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I am a New Zealander of Czech and Jewish descent with an interest in pretty much everything. I have contributed to a number of articles (some listed below) in the areas of Czech and Jewish history and military firearms.

Articles contributed to[edit]

List of recent contributions


Czech history: Zliv.

Czech Jewish history: Jews of Prague, Josefov (Prague), Great Synagogue, Plzeň, & Old New Synagogue, Prague

New Zealand Jewish history: Joel Samuel Polack, & Julius Vogel.


Categories: Czech rifles, Czech semi-automatic pistols, Israeli semi-automatic pistols, Israeli rifles.

Czech firearms articles: CZUB (Česká Zbrojovka), CZ 75, Kropatschek, Vz 24, Vz 27, Vz 50, Vz 52, Vz 58, Vz 61, Vz 70.

Israeli firearms articles: BUL Transmark (now BUL Armory), BUL M-5, BUL Storm, TAR-21.

Other firearms articles: Beretta 1201FP.

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