LegalWikiPro to be the be-all for your legal research. But it can provide you just the right mix of overview and detail that you need to get you started down the right path. Plus, it can be a great place to store your own research snippets and pattern paragraphs for briefs, while helping the rest of the legal community.

If you would like to begin adding material, and you're not sure how, check out the "Help" link to the left. Or, email the material to us and we can help you. If you are wiki-smart, you can do it yourself (just look at how we name categories in the Oklahoma section and try to keep to the same format - or experiment with your own). Don't worry...this is a wiki and you can't really break it.

Join up and start contributing! You've probably got a bunch of memos, briefs or articles that you're proud of. Give us the killer paragraphs from those. You can also use snippets from cases (see how we do that in our Oklahoma section). Don't worry if you can not completely cover a topic. Cover a small part; it will become encyclopedic over time. Don't violate any copyrights, and expect your stuff "to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will." Have fun.