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If you have come to this page looking for some major conspiracy then before you go on further: I don’t know if aliens are real, who knows who killed JFK, and I’m pretty sure Tupac is dead!

About me...
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What I am here for[edit]

I originally came here due to Wikipedia appearing in the news due to certain outside events. After a short bit, I saw various bits of vandalism and POV pushing going on and decided that reverting vandalism appealed to me. I am not some elite editor who posts all the articles they have started and worries about how long they've been a part of Wikipedia, nor am I some highfalutin expert who worries that no one recognizes me as an expert. My main concern is keeping the vandalism down to a minimum and reading good articles. I'm not after glory, barn stars, medals, etc. I am just here to keep things working and stay semi in the background.

About myself[edit]

Here goes: I grew up in Skaneateles New York. I enrolled at State University of New York at Oneonta where I joined the co-ed voluntary service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega and graduated with a degree in English.

For a short time, I was a door-to-door insurance salesman. After that frightening experience, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in August 2001. I was then transferred to Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton Ct where I was stationed on board the USS Pittsburgh (SSN-720) as a Sonar Technician. I changed rates and became a U.S. Navy Quartermaster. I was then transferred to Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, VA where I was stationed on board the USS Shreveport (LPD-12). From there I had been honorably discharged and currently I work in the civilian nuclear power industry.

Some of my many myriad of hobbies have been: amateur photography, asylum history, creative writing, and much more than I can remember right now.

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Picture of the Day[edit]

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The Evening Air

The Evening Air, a c. 1893 oil painting on canvas by Henri-Edmond Cross (1856–1910). It uses a technique known as pointillism, in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Developed by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac in 1886, this technique became part of the Neo-Impressionist movement.

Painting: Henri-Edmond Cross
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