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Why Wikipedia?[edit]

Doctor: How can I help?

Patient: My flatmate thinks he's a chicken.

Doctor: Then why don't you turn him over to the authorities?

Patient: I need the eggs.

I'm paraphrasing, but this is the gist of an old Woody Allen joke. Curiously, it always reminds me of a parental debate that occurred throughout my childhood:

Mother (dusting the bookshelf): These old encyclopedias haven't been used in years.

Father: Who has the time to read encyclopedias?

Mother: Exactly, so why don't we throw them out?

Father: No way, books are the font of all knowledge.

And this was how it used to be. We knew we ought to, but nobody could be bothered with them. The presentation was dull, austere and thoroughly uninspiring. Beneath the wafer-thin veneer of competence, there was no real depth or diversity. They were big, heavy and took up loads of space. But hey, enough about parents …

Wiki articles I started[edit]

Chess biographies[edit]

David Bronstein | Mikhail Botvinnik | Evgeny Sveshnikov | Julian Hodgson | Igor Glek | Oleg Romanishin | Erich Eliskases | Laszlo Szabo | John Fedorowicz | Andras Adorjan | Artur Yusupov | Anna Hahn | Zoltan Ribli | Wolfgang Uhlmann | Alexey Suetin | Alexey Vyzmanavin | Borislav Kostic | Florin Gheorghiu | Leonid Yudasin | Alexander Motylev | Grigory Levenfish | Mark Dvoretsky | Sergey Dolmatov | Petar Trifunovic | Vadim Zvjaginsev | Simen Agdestein | Vladimir Tukmakov | Eugene Znosko-Borovsky | Rafael Vaganian | Andrei Sokolov | Ivan Radulov | Lubomir Ftacnik | Michele Godena | Predrag Nikolic | Jon Arnason | Kiril Georgiev | Viacheslav Ragozin | Miguel Illescas | Lev Psakhis | Sergio Mariotti | Harriet Hunt | Karl Robatsch | Gennady Kuzmin | Vladimir Malaniuk | Kira Zvorykina | Alexander Chernin | Michael Stean | Drazen Marovic | Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant | Daniel King | William Fairhurst | Vlastimil Jansa | Rainer Knaak | Hans-Joachim Hecht | Sophie Milliet | Anna Ushenina | Viktorija Cmilyte | Vera Nebolsina | Jovanka Houska | Viktor Laznicka | Jan Werle | Erwin l'Ami | Jan Smeets | Daniel Fridman | Emanuel Berg | Milunka Lazarevic | Vladimir Antoshin | Milan Vukic | Eric Lobron | Nukhim Rashkovsky | Stewart Haslinger

Other chess articles[edit]

J'Adoube | List of strong chess tournaments | European Team Chess Championship | Russia (USSR) vs Rest of the World | Chess Bundesliga | 4NCL | 19th Chess Olympiad | Hungarian Chess Championship | Rice Gambit | Swiss Chess Championship | 1999 in chess | 1998 in chess | 1997 in chess | 1996 in chess | 1995 in chess | 1994 in chess | 1993 in chess | 1992 in chess | 1991 in chess | 1990 in chess | 1969 in chess | 1970 in chess | 1971 in chess | 1972 in chess | EU Individual Open Chess Championship | 1973 in chess | 1974 in chess | 1975 in chess | 1976 in chess | Xtracon Chess Open

Music articles[edit]

Ofra Haza | The Wild Swans (band) | Paul Simpson | Fatal Charm | The Snapdragons

Film articles[edit]


Help with chess articles[edit]

Please contact me via my Talk Page if you need some specific fact(s) looking up and I will do my best to help. A list of book titles that I have access to can be seen from the link below.

Useful links[edit]

Chess Books | Article viewing stats | CatScan intersect tool | Self-indulgent lists of my favourite stuff |


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