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Boston Society of Architects
Abbreviation BSA
Formation 1867
Type NGO
Purpose Architectural profession
Headquarters Boston, MA
Region served

One of the oldest and largest chapters of the AIA, the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) is a nonprofit membership organization committed to architecture, design and the built environment.


On June 20, 1867, approximately 50 architects convened in the City of Boston to sign the articles of association for the Boston Society of Architects [1]. Since this time, the BSA has grown to more than 5,000 members, making it one of the largest branches of the AIA.

The BSA became the eastern Massachusetts regional association of the AIA in 1870. It has sister chapters in Central Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts. These three chapters constitute AIA Massachusetts [2].

In 1889, members of the Boston Society of Architects founded the Boston Architectural Club to train future drafters and architects. Over time this club evolved into a fully accredited, degree-granting college in Boston’s historic Back Bay: the Boston Architectural College (BAC), which is now independent of the BSA.

The BSA is headquartered in The Architects Building at 52 Broad Street, Boston MA 02109.



The 5,000 members of the BSA include 2,000 architects, 500 young professionals on the path to become licensed architects and other designers, corporate affiliate members and the public. Of note is the BSA’s historic role in cultivating an inclusive membership structure within the AIA.


The BSA is governed by a 23-person elected board of directors, including a president, representatives from local architectural colleges and commissioners to the 50-plus committees, and has a staff of 17 full-time employees.

Programs and awards[edit]

The BSA promotes and enhances the practice of architecture and design through such programs as building-industry conventions Build Boston and Residential Design and Construction, skills training, design lectures, job and college fairs, ARE study groups, Common Boston Week and more.

ArchitectureBoston is the BSA’s ideas magazine.

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