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About me[edit]

After a few random edits here and there to clean up articles I was reading for my further enlightenment, I decided to go ahead and register in late October, 2006 to contribute in a more organized and systematic fashion. My primary objective in article creation is to fill information gaps.

Current projects[edit]

My primary Wikimedia project has shifted to Commons, and my work here is now focused on article updates, maintenance, and the integration of content from Commons into applicable articles.

Subject interests[edit]

  • Anime and manga
  • Military history, particularly World War II and modern conflicts
  • American football, primarily focused on the California Golden Bears teams and players

Name etymology[edit]

I was playing Final Fantasy X-2 when I registered and my username is derived from the Sphere Break mini game, although the term "broken sphere" is not actually used in relation to this mini game


I hope to add more flags to this list as the opportunities arise.

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US states visited:
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