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Country 3166 Region WikiProject doc1 1 2 3 4 5 A B
Afghanistan AF Central Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Afghanistan Template:User Afghanistan/doc1 Template:User in Afghanistan Template:User from Afghanistan Template:User citizen Afghanistan Template:User interest Afghanistan Template:User WP Afghanistan Template:User Afghanistan Template:User WikiProject Afghanistan
Albania AL Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Albania Template:User Albania/doc1 Template:User in Albania Template:User from Albania Template:User citizen Albania Template:User interest Albania Template:User WP Albania Template:User Albania Template:User WikiProject Albania
Algeria DZ North Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Algeria Template:User Algeria/doc1 Template:User in Algeria Template:User from Algeria Template:User citizen Algeria Template:User interest Algeria Template:User WP Algeria Template:User Algeria Template:User WikiProject Algeria
American Samoa AS Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Polynesia/American Samoa work group Template:User American Samoa/doc1 Template:User in American Samoa Template:User from American Samoa Template:User citizen American Samoa Template:User interest American Samoa Template:User American Samoa WG Template:User American Samoa Template:User American Samoa work group
Andorra AD Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Andorra Template:User Andorra/doc1 Template:User in Andorra Template:User from Andorra Template:User citizen Andorra Template:User interest Andorra Template:User WP Andorra Template:User Andorra Template:User WikiProject Andorra
Angola AO Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Angola Template:User Angola/doc1 Template:User in Angola Template:User from Angola Template:User citizen Angola Template:User interest Angola Template:User WP Angola Template:User Angola Template:User WikiProject Angola
Anguilla AI Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Anguilla work group Template:User Anguilla/doc1 Template:User in Anguilla Template:User from Anguilla Template:User citizen Anguilla Template:User interest Anguilla Template:User Anguilla WG Template:User Anguilla Template:User Anguilla work group
Antarctica AQ Antarctica Wikipedia:WikiProject Antarctica Template:User Antarctica/doc1 Template:User in Antarctica Template:User interest Antarctica Template:User WP Antarctica Template:User Antarctica Template:User WikiProject Antarctica
Antigua and Barbuda AG Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Antigua and Barbuda Template:User Antigua and Barbuda/doc1 Template:User in Antigua and Barbuda Template:User from Antigua and Barbuda Template:User citizen Antigua and Barbuda Template:User interest Antigua and Barbuda Template:User WP Antigua and Barbuda Template:User Antigua and Barbuda Template:User WikiProject Antigua and Barbuda
Argentina AR South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Argentina Template:User Argentina/doc1 Template:User in Argentina Template:User from Argentina Template:User citizen Argentina Template:User interest Argentina Template:User WP Argentina Template:User Argentina Template:User WikiProject Argentina
Armenia AM Caucasia Wikipedia:WikiProject Armenia Template:User Armenia/doc1 Template:User in Armenia Template:User from Armenia Template:User citizen Armenia Template:User interest Armenia Template:User WP Armenia Template:User Armenia Template:User WikiProject Armenia
Australia AU Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject Australia Template:User Australia/doc1 Template:User in Australia Template:User from Australia Template:User citizen Australia Template:User interest Australia Template:User WP Australia Template:User Australia Template:User WikiProject Australia
New South Wales AU-NSW Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject New South Wales Template:User New South Wales/doc1 Template:User in New South Wales Template:User from New South Wales Template:User citizen New South Wales Template:User interest New South Wales Template:User WP New South Wales Template:User New South Wales Template:User WikiProject New South Wales
Queensland AU-QLD Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject Queensland Template:User Queensland/doc1 Template:User in Queensland Template:User from Queensland Template:User citizen Queensland Template:User interest Queensland Template:User WP Queensland Template:User Queensland Template:User WikiProject Queensland
South Australia AU-SA Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject South Australia Template:User South Australia/doc1 Template:User in South Australia Template:User from South Australia Template:User citizen South Australia Template:User interest South Australia Template:User WP South Australia Template:User South Australia Template:User WikiProject South Australia
Tasmania AU-TAS Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject Tasmania Template:User Tasmania/doc1 Template:User in Tasmania Template:User from Tasmania Template:User citizen Tasmania Template:User interest Tasmania Template:User WP Tasmania Template:User Tasmania Template:User WikiProject Tasmania
Victoria AU-VIC Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject Victoria Template:User Victoria/doc1 Template:User in Victoria Template:User from Victoria Template:User citizen Victoria Template:User interest Victoria Template:User WP Victoria Template:User Victoria Template:User WikiProject Victoria
Western Australia AU-WA Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject Western Australia Template:User Western Australia/doc1 Template:User in Western Australia Template:User from Western Australia Template:User citizen Western Australia Template:User interest Western Australia Template:User WP Western Australia Template:User Western Australia Template:User WikiProject Western Australia
Australian Capital Territory AU-ACT Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject Canberra Template:User Australian Capital Territory/doc1 Template:User in the Australian Capital Territory Template:User from the Australian Capital Territory Template:User citizen Australian Capital Territory Template:User interest Australian Capital Territory Template:User WP Canberra Template:User Australian Capital Territory Template:User WikiProject Canberra
Northern Territory AU-NT Australia Wikipedia:WikiProject Northern Territory Template:User Northern Territory/doc1 Template:User in the Northern Territory Template:User from the Northern Territory Template:User citizen Northern Territory Template:User interest Northern Territory Template:User WP Northern Territory Template:User Northern Territory Template:User WikiProject Northern Territory
Austria AT EU-Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Austria Template:User Austria/doc1 Template:User in Austria Template:User from Austria Template:User citizen Austria Template:User interest Austria Template:User WP Austria Template:User Austria Template:User WikiProject Austria
Azerbaijan AZ Caucasia Wikipedia:WikiProject Azerbaijan Template:User Azerbaijan/doc1 Template:User in Azerbaijan Template:User from Azerbaijan Template:User citizen Azerbaijan Template:User interest Azerbaijan Template:User WP Azerbaijan Template:User Azerbaijan Template:User WikiProject Azerbaijan
Bahamas BS Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Bahamas Template:User Bahamas/doc1 Template:User in the Bahamas Template:User from the Bahamas Template:User citizen Bahamas Template:User interest Bahamas Template:User WP Bahamas Template:User Bahamas Template:User WikiProject Bahamas
Bahrain BH Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Bahrain Template:User Bahrain/doc1 Template:User in Bahrain Template:User from Bahrain Template:User citizen Bahrain Template:User interest Bahrain Template:User WP Bahrain Template:User Bahrain Template:User WikiProject Bahrain
Bangladesh BD South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Bangladesh Template:User Bangladesh/doc1 Template:User in Bangladesh Template:User from Bangladesh Template:User citizen Bangladesh Template:User interest Bangladesh Template:User WP Bangladesh Template:User Bangladesh Template:User WikiProject Bangladesh
Barbados BB Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Barbados Template:User Barbados/doc1 Template:User in Barbados Template:User from Barbados Template:User citizen Barbados Template:User interest Barbados Template:User WP Barbados Template:User Barbados Template:User WikiProject Barbados
Belarus BY Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Belarus Template:User Belarus/doc1 Template:User in Belarus Template:User from Belarus Template:User citizen Belarus Template:User interest Belarus Template:User WP Belarus Template:User Belarus Template:User WikiProject Belarus
Belgium BE EU-Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Belgium Template:User Belgium/doc1 Template:User in Belgium Template:User from Belgium Template:User citizen Belgium Template:User interest Belgium Template:User WP Belgium Template:User Belgium Template:User WikiProject Belgium
Belize BZ Central America Wikipedia:WikiProject Belize Template:User Belize/doc1 Template:User in Belize Template:User from Belize Template:User citizen Belize Template:User interest Belize Template:User WP Belize Template:User Belize Template:User WikiProject Belize
Benin BJ Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Benin Template:User Benin/doc1 Template:User in Benin Template:User from Benin Template:User citizen Benin Template:User interest Benin Template:User WP Benin Template:User Benin Template:User WikiProject Benin
Bermuda BM Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Bermuda Template:User Bermuda/doc1 Template:User in Bermuda Template:User from Bermuda Template:User citizen Bermuda Template:User interest Bermuda Template:User WP Bermuda Template:User Bermuda Template:User WikiProject Bermuda
Bhutan BT South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Bhutan Template:User Bhutan/doc1 Template:User in Bhutan Template:User from Bhutan Template:User citizen Bhutan Template:User interest Bhutan Template:User WP Bhutan Template:User Bhutan Template:User WikiProject Bhutan
Bolivia BO South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Bolivia Template:User Bolivia/doc1 Template:User in Bolivia Template:User from Bolivia Template:User citizen Bolivia Template:User interest Bolivia Template:User WP Bolivia Template:User Bolivia Template:User WikiProject Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Bosnia and Herzegovina Template:User Bosnia and Herzegovina/doc1 Template:User in Bosnia and Herzegovina Template:User from Bosnia and Herzegovina Template:User citizen Bosnia and Herzegovina Template:User interest Bosnia and Herzegovina Template:User WP Bosnia and Herzegovina Template:User Bosnia and Herzegovina Template:User WikiProject Bosnia and Herzegovina
Botswana BW Southern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Botswana Template:User Botswana/doc1 Template:User in Botswana Template:User from Botswana Template:User citizen Botswana Template:User interest Botswana Template:User WP Botswana Template:User Botswana Template:User WikiProject Botswana
Brazil BR South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Brazil Template:User Brazil/doc1 Template:User in Brazil Template:User from Brazil Template:User citizen Brazil Template:User interest Brazil Template:User WP Brazil Template:User Brazil Template:User WikiProject Brazil
British Indian Ocean Territory IO South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject British Indian Ocean Territory Template:User British Indian Ocean Territory/doc1 Template:User in the British Indian Ocean Territory Template:User from the British Indian Ocean Territory Template:User citizen British Indian Ocean Territory Template:User interest British Indian Ocean Territory Template:User WP British Indian Ocean Territory Template:User British Indian Ocean Territory Template:User WikiProject British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands VG Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/British Virgin Islands work group Template:User British Virgin Islands/doc1 Template:User in the British Virgin Islands Template:User from the British Virgin Islands Template:User citizen British Virgin Islands Template:User interest British Virgin Islands Template:User British Virgin Islands WG Template:User British Virgin Islands Template:User British Virgin Islands work group
Brunei BN Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Brunei Template:User Brunei/doc1 Template:User in Brunei Template:User from Brunei Template:User citizen Brunei Template:User interest Brunei Template:User WP Brunei Template:User Brunei Template:User WikiProject Brunei
Bulgaria BG EU-Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Bulgaria Template:User Bulgaria/doc1 Template:User in Bulgaria Template:User from Bulgaria Template:User citizen Bulgaria Template:User interest Bulgaria Template:User WP Bulgaria Template:User Bulgaria Template:User WikiProject Bulgaria
Burkina Faso BF Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Burkina Faso Template:User Burkina Faso/doc1 Template:User in Burkina Faso Template:User from Burkina Faso Template:User citizen Burkina Faso Template:User interest Burkina Faso Template:User WP Burkina Faso Template:User Burkina Faso Template:User WikiProject Burkina Faso
Burma MM Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Burma (Myanmar) Template:User Burma/doc1 Template:User in Burma Template:User from Burma Template:User citizen Burma Template:User interest Burma Template:User WP Burma Template:User Burma Template:User WikiProject Burma
   Myanmar MM Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Burma (Myanmar) Template:User Myanmar/doc1 Template:User in Myanmar Template:User from Myanmar Template:User citizen Myanmar Template:User interest Myanmar Template:User WP Myanmar Template:User Myanmar Template:User WikiProject Myanmar
Burundi BI Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Burundi Template:User Burundi/doc1 Template:User in Burundi Template:User from Burundi Template:User citizen Burundi Template:User interest Burundi Template:User WP Burundi Template:User Burundi Template:User WikiProject Burundi
Cambodia KH Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Cambodia Template:User Cambodia/doc1 Template:User in Cambodia Template:User from Cambodia Template:User citizen Cambodia Template:User interest Cambodia Template:User WP Cambodia Template:User Cambodia Template:User WikiProject Cambodia
Cameroon CM Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Cameroon Template:User Cameroon/doc1 Template:User in Cameroon Template:User from Cameroon Template:User citizen Cameroon Template:User interest Cameroon Template:User WP Cameroon Template:User Cameroon Template:User WikiProject Cameroon
Canada CA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada Template:User Canada/doc1 Template:User in Canada Template:User from Canada Template:User citizen Canada Template:User interest Canada Template:User WP Canada Template:User Canada Template:User WikiProject Canada
Alberta CA-AB Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Alberta Template:User Alberta/doc1 Template:User in Alberta Template:User from Alberta Template:User citizen Alberta Template:User interest Alberta Template:User WP Alberta Template:User Alberta Template:User WikiProject Alberta
British Columbia CA-BC Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject British Columbia Template:User British Columbia/doc1 Template:User in British Columbia Template:User from British Columbia Template:User citizen British Columbia Template:User interest British Columbia Template:User WP British Columbia Template:User British Columbia Template:User WikiProject British Columbia
Manitoba CA-MB Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Manitoba Template:User Manitoba/doc1 Template:User in Manitoba Template:User from Manitoba Template:User citizen Manitoba Template:User interest Manitoba Template:User WP Manitoba Template:User Manitoba Template:User WikiProject Manitoba
New Brunswick CA-NB Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject New Brunswick Template:User New Brunswick/doc1 Template:User in New Brunswick Template:User from New Brunswick Template:User citizen New Brunswick Template:User interest New Brunswick Template:User WP New Brunswick Template:User New Brunswick Template:User WikiProject New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador CA-NL Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Newfoundland and Labrador Template:User Newfoundland and Labrador/doc1 Template:User in Newfoundland and Labrador Template:User from Newfoundland and Labrador Template:User citizen Newfoundland and Labrador Template:User interest Newfoundland and Labrador Template:User WP Newfoundland and Labrador Template:User Newfoundland and Labrador Template:User WikiProject Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia CA-NS Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Nova Scotia Template:User Nova Scotia/doc1 Template:User in Nova Scotia Template:User from Nova Scotia Template:User citizen Nova Scotia Template:User interest Nova Scotia Template:User WP Nova Scotia Template:User Nova Scotia Template:User WikiProject Nova Scotia
Ontario CA-ON Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Ontario Template:User Ontario/doc1 Template:User in Ontario Template:User from Ontario Template:User citizen Ontario Template:User interest Ontario Template:User WP Ontario Template:User Ontario Template:User WikiProject Ontario
Prince Edward Island CA-PE Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Prince Edward Island Template:User Prince Edward Island/doc1 Template:User in Prince Edward Island Template:User from Prince Edward Island Template:User citizen Prince Edward Island Template:User interest Prince Edward Island Template:User WP Prince Edward Island Template:User Prince Edward Island Template:User WikiProject Prince Edward Island
Quebec CA-QC Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Quebec Template:User Quebec/doc1 Template:User in Quebec Template:User from Quebec Template:User citizen Quebec Template:User interest Quebec Template:User WP Quebec Template:User Quebec Template:User WikiProject Quebec
Saskatchewan CA-SK Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Saskatchewan Template:User Saskatchewan/doc1 Template:User in Saskatchewan Template:User from Saskatchewan Template:User citizen Saskatchewan Template:User interest Saskatchewan Template:User WP Saskatchewan Template:User Saskatchewan Template:User WikiProject Saskatchewan
Northwest Territories CA-NT Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Canadian Territories Template:User Northwest Territories/doc1 Template:User in the Northwest Territories Template:User from the Northwest Territories Template:User citizen Northwest Territories Template:User interest Northwest Territories Template:User WP Northwest Territories Template:User Northwest Territories Template:User WikiProject Northwest Territories
Nunavut CA-NU Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Canadian Territories Template:User Nunavut/doc1 Template:User in Nunavut Template:User from Nunavut Template:User citizen Nunavut Template:User interest Nunavut Template:User WP Nunavut Template:User Nunavut Template:User WikiProject Nunavut
Yukon CA-YT Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Canadian Territories Template:User Yukon/doc1 Template:User in Yukon Template:User from Yukon Template:User citizen Yukon Template:User interest Yukon Template:User WP Yukon Template:User Yukon Template:User WikiProject Yukon
Canadian Territories Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Canadian Territories Template:User Canadian Territories/doc1 Template:User WP Canadian Territories Template:User WikiProject Canadian Territories
Cape Verde CV Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Cape Verde Template:User Cape Verde/doc1 Template:User in Cape Verde Template:User from Cape Verde Template:User citizen Cape Verde Template:User interest Cape Verde Template:User WP Cape Verde Template:User Cape Verde Template:User WikiProject Cape Verde
Cayman Islands KY Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Cayman Islands work group Template:User Cayman Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Cayman Islands Template:User from the Cayman Islands Template:User citizen Cayman Islands Template:User interest Cayman Islands Template:User Cayman Islands WG Template:User Cayman Islands Template:User Cayman Islands work group
Central African Republic CF Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Central African Republic Template:User Central African Republic/doc1 Template:User in the Central African Republic Template:User from the Central African Republic Template:User citizen Central African Republic Template:User interest Central African Republic Template:User WP Central African Republic Template:User Central African Republic Template:User WikiProject Central African Republic
Chad TD Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Chad Template:User Chad/doc1 Template:User in Chad Template:User from Chad Template:User citizen Chad Template:User interest Chad Template:User WP Chad Template:User Chad Template:User WikiProject Chad
Chile CL South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Chile Template:User Chile/doc1 Template:User in Chile Template:User from Chile Template:User citizen Chile Template:User interest Chile Template:User WP Chile Template:User Chile Template:User WikiProject Chile
China CN East Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject China Template:User China/doc1 Template:User in China Template:User from China Template:User citizen China Template:User interest China Template:User WP China Template:User China Template:User WikiProject China
Hong Kong HK East Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Hong Kong Template:User Hong Kong/doc1 Template:User in Hong Kong Template:User from Hong Kong Template:User citizen Hong Kong Template:User interest Hong Kong Template:User WP Hong Kong Template:User Hong Kong Template:User WikiProject Hong Kong
Macau MO East Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Macau Template:User Macau/doc1 Template:User in Macau Template:User from Macau Template:User citizen Macau Template:User interest Macau Template:User WP Macau Template:User Macau Template:User WikiProject Macau
Taiwan TW East Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Taiwan Template:User Taiwan/doc1 Template:User in Taiwan Template:User from Taiwan Template:User citizen Taiwan Template:User interest Taiwan Template:User WP Taiwan Template:User Taiwan Template:User WikiProject Taiwan
Christmas Island CX Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Australia Template:User Christmas Island/doc1 Template:User in Christmas Island Template:User from Christmas Island Template:User citizen Christmas Island Template:User interest Christmas Island Template:User WP Christmas Island Template:User Christmas Island Template:User WikiProject Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands CC Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Australia Template:User Cocos (Keeling) Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Template:User from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Template:User citizen Cocos (Keeling) Islands Template:User interest Cocos (Keeling) Islands Template:User WP Cocos (Keeling) Islands Template:User Cocos (Keeling) Islands Template:User WikiProject Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Colombia CO South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Colombia Template:User Colombia/doc1 Template:User in Colombia Template:User from Colombia Template:User citizen Colombia Template:User interest Colombia Template:User WP Colombia Template:User Colombia Template:User WikiProject Colombia
Comoros KM Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Comoros Template:User Comoros/doc1 Template:User in the Comoros Template:User from the Comoros Template:User citizen Comoros Template:User interest Comoros Template:User WP Comoros Template:User Comoros Template:User WikiProject Comoros
Cook Islands CK Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Cook Islands Template:User Cook Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Cook Islands Template:User from the Cook Islands Template:User citizen Cook Islands Template:User interest Cook Islands Template:User WP Cook Islands Template:User Cook Islands Template:User WikiProject Cook Islands
Costa Rica CR Central America Wikipedia:WikiProject Costa Rica Template:User Costa Rica/doc1 Template:User in Costa Rica Template:User from Costa Rica Template:User citizen Costa Rica Template:User interest Costa Rica Template:User WP Costa Rica Template:User Costa Rica Template:User WikiProject Costa Rica
Croatia HR Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Croatia Template:User Croatia/doc1 Template:User in Croatia Template:User from Croatia Template:User citizen Croatia Template:User interest Croatia Template:User WP Croatia Template:User Croatia Template:User WikiProject Croatia
Cuba CU Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Cuba Template:User Cuba/doc1 Template:User in Cuba Template:User from Cuba Template:User citizen Cuba Template:User interest Cuba Template:User WP Cuba Template:User Cuba Template:User WikiProject Cuba
Cyprus CY EU-Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Cyprus Template:User Cyprus/doc1 Template:User in Cyprus Template:User from Cyprus Template:User citizen Cyprus Template:User interest Cyprus Template:User WP Cyprus Template:User Cyprus Template:User WikiProject Cyprus
Czech Republic CZ EU-Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Czech Republic Template:User Czech Republic/doc1 Template:User in the Czech Republic Template:User from the Czech Republic Template:User citizen Czech Republic Template:User interest Czech Republic Template:User WP Czech Republic Template:User Czech Republic Template:User WikiProject Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo CD Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User Democratic Republic of the Congo/doc1 Template:User in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User citizen Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User interest Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User WP Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User Democratic Republic of the Congo Template:User WikiProject Democratic Republic of the Congo
Denmark DK EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Denmark Template:User Denmark/doc1 Template:User in Denmark Template:User from Denmark Template:User citizen Denmark Template:User interest Denmark Template:User WP Denmark Template:User Denmark Template:User WikiProject Denmark
Faroe Islands FO Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Faroe Islands Template:User Faroe Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Faroe Islands Template:User from the Faroe Islands Template:User citizen Faroe Islands Template:User interest Faroe Islands Template:User WP Faroe Islands Template:User Faroe Islands Template:User WikiProject Faroe Islands
Greenland GL Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Greenland Template:User Greenland/doc1 Template:User in Greenland Template:User from Greenland Template:User citizen Greenland Template:User interest Greenland Template:User WP Greenland Template:User Greenland Template:User WikiProject Greenland
Djibouti DJ Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Djibouti Template:User Djibouti/doc1 Template:User in Djibouti Template:User from Djibouti Template:User citizen Djibouti Template:User interest Djibouti Template:User WP Djibouti Template:User Djibouti Template:User WikiProject Djibouti
Dominica DM Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Dominica Template:User Dominica/doc1 Template:User in Dominica Template:User from Dominica Template:User citizen Dominica Template:User interest Dominica Template:User WP Dominica Template:User Dominica Template:User WikiProject Dominica
Dominican Republic DO Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Dominican Republic Template:User Dominican Republic/doc1 Template:User in the Dominican Republic Template:User from the Dominican Republic Template:User citizen Dominican Republic Template:User interest Dominican Republic Template:User WP Dominican Republic Template:User Dominican Republic Template:User WikiProject Dominican Republic
East Timor TL Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject East Timor Template:User East Timor/doc1 Template:User in East Timor Template:User from East Timor Template:User citizen East Timor Template:User interest East Timor Template:User WP East Timor Template:User East Timor Template:User WikiProject East Timor
Ecuador EC South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Ecuador Template:User Ecuador/doc1 Template:User in Ecuador Template:User from Ecuador Template:User citizen Ecuador Template:User interest Ecuador Template:User WP Ecuador Template:User Ecuador Template:User WikiProject Ecuador
Egypt EG North Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Egypt Template:User Egypt/doc1 Template:User in Egypt Template:User from Egypt Template:User citizen Egypt Template:User interest Egypt Template:User WP Egypt Template:User Egypt Template:User WikiProject Egypt
El Salvador SV Central America Wikipedia:WikiProject El Salvador Template:User El Salvador/doc1 Template:User in El Salvador Template:User from El Salvador Template:User citizen El Salvador Template:User interest El Salvador Template:User WP El Salvador Template:User El Salvador Template:User WikiProject El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea GQ Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Equatorial Guinea Template:User Equatorial Guinea/doc1 Template:User in Equatorial Guinea Template:User from Equatorial Guinea Template:User citizen Equatorial Guinea Template:User interest Equatorial Guinea Template:User WP Equatorial Guinea Template:User Equatorial Guinea Template:User WikiProject Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea ER Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Eritrea Template:User Eritrea/doc1 Template:User in Eritrea Template:User from Eritrea Template:User citizen Eritrea Template:User interest Eritrea Template:User WP Eritrea Template:User Eritrea Template:User WikiProject Eritrea
Estonia EE EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Estonia Template:User Estonia/doc1 Template:User in Estonia Template:User from Estonia Template:User citizen Estonia Template:User interest Estonia Template:User WP Estonia Template:User Estonia Template:User WikiProject Estonia
Ethiopia ET Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Ethiopia Template:User Ethiopia/doc1 Template:User in Ethiopia Template:User from Ethiopia Template:User citizen Ethiopia Template:User interest Ethiopia Template:User WP Ethiopia Template:User Ethiopia Template:User WikiProject Ethiopia
European Union EU EU Wikipedia:WikiProject European Union Template:User European Union/doc1 Template:User in the European Union Template:User from the European Union Template:User citizen European Union Template:User interest European Union Template:User WP European Union Template:User European Union Template:User WikiProject European Union
Falkland Islands FK South America Wikipedia:WikiProject South America/Falkland Islands work group Template:User Falkland Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Falkland Islands Template:User from the Falkland Islands Template:User citizen Falkland Islands Template:User interest Falkland Islands Template:User Falkland Islands WG Template:User Falkland Islands Template:User Falkland Islands work group
Federated States of Micronesia FM Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Federated States of Micronesia Template:User Federated States of Micronesia/doc1 Template:User in the Federated States of Micronesia Template:User from the Federated States of Micronesia Template:User citizen Federated States of Micronesia Template:User interest Federated States of Micronesia Template:User WP Federated States of Micronesia Template:User Federated States of Micronesia Template:User WikiProject Federated States of Micronesia
Fiji FJ Melanesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Fiji Template:User Fiji/doc1 Template:User in Fiji Template:User from Fiji Template:User citizen Fiji Template:User interest Fiji Template:User WP Fiji Template:User Fiji Template:User WikiProject Fiji
Finland FI EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Finland Template:User Finland/doc1 Template:User in Finland Template:User from Finland Template:User citizen Finland Template:User interest Finland Template:User WP Finland Template:User Finland Template:User WikiProject Finland
Åland Islands AX EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Åland Islands Template:User Åland Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Åland Islands Template:User from the Åland Islands Template:User citizen Åland Islands Template:User interest Åland Islands Template:User WP Åland Islands Template:User Åland Islands Template:User WikiProject Åland Islands
France FR EU-Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject France Template:User France/doc1 Template:User in France Template:User from France Template:User citizen France Template:User interest France Template:User WP France Template:User France Template:User WikiProject France
French Guiana GF EU-South America Wikipedia:WikiProject South America/French Guiana work group Template:User French Guiana/doc1 Template:User in French Guiana Template:User from French Guiana Template:User citizen French Guiana Template:User interest French Guiana Template:User French Guiana WG Template:User French Guiana Template:User French Guiana work group
Guadeloupe GP EU-Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Guadeloupe work group Template:User Guadeloupe/doc1 Template:User in Guadeloupe Template:User from Guadeloupe Template:User citizen Guadeloupe Template:User interest Guadeloupe Template:User Guadeloupe WG Template:User Guadeloupe Template:User Guadeloupe work group
Martinique MQ EU-Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Martinique work group Template:User Martinique/doc1 Template:User in Martinique Template:User from Martinique Template:User citizen Martinique Template:User interest Martinique Template:User Martinique WG Template:User Martinique Template:User Martinique work group
Mayotte YT Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/French Africa work group Template:User Mayotte/doc1 Template:User in Mayotte Template:User from Mayotte Template:User citizen Mayotte Template:User interest Mayotte Template:User Mayotte WG Template:User Mayotte Template:User Mayotte work group
Réunion RE EU-Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/French Africa work group Template:User Réunion/doc1 Template:User in Réunion Template:User from Réunion Template:User citizen Réunion Template:User interest Réunion Template:User Réunion WG Template:User Réunion Template:User Réunion work group
French Africa Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/French Africa work group Template:User French Africa/doc1 Template:User French Africa WG Template:User French Africa work group
French Polynesia PF Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Polynesia/French Polynesia work group Template:User French Polynesia/doc1 Template:User in French Polynesia Template:User from French Polynesia Template:User citizen French Polynesia Template:User interest French Polynesia Template:User French Polynesia WG Template:User French Polynesia Template:User French Polynesia work group
French Southern and Antarctic Lands TF Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/French Africa work group Template:User French Southern and Antarctic Lands/doc1 Template:User interest French Southern and Antarctic Lands Template:User French Southern and Antarctic Lands WG Template:User French Southern and Antarctic Lands Template:User French Southern and Antarctic Lands work group
Gabon GA Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Gabon Template:User Gabon/doc1 Template:User in Gabon Template:User from Gabon Template:User citizen Gabon Template:User interest Gabon Template:User WP Gabon Template:User Gabon Template:User WikiProject Gabon
Gambia GM Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Gambia Template:User Gambia/doc1 Template:User in the Gambia Template:User from the Gambia Template:User citizen Gambia Template:User interest Gambia Template:User WP Gambia Template:User Gambia Template:User WikiProject Gambia
Georgia GE Caucasia Wikipedia:WikiProject Georgia (country) Template:User Georgia (country)/doc1 Template:User in Georgia Template:User from Georgia Template:User citizen Georgia Template:User interest Georgia Template:User WP Georgia Template:User Georgia (country) Template:User WikiProject Georgia (country)
Germany DE EU-Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Germany Template:User Germany/doc1 Template:User in Germany Template:User from Germany Template:User citizen Germany Template:User interest Germany Template:User WP Germany Template:User Germany Template:User WikiProject Germany
Ghana GH Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Ghana Template:User Ghana/doc1 Template:User in Ghana Template:User from Ghana Template:User citizen Ghana Template:User interest Ghana Template:User WP Ghana Template:User Ghana Template:User WikiProject Ghana
Gibraltar GI EU-Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Gibraltar Template:User Gibraltar/doc1 Template:User in Gibraltar Template:User from Gibraltar Template:User citizen Gibraltar Template:User interest Gibraltar Template:User WP Gibraltar Template:User Gibraltar Template:User WikiProject Gibraltar
Greece GR EU-Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Greece Template:User Greece/doc1 Template:User in Greece Template:User from Greece Template:User citizen Greece Template:User interest Greece Template:User WP Greece Template:User Greece Template:User WikiProject Greece
Grenada GD Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Grenada Template:User Grenada/doc1 Template:User in Grenada Template:User from Grenada Template:User citizen Grenada Template:User interest Grenada Template:User WP Grenada Template:User Grenada Template:User WikiProject Grenada
Guam GU Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Micronesia/Guam work group Template:User Guam/doc1 Template:User in Guam Template:User from Guam Template:User citizen Guam Template:User interest Guam Template:User Guam WG Template:User Guam Template:User Guam work group
Guatemala GT Central America Wikipedia:WikiProject Guatemala Template:User Guatemala/doc1 Template:User in Guatemala Template:User from Guatemala Template:User citizen Guatemala Template:User interest Guatemala Template:User WP Guatemala Template:User Guatemala Template:User WikiProject Guatemala
Guernsey GG Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Guernsey Template:User Guernsey/doc1 Template:User in Guernsey Template:User from Guernsey Template:User citizen Guernsey Template:User interest Guernsey Template:User WP Guernsey Template:User Guernsey Template:User WikiProject Guernsey
Guinea GN Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Guinea Template:User Guinea/doc1 Template:User in Guinea Template:User from Guinea Template:User citizen Guinea Template:User interest Guinea Template:User WP Guinea Template:User Guinea Template:User WikiProject Guinea
Guinea-Bissau GW Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Guinea-Bissau Template:User Guinea-Bissau/doc1 Template:User in Guinea-Bissau Template:User from Guinea-Bissau Template:User citizen Guinea-Bissau Template:User interest Guinea-Bissau Template:User WP Guinea-Bissau Template:User Guinea-Bissau Template:User WikiProject Guinea-Bissau
Guyana GY South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Guyana Template:User Guyana/doc1 Template:User in Guyana Template:User from Guyana Template:User citizen Guyana Template:User interest Guyana Template:User WP Guyana Template:User Guyana Template:User WikiProject Guyana
Haiti HT Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Haiti Template:User Haiti/doc1 Template:User in Haiti Template:User from Haiti Template:User citizen Haiti Template:User interest Haiti Template:User WP Haiti Template:User Haiti Template:User WikiProject Haiti
Heard Island and McDonald Islands HM Antarctica Wikipedia:WikiProject Australia Template:User Heard Island and McDonald Islands/doc1 Template:User interest Heard Island and McDonald Islands Template:User Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Honduras HN Central America Wikipedia:WikiProject Honduras Template:User Honduras/doc1 Template:User in Honduras Template:User from Honduras Template:User citizen Honduras Template:User interest Honduras Template:User WP Honduras Template:User Honduras Template:User WikiProject Honduras
Hungary HU EU-Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Hungary Template:User Hungary/doc1 Template:User in Hungary Template:User from Hungary Template:User citizen Hungary Template:User interest Hungary Template:User WP Hungary Template:User Hungary Template:User WikiProject Hungary
Iceland IS Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Iceland Template:User Iceland/doc1 Template:User in Iceland Template:User from Iceland Template:User citizen Iceland Template:User interest Iceland Template:User WP Iceland Template:User Iceland Template:User WikiProject Iceland
India IN South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject India Template:User India/doc1 Template:User in India Template:User from India Template:User citizen India Template:User interest India Template:User WP India Template:User India Template:User WikiProject India
Andhra Pradesh IN-AP South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Andhra Pradesh Template:User Andhra Pradesh/doc1 Template:User in Andhra Pradesh Template:User from Andhra Pradesh Template:User citizen Andhra Pradesh Template:User interest Andhra Pradesh Template:User WP Andhra Pradesh Template:User Andhra Pradesh Template:User WikiProject Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh IN-AR South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Arunachal Pradesh Template:User Arunachal Pradesh/doc1 Template:User in Arunachal Pradesh Template:User from Arunachal Pradesh Template:User citizen Arunachal Pradesh Template:User interest Arunachal Pradesh Template:User WP Arunachal Pradesh Template:User Arunachal Pradesh Template:User WikiProject Arunachal Pradesh
Assam IN-AS South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Assam Template:User Assam/doc1 Template:User in Assam Template:User from Assam Template:User citizen Assam Template:User interest Assam Template:User WP Assam Template:User Assam Template:User WikiProject Assam
Bihar IN-BR South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Bihar Template:User Bihar/doc1 Template:User in Bihar Template:User from Bihar Template:User citizen Bihar Template:User interest Bihar Template:User WP Bihar Template:User Bihar Template:User WikiProject Bihar
Chhattisgarh IN-CT South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Chhattisgarh Template:User Chhattisgarh/doc1 Template:User in Chhattisgarh Template:User from Chhattisgarh Template:User citizen Chhattisgarh Template:User interest Chhattisgarh Template:User WP Chhattisgarh Template:User Chhattisgarh Template:User WikiProject Chhattisgarh
Goa IN-GA South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Goa Template:User Goa/doc1 Template:User in Goa Template:User from Goa Template:User citizen Goa Template:User interest Goa Template:User WP Goa Template:User Goa Template:User WikiProject Goa
Gujarat IN-GJ South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Gujarat Template:User Gujarat/doc1 Template:User in Gujarat Template:User from Gujarat Template:User citizen Gujarat Template:User interest Gujarat Template:User WP Gujarat Template:User Gujarat Template:User WikiProject Gujarat
Haryana IN-HR South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Haryana Template:User Haryana/doc1 Template:User in Haryana Template:User from Haryana Template:User citizen Haryana Template:User interest Haryana Template:User WP Haryana Template:User Haryana Template:User WikiProject Haryana
Himachal Pradesh IN-HP South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Himachal Pradesh Template:User Himachal Pradesh/doc1 Template:User in Himachal Pradesh Template:User from Himachal Pradesh Template:User citizen Himachal Pradesh Template:User interest Himachal Pradesh Template:User WP Himachal Pradesh Template:User Himachal Pradesh Template:User WikiProject Himachal Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir IN-JK South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Jammu and Kashmir Template:User Jammu and Kashmir/doc1 Template:User in Jammu and Kashmir Template:User from Jammu and Kashmir Template:User citizen Jammu and Kashmir Template:User interest Jammu and Kashmir Template:User WP Jammu and Kashmir Template:User Jammu and Kashmir Template:User WikiProject Jammu and Kashmir
Jharkhand IN-JH South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Jharkhand Template:User Jharkhand/doc1 Template:User in Jharkhand Template:User from Jharkhand Template:User citizen Jharkhand Template:User interest Jharkhand Template:User WP Jharkhand Template:User Jharkhand Template:User WikiProject Jharkhand
Karnataka IN-KA South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Karnataka Template:User Karnataka/doc1 Template:User in Karnataka Template:User from Karnataka Template:User citizen Karnataka Template:User interest Karnataka Template:User WP Karnataka Template:User Karnataka Template:User WikiProject Karnataka
Kerala IN-KL South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Kerala Template:User Kerala/doc1 Template:User in Kerala Template:User from Kerala Template:User citizen Kerala Template:User interest Kerala Template:User WP Kerala Template:User Kerala Template:User WikiProject Kerala
Madhya Pradesh IN-MP South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Madhya Pradesh Template:User Madhya Pradesh/doc1 Template:User in Madhya Pradesh Template:User from Madhya Pradesh Template:User citizen Madhya Pradesh Template:User interest Madhya Pradesh Template:User WP Madhya Pradesh Template:User Madhya Pradesh Template:User WikiProject Madhya Pradesh
Maharashtra IN-MH South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Maharashtra Template:User Maharashtra/doc1 Template:User in Maharashtra Template:User from Maharashtra Template:User citizen Maharashtra Template:User interest Maharashtra Template:User WP Maharashtra Template:User Maharashtra Template:User WikiProject Maharashtra
Manipur IN-MN South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Manipur Template:User Manipur/doc1 Template:User in Manipur Template:User from Manipur Template:User citizen Manipur Template:User interest Manipur Template:User WP Manipur Template:User Manipur Template:User WikiProject Manipur
Meghalaya IN-ML South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Meghalaya Template:User Meghalaya/doc1 Template:User in Meghalaya Template:User from Meghalaya Template:User citizen Meghalaya Template:User interest Meghalaya Template:User WP Meghalaya Template:User Meghalaya Template:User WikiProject Meghalaya
Mizoram IN-MZ South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Mizoram Template:User Mizoram/doc1 Template:User in Mizoram Template:User from Mizoram Template:User citizen Mizoram Template:User interest Mizoram Template:User WP Mizoram Template:User Mizoram Template:User WikiProject Mizoram
Nagaland IN-NL South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Nagaland Template:User Nagaland/doc1 Template:User in Nagaland Template:User from Nagaland Template:User citizen Nagaland Template:User interest Nagaland Template:User WP Nagaland Template:User Nagaland Template:User WikiProject Nagaland
Orissa IN-OR South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Orissa Template:User Orissa/doc1 Template:User in Orissa Template:User from Orissa Template:User citizen Orissa Template:User interest Orissa Template:User WP Orissa Template:User Orissa Template:User WikiProject Orissa
Punjab IN-PB South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Punjab (India) Template:User Punjab, India/doc1 Template:User in Punjab, India Template:User from Punjab, India Template:User citizen Punjab, India Template:User interest Punjab, India Template:User WP Punjab, India Template:User Punjab, India Template:User WikiProject Punjab, India
Punjab IN-PB South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Punjab (India) Template:User Punjab (India)/doc1 Template:User in Punjab (India) Template:User from Punjab (India) Template:User citizen Punjab (India) Template:User interest Punjab (India) Template:User WP Punjab (India) Template:User Punjab (India) Template:User WikiProject Punjab (India)
Rajasthan IN-RJ South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Rajasthan Template:User Rajasthan/doc1 Template:User in Rajasthan Template:User from Rajasthan Template:User citizen Rajasthan Template:User interest Rajasthan Template:User WP Rajasthan Template:User Rajasthan Template:User WikiProject Rajasthan
Sikkim IN-SK South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Sikkim Template:User Sikkim/doc1 Template:User in Sikkim Template:User from Sikkim Template:User citizen Sikkim Template:User interest Sikkim Template:User WP Sikkim Template:User Sikkim Template:User WikiProject Sikkim
Tamil Nadu IN-TN South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Tamil Nadu Template:User Tamil Nadu/doc1 Template:User in Tamil Nadu Template:User from Tamil Nadu Template:User citizen Tamil Nadu Template:User interest Tamil Nadu Template:User WP Tamil Nadu Template:User Tamil Nadu Template:User WikiProject Tamil Nadu
Tripura IN-TR South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Tripura Template:User Tripura/doc1 Template:User in Tripura Template:User from Tripura Template:User citizen Tripura Template:User interest Tripura Template:User WP Tripura Template:User Tripura Template:User WikiProject Tripura
Uttar Pradesh IN-UP South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Uttar Pradesh Template:User Uttar Pradesh/doc1 Template:User in Uttar Pradesh Template:User from Uttar Pradesh Template:User citizen Uttar Pradesh Template:User interest Uttar Pradesh Template:User WP Uttar Pradesh Template:User Uttar Pradesh Template:User WikiProject Uttar Pradesh
Uttarakhand IN-UL South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Uttarakhand Template:User Uttarakhand/doc1 Template:User in Uttarakhand Template:User from Uttarakhand Template:User citizen Uttarakhand Template:User interest Uttarakhand Template:User WP Uttarakhand Template:User Uttarakhand Template:User WikiProject Uttarakhand
West Bengal IN-WB South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject West Bengal Template:User West Bengal/doc1 Template:User in West Bengal Template:User from West Bengal Template:User citizen West Bengal Template:User interest West Bengal Template:User WP West Bengal Template:User West Bengal Template:User WikiProject West Bengal
Delhi IN-DL South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Delhi Template:User Delhi/doc1 Template:User in Delhi Template:User from Delhi Template:User citizen Delhi Template:User interest Delhi Template:User WP Delhi Template:User Delhi Template:User WikiProject Delhi
Andaman and Nicobar Islands IN-AN South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:User Andaman and Nicobar Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:User from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:User citizen Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:User interest Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:User WP Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:User Andaman and Nicobar Islands Template:User WikiProject Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Chandigarh IN-CH South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Chandigarh Template:User Chandigarh/doc1 Template:User in Chandigarh Template:User from Chandigarh Template:User citizen Chandigarh Template:User interest Chandigarh Template:User WP Chandigarh Template:User Chandigarh Template:User WikiProject Chandigarh
Dadra and Nagar Haveli IN-DN South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Dadra and Nagar Haveli Template:User Dadra and Nagar Haveli/doc1 Template:User in Dadra and Nagar Haveli Template:User from Dadra and Nagar Haveli Template:User citizen Dadra and Nagar Haveli Template:User interest Dadra and Nagar Haveli Template:User WP Dadra and Nagar Haveli Template:User Dadra and Nagar Haveli Template:User WikiProject Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu IN-DD South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Daman and Diu Template:User Daman and Diu/doc1 Template:User in Daman and Diu Template:User from Daman and Diu Template:User citizen Daman and Diu Template:User interest Daman and Diu Template:User WP Daman and Diu Template:User Daman and Diu Template:User WikiProject Daman and Diu
Lakshadweep IN-LD South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Lakshadweep Template:User Lakshadweep/doc1 Template:User in Lakshadweep Template:User from Lakshadweep Template:User citizen Lakshadweep Template:User interest Lakshadweep Template:User WP Lakshadweep Template:User Lakshadweep Template:User WikiProject Lakshadweep
Puducherry IN-PY South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Puducherry Template:User Puducherry/doc1 Template:User in Puducherry Template:User from Puducherry Template:User citizen Puducherry Template:User interest Puducherry Template:User WP Puducherry Template:User Puducherry Template:User WikiProject Puducherry
Indonesia ID Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Indonesia Template:User Indonesia/doc1 Template:User in Indonesia Template:User from Indonesia Template:User citizen Indonesia Template:User interest Indonesia Template:User WP Indonesia Template:User Indonesia Template:User WikiProject Indonesia
Iran IR Central Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Iran Template:User Iran/doc1 Template:User in Iran Template:User from Iran Template:User citizen Iran Template:User interest Iran Template:User WP Iran Template:User Iran Template:User WikiProject Iran
Iraq IQ Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Iraq Template:User Iraq/doc1 Template:User in Iraq Template:User from Iraq Template:User citizen Iraq Template:User interest Iraq Template:User WP Iraq Template:User Iraq Template:User WikiProject Iraq
Ireland IE EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Ireland Template:User Ireland/doc1 Template:User in Ireland Template:User from Ireland Template:User citizen Ireland Template:User interest Ireland Template:User WP Ireland Template:User Ireland Template:User WikiProject Ireland
Isle of Man IM Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Isle of Man Template:User Isle of Man/doc1 Template:User in the Isle of Man Template:User from the Isle of Man Template:User citizen Isle of Man Template:User interest Isle of Man Template:User WP Isle of Man Template:User Isle of Man Template:User WikiProject Isle of Man
Israel IL Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Israel Template:User Israel/doc1 Template:User in Israel Template:User from Israel Template:User citizen Israel Template:User interest Israel Template:User WP Israel Template:User Israel Template:User WikiProject Israel
Italy IT EU-Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Italy Template:User Italy/doc1 Template:User in Italy Template:User from Italy Template:User citizen Italy Template:User interest Italy Template:User WP Italy Template:User Italy Template:User WikiProject Italy
Ivory Coast CI Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Côte d'Ivoire Template:User Ivory Coast/doc1 Template:User in Ivory Coast Template:User from Ivory Coast Template:User citizen Ivory Coast Template:User interest Ivory Coast Template:User WP Ivory Coast Template:User Ivory Coast Template:User WikiProject Ivory Coast
   Côte d'Ivoire CI Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Côte d'Ivoire Template:User Côte d'Ivoire/doc1 Template:User in Côte d'Ivoire Template:User from Côte d'Ivoire Template:User citizen Côte d'Ivoire Template:User interest Côte d'Ivoire Template:User WP Côte d'Ivoire Template:User Côte d'Ivoire Template:User WikiProject Côte d'Ivoire
Jamaica JM Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Jamaica Template:User Jamaica/doc1 Template:User in Jamaica Template:User from Jamaica Template:User citizen Jamaica Template:User interest Jamaica Template:User WP Jamaica Template:User Jamaica Template:User WikiProject Jamaica
Japan JP East Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan Template:User Japan/doc1 Template:User in Japan Template:User from Japan Template:User citizen Japan Template:User interest Japan Template:User WP Japan Template:User Japan Template:User WikiProject Japan
Jersey JE Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Jersey Template:User Jersey/doc1 Template:User in Jersey Template:User from Jersey Template:User citizen Jersey Template:User interest Jersey Template:User WP Jersey Template:User Jersey Template:User WikiProject Jersey
Jordan JO Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Jordan Template:User Jordan/doc1 Template:User in Jordan Template:User from Jordan Template:User citizen Jordan Template:User interest Jordan Template:User WP Jordan Template:User Jordan Template:User WikiProject Jordan
Kazakhstan KZ Central Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Kazakhstan Template:User Kazakhstan/doc1 Template:User in Kazakhstan Template:User from Kazakhstan Template:User citizen Kazakhstan Template:User interest Kazakhstan Template:User WP Kazakhstan Template:User Kazakhstan Template:User WikiProject Kazakhstan
Kenya KE Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Kenya Template:User Kenya/doc1 Template:User in Kenya Template:User from Kenya Template:User citizen Kenya Template:User interest Kenya Template:User WP Kenya Template:User Kenya Template:User WikiProject Kenya
Kiribati KI Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Kiribati Template:User Kiribati/doc1 Template:User in Kiribati Template:User from Kiribati Template:User citizen Kiribati Template:User interest Kiribati Template:User WP Kiribati Template:User Kiribati Template:User WikiProject Kiribati
Korea Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Korea Template:User Korea/doc1 Template:User interest Korea Template:User WP Korea Template:User Korea Template:User WPKorea
Kosovo RS-KM Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Kosovo Template:User Kosovo/doc1 Template:User in Kosovo Template:User from Kosovo Template:User citizen Kosovo Template:User interest Kosovo Template:User WP Kosovo Template:User Kosovo Template:User WikiProject Kosovo
Kuwait KW Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Kuwait Template:User Kuwait/doc1 Template:User in Kuwait Template:User from Kuwait Template:User citizen Kuwait Template:User interest Kuwait Template:User WP Kuwait Template:User Kuwait Template:User WikiProject Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan KG Central Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Kyrgyzstan Template:User Kyrgyzstan/doc1 Template:User in Kyrgyzstan Template:User from Kyrgyzstan Template:User citizen Kyrgyzstan Template:User interest Kyrgyzstan Template:User WP Kyrgyzstan Template:User Kyrgyzstan Template:User WikiProject Kyrgyzstan
Laos LA Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Laos Template:User Laos/doc1 Template:User in Laos Template:User from Laos Template:User citizen Laos Template:User interest Laos Template:User WP Laos Template:User Laos Template:User WikiProject Laos
Latvia LV EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Latvia Template:User Latvia/doc1 Template:User in Latvia Template:User from Latvia Template:User citizen Latvia Template:User interest Latvia Template:User WP Latvia Template:User Latvia Template:User WikiProject Latvia
Lebanon LB Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Lebanon Template:User Lebanon/doc1 Template:User in Lebanon Template:User from Lebanon Template:User citizen Lebanon Template:User interest Lebanon Template:User WP Lebanon Template:User Lebanon Template:User WikiProject Lebanon
Lesotho LS Southern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Lesotho Template:User Lesotho/doc1 Template:User in Lesotho Template:User from Lesotho Template:User citizen Lesotho Template:User interest Lesotho Template:User WP Lesotho Template:User Lesotho Template:User WikiProject Lesotho
Liberia LR Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Liberia Template:User Liberia/doc1 Template:User in Liberia Template:User from Liberia Template:User citizen Liberia Template:User interest Liberia Template:User WP Liberia Template:User Liberia Template:User WikiProject Liberia
Libya LY North Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Libya Template:User Libya/doc1 Template:User in Libya Template:User from Libya Template:User citizen Libya Template:User interest Libya Template:User WP Libya Template:User Libya Template:User WikiProject Libya
Liechtenstein LI Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Liechtenstein Template:User Liechtenstein/doc1 Template:User in Liechtenstein Template:User from Liechtenstein Template:User citizen Liechtenstein Template:User interest Liechtenstein Template:User WP Liechtenstein Template:User Liechtenstein Template:User WikiProject Liechtenstein
Lithuania LT EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Lithuania Template:User Lithuania/doc1 Template:User in Lithuania Template:User from Lithuania Template:User citizen Lithuania Template:User interest Lithuania Template:User WP Lithuania Template:User Lithuania Template:User WikiProject Lithuania
Luxembourg LU EU-Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Luxembourg Template:User Luxembourg/doc1 Template:User in Luxembourg Template:User from Luxembourg Template:User citizen Luxembourg Template:User interest Luxembourg Template:User WP Luxembourg Template:User Luxembourg Template:User WikiProject Luxembourg
Macedonia MK Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Republic of Macedonia Template:User Macedonia/doc1 Template:User in Macedonia Template:User from Macedonia Template:User citizen Macedonia Template:User interest Macedonia Template:User WP Macedonia Template:User Macedonia Template:User WikiProject Macedonia
Madagascar MG Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Madagascar Template:User Madagascar/doc1 Template:User in Madagascar Template:User from Madagascar Template:User citizen Madagascar Template:User interest Madagascar Template:User WP Madagascar Template:User Madagascar Template:User WikiProject Madagascar
Malawi MW Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Malawi Template:User Malawi/doc1 Template:User in Malawi Template:User from Malawi Template:User citizen Malawi Template:User interest Malawi Template:User WP Malawi Template:User Malawi Template:User WikiProject Malawi
Malaysia MY Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Malaysia Template:User Malaysia/doc1 Template:User in Malaysia Template:User from Malaysia Template:User citizen Malaysia Template:User interest Malaysia Template:User WP Malaysia Template:User Malaysia Template:User WikiProject Malaysia
Maldives MV South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Maldives Template:User Maldives/doc1 Template:User in Maldives Template:User from Maldives Template:User citizen Maldives Template:User interest Maldives Template:User WP Maldives Template:User Maldives Template:User WikiProject Maldives
Mali ML Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Mali Template:User Mali/doc1 Template:User in Mali Template:User from Mali Template:User citizen Mali Template:User interest Mali Template:User WP Mali Template:User Mali Template:User WikiProject Mali
Malta MT EU-Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Malta Template:User Malta/doc1 Template:User in Malta Template:User from Malta Template:User citizen Malta Template:User interest Malta Template:User WP Malta Template:User Malta Template:User WikiProject Malta
Marshall Islands MH Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Marshall Islands Template:User Marshall Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Marshall Islands Template:User from the Marshall Islands Template:User citizen Marshall Islands Template:User interest Marshall Islands Template:User WP Marshall Islands Template:User Marshall Islands Template:User WikiProject Marshall Islands
Mauritania MR Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Mauritania Template:User Mauritania/doc1 Template:User in Mauritania Template:User from Mauritania Template:User citizen Mauritania Template:User interest Mauritania Template:User WP Mauritania Template:User Mauritania Template:User WikiProject Mauritania
Mauritius MU Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Mauritius Template:User Mauritius/doc1 Template:User in Mauritius Template:User from Mauritius Template:User citizen Mauritius Template:User interest Mauritius Template:User WP Mauritius Template:User Mauritius Template:User WikiProject Mauritius
Mexico MX Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Mexico/doc1 Template:User in Mexico Template:User from Mexico Template:User citizen Mexico Template:User interest Mexico Template:User WP Mexico Template:User Mexico Template:User WikiProject Mexico
Aguascalientes MX-AGU Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Aguascalientes/doc1 Template:User in Aguascalientes Template:User from Aguascalientes Template:User citizen Aguascalientes Template:User interest Aguascalientes Template:User WP Aguascalientes Template:User Aguascalientes Template:User WikiProject Aguascalientes
Baja California MX-BCN Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Baja California/doc1 Template:User in Baja California Template:User from Baja California Template:User citizen Baja California Template:User interest Baja California Template:User WP Baja California Template:User Baja California Template:User WikiProject Baja California
Baja California Sur MX-BCS Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Baja California Sur/doc1 Template:User in Baja California Sur Template:User from Baja California Sur Template:User citizen Baja California Sur Template:User interest Baja California Sur Template:User WP Baja California Sur Template:User Baja California Sur Template:User WikiProject Baja California Sur
Campeche MX-CAM Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Campeche/doc1 Template:User in Campeche Template:User from Campeche Template:User citizen Campeche Template:User interest Campeche Template:User WP Campeche Template:User Campeche Template:User WikiProject Campeche
Chiapas MX-CHP Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Chiapas/doc1 Template:User in Chiapas Template:User from Chiapas Template:User citizen Chiapas Template:User interest Chiapas Template:User WP Chiapas Template:User Chiapas Template:User WikiProject Chiapas
Chihuahua MX-CHH Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Chihuahua/doc1 Template:User in Chihuahua Template:User from Chihuahua Template:User citizen Chihuahua Template:User interest Chihuahua Template:User WP Chihuahua Template:User Chihuahua Template:User WikiProject Chihuahua
Coahuila MX-COA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Coahuila/doc1 Template:User in Coahuila Template:User from Coahuila Template:User citizen Coahuila Template:User interest Coahuila Template:User WP Coahuila Template:User Coahuila Template:User WikiProject Coahuila
Colima MX-COL Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Colima/doc1 Template:User in Colima Template:User from Colima Template:User citizen Colima Template:User interest Colima Template:User WP Colima Template:User Colima Template:User WikiProject Colima
Durango MX-DUR Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Durango/doc1 Template:User in Durango Template:User from Durango Template:User citizen Durango Template:User interest Durango Template:User WP Durango Template:User Durango Template:User WikiProject Durango
Guanajuato MX-GUA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Guanajuato/doc1 Template:User in Guanajuato Template:User from Guanajuato Template:User citizen Guanajuato Template:User interest Guanajuato Template:User WP Guanajuato Template:User Guanajuato Template:User WikiProject Guanajuato
Guerrero MX-GRO Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Guerrero/doc1 Template:User in Guerrero Template:User from Guerrero Template:User citizen Guerrero Template:User interest Guerrero Template:User WP Guerrero Template:User Guerrero Template:User WikiProject Guerrero
Hidalgo MX-HID Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Hidalgo/doc1 Template:User in Hidalgo Template:User from Hidalgo Template:User citizen Hidalgo Template:User interest Hidalgo Template:User WP Hidalgo Template:User Hidalgo Template:User WikiProject Hidalgo
Jalisco MX-JAL Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Jalisco/doc1 Template:User in Jalisco Template:User from Jalisco Template:User citizen Jalisco Template:User interest Jalisco Template:User WP Jalisco Template:User Jalisco Template:User WikiProject Jalisco
State of Mexico MX-MEX Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User State of Mexico/doc1 Template:User in the State of Mexico Template:User from the State of Mexico Template:User citizen State of Mexico Template:User interest State of Mexico Template:User WP State of Mexico Template:User Mexico (state) Template:User WikiProject State of Mexico
Michoacán MX-MIC Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Michoacán/doc1 Template:User in Michoacán Template:User from Michoacán Template:User citizen Michoacán Template:User interest Michoacán Template:User WP Michoacán Template:User Michoacán Template:User WikiProject Michoacán
Morelos MX-MOR Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Morelos/doc1 Template:User in Morelos Template:User from Morelos Template:User citizen Morelos Template:User interest Morelos Template:User WP Morelos Template:User Morelos Template:User WikiProject Morelos
Nayarit MX-NAY Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Nayarit/doc1 Template:User in Nayarit Template:User from Nayarit Template:User citizen Nayarit Template:User interest Nayarit Template:User WP Nayarit Template:User Nayarit Template:User WikiProject Nayarit
Nuevo León MX-NLE Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Nuevo León/doc1 Template:User in Nuevo León Template:User from Nuevo León Template:User citizen Nuevo León Template:User interest Nuevo León Template:User WP Nuevo León Template:User Nuevo León Template:User WikiProject Nuevo León
Oaxaca MX-OAX Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Oaxaca/doc1 Template:User in Oaxaca Template:User from Oaxaca Template:User citizen Oaxaca Template:User interest Oaxaca Template:User WP Oaxaca Template:User Oaxaca Template:User WikiProject Oaxaca
Puebla MX-PUE Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Puebla/doc1 Template:User in Puebla Template:User from Puebla Template:User citizen Puebla Template:User interest Puebla Template:User WP Puebla Template:User Puebla Template:User WikiProject Puebla
Querétaro MX-QUE Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Querétaro/doc1 Template:User in Querétaro Template:User from Querétaro Template:User citizen Querétaro Template:User interest Querétaro Template:User WP Querétaro Template:User Querétaro Template:User WikiProject Querétaro
Quintana Roo MX-ROO Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Quintana Roo/doc1 Template:User in Quintana Roo Template:User from Quintana Roo Template:User citizen Quintana Roo Template:User interest Quintana Roo Template:User WP Quintana Roo Template:User Quintana Roo Template:User WikiProject Quintana Roo
San Luis Potosí MX-SLP Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User San Luis Potosí/doc1 Template:User in San Luis Potosí Template:User from San Luis Potosí Template:User citizen San Luis Potosí Template:User interest San Luis Potosí Template:User WP San Luis Potosí Template:User San Luis Potosí Template:User WikiProject San Luis Potosí
Sinaloa MX-SIN Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Sinaloa/doc1 Template:User in Sinaloa Template:User from Sinaloa Template:User citizen Sinaloa Template:User interest Sinaloa Template:User WP Sinaloa Template:User Sinaloa Template:User WikiProject Sinaloa
Sonora MX-SON Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Sonora/doc1 Template:User in Sonora Template:User from Sonora Template:User citizen Sonora Template:User interest Sonora Template:User WP Sonora Template:User Sonora Template:User WikiProject Sonora
Tabasco MX-TAB Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Tabasco/doc1 Template:User in Tabasco Template:User from Tabasco Template:User citizen Tabasco Template:User interest Tabasco Template:User WP Tabasco Template:User Tabasco Template:User WikiProject Tabasco
Tamaulipas MX-TAM Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Tamaulipas/doc1 Template:User in Tamaulipas Template:User from Tamaulipas Template:User citizen Tamaulipas Template:User interest Tamaulipas Template:User WP Tamaulipas Template:User Tamaulipas Template:User WikiProject Tamaulipas
Tlaxcala MX-TLA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Tlaxcala/doc1 Template:User in Tlaxcala Template:User from Tlaxcala Template:User citizen Tlaxcala Template:User interest Tlaxcala Template:User WP Tlaxcala Template:User Tlaxcala Template:User WikiProject Tlaxcala
Veracruz MX-VER Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Veracruz/doc1 Template:User in Veracruz Template:User from Veracruz Template:User citizen Veracruz Template:User interest Veracruz Template:User WP Veracruz Template:User Veracruz Template:User WikiProject Veracruz
Yucatán MX-YUC Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Yucatán/doc1 Template:User in Yucatán Template:User from Yucatán Template:User citizen Yucatán Template:User interest Yucatán Template:User WP Yucatán Template:User Yucatán Template:User WikiProject Yucatán
Zacatecas MX-ZAC Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Zacatecas/doc1 Template:User in Zacatecas Template:User from Zacatecas Template:User citizen Zacatecas Template:User interest Zacatecas Template:User WP Zacatecas Template:User Zacatecas Template:User WikiProject Zacatecas
Distrito Federal MX-DIF Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexico Template:User Mexico City/doc1 Template:User in Mexico City Template:User from Mexico City Template:User citizen Mexico City Template:User interest Mexico City Template:User WP Mexico City Template:User Mexico City Template:User WikiProject Mexico City
Moldova MD Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Moldova Template:User Moldova/doc1 Template:User in Moldova Template:User from Moldova Template:User citizen Moldova Template:User interest Moldova Template:User WP Moldova Template:User Moldova Template:User WikiProject Moldova
Monaco MC Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Monaco Template:User Monaco/doc1 Template:User in Monaco Template:User from Monaco Template:User citizen Monaco Template:User interest Monaco Template:User WP Monaco Template:User Monaco Template:User WikiProject Monaco
Mongolia MN Central Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Central Asia/Mongolia work group Template:User Mongolia/doc1 Template:User in Mongolia Template:User from Mongolia Template:User citizen Mongolia Template:User interest Mongolia Template:User Mongolia WG Template:User Mongolia Template:User Mongolia work group
Montenegro ME Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Montenegro Template:User Montenegro/doc1 Template:User in Montenegro Template:User from Montenegro Template:User citizen Montenegro Template:User interest Montenegro Template:User WP Montenegro Template:User Montenegro Template:User WikiProject Montenegro
Montserrat MS Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Montserrat work group Template:User Montserrat/doc1 Template:User in Montserrat Template:User from Montserrat Template:User citizen Montserrat Template:User interest Montserrat Template:User Montserrat WG Template:User Montserrat Template:User Montserrat work group
Morocco MA North Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Morocco Template:User Morocco/doc1 Template:User in Morocco Template:User from Morocco Template:User citizen Morocco Template:User interest Morocco Template:User WP Morocco Template:User Morocco Template:User WikiProject Morocco
Mozambique MZ Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Mozambique Template:User Mozambique/doc1 Template:User in Mozambique Template:User from Mozambique Template:User citizen Mozambique Template:User interest Mozambique Template:User WP Mozambique Template:User Mozambique Template:User WikiProject Mozambique
Namibia NA Southern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Namibia Template:User Namibia/doc1 Template:User in Namibia Template:User from Namibia Template:User citizen Namibia Template:User interest Namibia Template:User WP Namibia Template:User Namibia Template:User WikiProject Namibia
Nauru NR Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Nauru Template:User Nauru/doc1 Template:User in Nauru Template:User from Nauru Template:User citizen Nauru Template:User interest Nauru Template:User WP Nauru Template:User Nauru Template:User WikiProject Nauru
Nepal NP South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Nepal Template:User Nepal/doc1 Template:User in Nepal Template:User from Nepal Template:User citizen Nepal Template:User interest Nepal Template:User WP Nepal Template:User Nepal Template:User WikiProject Nepal
Netherlands NL EU-Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Netherlands Template:User Netherlands/doc1 Template:User in the Netherlands Template:User from the Netherlands Template:User citizen Netherlands Template:User interest Netherlands Template:User WP Netherlands Template:User Netherlands Template:User WikiProject Netherlands
Bonaire BQ- EU-Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Netherlands Antilles work group Template:User Bonaire/doc1 Template:User in Bonaire Template:User from Bonaire Template:User citizen Bonaire Template:User interest Bonaire Template:User WP Bonaire Template:User Bonaire Template:User WikiProject Bonaire
Saba BQ- EU-Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Netherlands Antilles work group Template:User Saba/doc1 Template:User in Saba Template:User from Saba Template:User citizen Saba Template:User interest Saba Template:User WP Saba Template:User Saba Template:User WikiProject Saba
Sint Eustatius BQ- EU-Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Netherlands Antilles work group Template:User Sint Eustatius/doc1 Template:User in Sint Eustatius Template:User from Sint Eustatius Template:User citizen Sint Eustatius Template:User interest Sint Eustatius Template:User WP Sint Eustatius Template:User Sint Eustatius Template:User WikiProject Sint Eustatius
Aruba AW Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Aruba work group Template:User Aruba/doc1 Template:User in Aruba Template:User from Aruba Template:User citizen Aruba Template:User interest Aruba Template:User Aruba WG Template:User Aruba Template:User Aruba work group
Curaçao CW Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Netherlands Antilles work group Template:User Curaçao/doc1 Template:User in Curaçao Template:User from Curaçao Template:User citizen Curaçao Template:User interest Curaçao Template:User WP Curaçao Template:User Curaçao Template:User WikiProject Curaçao
Sint Maarten SX Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Netherlands Antilles work group Template:User Sint Maarten/doc1 Template:User in Sint Maarten Template:User from Sint Maarten Template:User citizen Sint Maarten Template:User interest Sint Maarten Template:User WP Sint Maarten Template:User Sint Maarten Template:User WikiProject Sint Maarten
New Caledonia NC Melanesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Melanesia/New Caledonia work group Template:User New Caledonia/doc1 Template:User in New Caledonia Template:User from New Caledonia Template:User citizen New Caledonia Template:User interest New Caledonia Template:User New Caledonia WG Template:User New Caledonia Template:User New Caledonia work group
New Zealand NZ Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject New Zealand Template:User New Zealand/doc1 Template:User in New Zealand Template:User from New Zealand Template:User citizen New Zealand Template:User interest New Zealand Template:User WP New Zealand Template:User New Zealand Template:User WikiProject New Zealand
Nicaragua NI Central America Wikipedia:WikiProject Nicaragua Template:User Nicaragua/doc1 Template:User in Nicaragua Template:User from Nicaragua Template:User citizen Nicaragua Template:User interest Nicaragua Template:User WP Nicaragua Template:User Nicaragua Template:User WikiProject Nicaragua
Niger NE Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Niger Template:User Niger/doc1 Template:User in Niger Template:User from Niger Template:User citizen Niger Template:User interest Niger Template:User WP Niger Template:User Niger Template:User WikiProject Niger
Nigeria NG Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Nigeria Template:User Nigeria/doc1 Template:User in Nigeria Template:User from Nigeria Template:User citizen Nigeria Template:User interest Nigeria Template:User WP Nigeria Template:User Nigeria Template:User WikiProject Nigeria
Niue NU Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Niue Template:User Niue/doc1 Template:User in Niue Template:User from Niue Template:User citizen Niue Template:User interest Niue Template:User WP Niue Template:User Niue Template:User WikiProject Niue
Norfolk Island NF Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Polynesia Template:User Norfolk Island/doc1 Template:User in Norfolk Island Template:User from Norfolk Island Template:User citizen Norfolk Island Template:User interest Norfolk Island Template:User WP Norfolk Island Template:User Norfolk Island Template:User WikiProject Norfolk Island
North Korea KP East Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Korea Template:User North Korea/doc1 Template:User in North Korea Template:User from North Korea Template:User citizen North Korea Template:User interest North Korea Template:User North Korea WG Template:User North Korea Template:User North Korea work group
Northern Mariana Islands MP Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Micronesia/Northern Mariana Islands work group Template:User Northern Mariana Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Northern Mariana Islands Template:User from the Northern Mariana Islands Template:User citizen Northern Mariana Islands Template:User interest Northern Mariana Islands Template:User Northern Mariana Islands WG Template:User Northern Mariana Islands Template:User Northern Mariana Islands work group
Norway NO Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Norway Template:User Norway/doc1 Template:User in Norway Template:User from Norway Template:User citizen Norway Template:User interest Norway Template:User WP Norway Template:User Norway Template:User WikiProject Norway
Svalbard NO-21 Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Norway Template:User Svalbard/doc1 Template:User interest Svalbard Template:User Svalbard
Jan Mayen NO-22 Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Norway Template:User Jan Mayen/doc1 Template:User interest Jan Mayen Template:User Jan Mayen
Bouvet Island BV South Atlantic Wikipedia:WikiProject Antarctica/Norwegian Antarctica work group Template:User Bouvet Island/doc1 Template:User interest Bouvet Island Template:User Bouvet Island
Oman OM Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Oman Template:User Oman/doc1 Template:User in Oman Template:User from Oman Template:User citizen Oman Template:User interest Oman Template:User WP Oman Template:User Oman Template:User WikiProject Oman
Pakistan PK South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Pakistan Template:User Pakistan/doc1 Template:User in Pakistan Template:User from Pakistan Template:User citizen Pakistan Template:User interest Pakistan Template:User WP Pakistan Template:User Pakistan Template:User WikiProject Pakistan
Balochistan PK-BA South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Balochistan Template:User Balochistan/doc1 Template:User in Balochistan Template:User from Balochistan Template:User citizen Balochistan Template:User interest Balochistan Template:User WP Balochistan Template:User Balochistan Template:User WikiProject Balochistan
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PK-NW South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:User Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/doc1 Template:User in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:User from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:User citizen Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:User interest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:User WP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:User Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Template:User WikiProject Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Punjab PK-PB South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Punjab, Pakistan Template:User Punjab, Pakistan/doc1 Template:User in Punjab, Pakistan Template:User from Punjab, Pakistan Template:User citizen Punjab, Pakistan Template:User interest Punjab, Pakistan Template:User WP Punjab, Pakistan Template:User Punjab, Pakistan Template:User WikiProject Punjab, Pakistan
Punjab PK-PB South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Punjab, Pakistan Template:User Punjab (Pakistan)/doc1 Template:User in Punjab (Pakistan) Template:User from Punjab (Pakistan) Template:User citizen Punjab (Pakistan) Template:User interest Punjab (Pakistan) Template:User WP Punjab (Pakistan) Template:User Punjab (Pakistan) Template:User WikiProject Punjab (Pakistan)
Sindh PK-SD South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Sindh Template:User Sindh/doc1 Template:User in Sindh Template:User from Sindh Template:User citizen Sindh Template:User interest Sindh Template:User WP Sindh Template:User Sindh Template:User WikiProject Sindh
Islamabad Capital Territory PK-IS South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Islamabad Template:User Islamabad/doc1 Template:User in Islamabad Template:User from Islamabad Template:User citizen Islamabad Template:User interest Islamabad Template:User WP Islamabad Template:User Islamabad Template:User WikiProject Islamabad
Azad Jammu and Kashmir PK-JK South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Azad Kashmir Template:User Azad Jammu and Kashmir/doc1 Template:User in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Template:User from Azad Jammu and Kashmir Template:User citizen Azad Jammu and Kashmir Template:User interest Azad Jammu and Kashmir Template:User WP Azad Jammu and Kashmir Template:User Azad Jammu and Kashmir Template:User WikiProject Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Gilgit–Baltistan PK-NA South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Gilgit–Baltistan Template:User Gilgit–Baltistan/doc1 Template:User in Gilgit–Baltistan Template:User from Gilgit–Baltistan Template:User citizen Gilgit–Baltistan Template:User interest Gilgit–Baltistan Template:User WP Gilgit–Baltistan Template:User Gilgit–Baltistan Template:User WikiProject Gilgit–Baltistan
Federally Administered Tribal Areas PK-TA South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Pakistan Template:User FATA of Pakistan/doc1 Template:User in the FATA of Pakistan Template:User from the FATA of Pakistan Template:User citizen FATA of Pakistan Template:User interest FATA of Pakistan Template:User WP FATA of Pakistan Template:User Federally Administered Tribal Areas Template:User WikiProject Federally Administered Tribal Areas
Palau PW Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Palau Template:User Palau/doc1 Template:User in Palau Template:User from Palau Template:User citizen Palau Template:User interest Palau Template:User WP Palau Template:User Palau Template:User WikiProject Palau
Palestine PS Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Palestine Template:User Palestine/doc1 Template:User in Palestine Template:User from Palestine Template:User citizen Palestine Template:User interest Palestine Template:User WP Palestine Template:User Palestine Template:User WikiProject Palestine
Panama PA Central America Wikipedia:WikiProject Panama Template:User Panama/doc1 Template:User in Panama Template:User from Panama Template:User citizen Panama Template:User interest Panama Template:User WP Panama Template:User Panama Template:User WikiProject Panama
Papua New Guinea PG Melanesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Papua New Guinea Template:User Papua New Guinea/doc1 Template:User in Papua New Guinea Template:User from Papua New Guinea Template:User citizen Papua New Guinea Template:User interest Papua New Guinea Template:User WP Papua New Guinea Template:User Papua New Guinea Template:User WikiProject Papua New Guinea
Paraguay PY South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Paraguay Template:User Paraguay/doc1 Template:User in Paraguay Template:User from Paraguay Template:User citizen Paraguay Template:User interest Paraguay Template:User WP Paraguay Template:User Paraguay Template:User WikiProject Paraguay
Peru PE South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Peru Template:User Peru/doc1 Template:User in Peru Template:User from Peru Template:User citizen Peru Template:User interest Peru Template:User WP Peru Template:User Peru Template:User WikiProject Peru
Philippines PH Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Philippines Template:User Philippines/doc1 Template:User in the Philippines Template:User from the Philippines Template:User citizen Philippines Template:User interest Philippines Template:User WP Philippines Template:User Philippines Template:User WikiProject Philippines
Pitcairn Islands PN Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Polynesia/Pitcairn Islands work group Template:User Pitcairn Islands/doc1 Template:User interest Pitcairn Islands Template:User Pitcairn Islands WG Template:User Pitcairn Islands Template:User Pitcairn Islands work group
Poland PL EU-Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Poland Template:User Poland/doc1 Template:User in Poland Template:User from Poland Template:User citizen Poland Template:User interest Poland Template:User WP Poland Template:User Poland Template:User WikiProject Poland
Portugal PT EU-Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Portugal Template:User Portugal/doc1 Template:User in Portugal Template:User from Portugal Template:User citizen Portugal Template:User interest Portugal Template:User WP Portugal Template:User Portugal Template:User WikiProject Portugal
Puerto Rico PR Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Puerto Rico Template:User Puerto Rico/doc1 Template:User in Puerto Rico Template:User from Puerto Rico Template:User citizen Puerto Rico Template:User interest Puerto Rico Template:User WP Puerto Rico Template:User Puerto Rico Template:User WikiProject Puerto Rico
Qatar QA Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Qatar Template:User Qatar/doc1 Template:User in Qatar Template:User from Qatar Template:User citizen Qatar Template:User interest Qatar Template:User WP Qatar Template:User Qatar Template:User WikiProject Qatar
Republic of the Congo CG Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Republic of the Congo Template:User Republic of the Congo/doc1 Template:User in the Republic of the Congo Template:User from the Republic of the Congo Template:User citizen Republic of the Congo Template:User interest Republic of the Congo Template:User WP Republic of the Congo Template:User Republic of the Congo Template:User WikiProject Republic of the Congo
Romania RO EU-Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Romania Template:User Romania/doc1 Template:User in Romania Template:User from Romania Template:User citizen Romania Template:User interest Romania Template:User WP Romania Template:User Romania Template:User WikiProject Romania
Russia RU Northern Eurasia Wikipedia:WikiProject Russia Template:User Russia/doc1 Template:User in Russia Template:User from Russia Template:User citizen Russia Template:User interest Russia Template:User WP Russia Template:User Russia Template:User WikiProject Russia
Rwanda RW Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Rwanda Template:User Rwanda/doc1 Template:User in Rwanda Template:User from Rwanda Template:User citizen Rwanda Template:User interest Rwanda Template:User WP Rwanda Template:User Rwanda Template:User WikiProject Rwanda
Saint Barthélemy BL Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Saint Barthelemy work group Template:User Saint Barthélemy/doc1 Template:User in Saint Barthélemy Template:User from Saint Barthélemy Template:User citizen Saint Barthélemy Template:User interest Saint Barthélemy Template:User Saint Barthélemy WG Template:User Saint Barthélemy Template:User Saint Barthélemy work group
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha SH Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/Saint Helena work group Template:User Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha/doc1 Template:User in Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Template:User from Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Template:User citizen Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Template:User interest Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Template:User Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha WG Template:User Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Template:User Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha work group
Saint Helena SH Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/Saint Helena work group Template:User Saint Helena/doc1 Template:User in Saint Helena Template:User from Saint Helena Template:User citizen Saint Helena Template:User interest Saint Helena Template:User Saint Helena WG Template:User Saint Helena Template:User Saint Helena work group
Ascension Island AS Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/Saint Helena work group Template:User Ascension Island/doc1 Template:User in Ascension Island Template:User from Ascension Island Template:User citizen Ascension Island Template:User interest Ascension Island Template:User Ascension Island WG Template:User Ascension Island Template:User Ascension Island work group
Tristan da Cunha TA Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa/Saint Helena work group Template:User Tristan da Cunha/doc1 Template:User in Tristan da Cunha Template:User from Tristan da Cunha Template:User citizen Tristan da Cunha Template:User interest Tristan da Cunha Template:User Tristan da Cunha WG Template:User Tristan da Cunha Template:User Tristan da Cunha work group
Saint Kitts and Nevis KN Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User Saint Kitts and Nevis/doc1 Template:User in Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User from Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User citizen Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User interest Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User WP Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User Saint Kitts and Nevis Template:User WikiProject Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia LC Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Saint Lucia Template:User Saint Lucia/doc1 Template:User in Saint Lucia Template:User from Saint Lucia Template:User citizen Saint Lucia Template:User interest Saint Lucia Template:User WP Saint Lucia Template:User Saint Lucia Template:User WikiProject Saint Lucia
Saint Martin MF EU-Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/Saint Martin work group Template:User Saint Martin/doc1 Template:User in Saint Martin Template:User from Saint Martin Template:User citizen Saint Martin Template:User interest Saint Martin Template:User Saint Martin WG Template:User Saint Martin Template:User Saint Martin work group
Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject France/Saint Pierre and Miquelon work group Template:User Saint Pierre and Miquelon/doc1 Template:User in Saint Pierre and Miquelon Template:User from Saint Pierre and Miquelon Template:User citizen Saint Pierre and Miquelon Template:User interest Saint Pierre and Miquelon Template:User Saint Pierre and Miquelon WG Template:User Saint Pierre and Miquelon Template:User Saint Pierre and Miquelon work group
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VC Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User Saint Vincent and the Grenadines/doc1 Template:User in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User citizen Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User interest Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User WP Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Template:User WikiProject Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Samoa WS Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Samoa Template:User Samoa/doc1 Template:User in Samoa Template:User from Samoa Template:User citizen Samoa Template:User interest Samoa Template:User WP Samoa Template:User Samoa Template:User WikiProject Samoa
San Marino SM Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject San Marino Template:User San Marino/doc1 Template:User in San Marino Template:User from San Marino Template:User citizen San Marino Template:User interest San Marino Template:User WP San Marino Template:User San Marino Template:User WikiProject San Marino
São Tomé and Príncipe ST Middle Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Sao Tome and Principe Template:User São Tomé and Príncipe/doc1 Template:User in São Tomé and Príncipe Template:User from São Tomé and Príncipe Template:User citizen São Tomé and Príncipe Template:User interest São Tomé and Príncipe Template:User WP São Tomé and Príncipe Template:User Sao Tome and Principe Template:User WikiProject Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia SA Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Saudi Arabia Template:User Saudi Arabia/doc1 Template:User in Saudi Arabia Template:User from Saudi Arabia Template:User citizen Saudi Arabia Template:User interest Saudi Arabia Template:User WP Saudi Arabia Template:User Saudi Arabia Template:User WikiProject Saudi Arabia
Senegal SN Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Senegal Template:User Senegal/doc1 Template:User in Senegal Template:User from Senegal Template:User citizen Senegal Template:User interest Senegal Template:User WP Senegal Template:User Senegal Template:User WikiProject Senegal
Serbia RS Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Serbia Template:User Serbia/doc1 Template:User in Serbia Template:User from Serbia Template:User citizen Serbia Template:User interest Serbia Template:User WP Serbia Template:User Serbia Template:User WikiProject Serbia
Seychelles SC Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Seychelles Template:User Seychelles/doc1 Template:User in Seychelles Template:User from Seychelles Template:User citizen Seychelles Template:User interest Seychelles Template:User WP Seychelles Template:User Seychelles Template:User WikiProject Seychelles
Sierra Leone SL Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Sierra Leone Template:User Sierra Leone/doc1 Template:User in Sierra Leone Template:User from Sierra Leone Template:User citizen Sierra Leone Template:User interest Sierra Leone Template:User WP Sierra Leone Template:User Sierra Leone Template:User WikiProject Sierra Leone
Singapore SG Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Singapore Template:User Singapore/doc1 Template:User in Singapore Template:User from Singapore Template:User citizen Singapore Template:User interest Singapore Template:User WP Singapore Template:User Singapore Template:User WikiProject Singapore
Slovakia SK EU-Eastern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Slovakia Template:User Slovakia/doc1 Template:User in Slovakia Template:User from Slovakia Template:User citizen Slovakia Template:User interest Slovakia Template:User WP Slovakia Template:User Slovakia Template:User WikiProject Slovakia
Slovenia SI EU-Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Slovenia Template:User Slovenia/doc1 Template:User in Slovenia Template:User from Slovenia Template:User citizen Slovenia Template:User interest Slovenia Template:User WP Slovenia Template:User Slovenia Template:User WikiProject Slovenia
Solomon Islands SB Melanesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Solomon Islands Template:User Solomon Islands/doc1 Template:User in the Solomon Islands Template:User from the Solomon Islands Template:User citizen Solomon Islands Template:User interest Solomon Islands Template:User WP Solomon Islands Template:User Solomon Islands Template:User WikiProject Solomon Islands
Somalia SO Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Somalia Template:User Somalia/doc1 Template:User in Somalia Template:User from Somalia Template:User citizen Somalia Template:User interest Somalia Template:User WP Somalia Template:User Somalia Template:User WikiProject Somalia
South Africa ZA Southern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject South Africa Template:User South Africa/doc1 Template:User in South Africa Template:User from South Africa Template:User citizen South Africa Template:User interest South Africa Template:User WP South Africa Template:User South Africa Template:User WikiProject South Africa
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands GS South America Wikipedia:WikiProject South America/South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands work group Template:User South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands/doc1 Template:User interest South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Template:User South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands WG Template:User South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Template:User South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands work group
South Korea KR East Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Korea Template:User South Korea/doc1 Template:User in South Korea Template:User from South Korea Template:User citizen South Korea Template:User interest South Korea Template:User WP South Korea Template:User South Korea Template:User WikiProject South Korea
South Sudan North Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject South Sudan Template:User South Sudan/doc1 Template:User in South Sudan Template:User from South Sudan Template:User citizen South Sudan Template:User interest South Sudan Template:User WP South Sudan Template:User South Sudan Template:User WikiProject South Sudan
Spain ES EU-Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Spain Template:User Spain/doc1 Template:User in Spain Template:User from Spain Template:User citizen Spain Template:User interest Spain Template:User WP Spain Template:User Spain Template:User WikiProject Spain
Sri Lanka LK South Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Sri Lanka Template:User Sri Lanka/doc1 Template:User in Sri Lanka Template:User from Sri Lanka Template:User citizen Sri Lanka Template:User interest Sri Lanka Template:User WP Sri Lanka Template:User Sri Lanka Template:User WikiProject Sri Lanka
Sudan SD North Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Sudan Template:User Sudan/doc1 Template:User in Sudan Template:User from Sudan Template:User citizen Sudan Template:User interest Sudan Template:User WP Sudan Template:User Sudan Template:User WikiProject Sudan
Suriname SR South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Suriname Template:User Suriname/doc1 Template:User in Suriname Template:User from Suriname Template:User citizen Suriname Template:User interest Suriname Template:User WP Suriname Template:User Suriname Template:User WikiProject Suriname
Swaziland SZ Southern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Swaziland Template:User Swaziland/doc1 Template:User in Swaziland Template:User from Swaziland Template:User citizen Swaziland Template:User interest Swaziland Template:User WP Swaziland Template:User Swaziland Template:User WikiProject Swaziland
Sweden SE EU-Northern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Sweden Template:User Sweden/doc1 Template:User in Sweden Template:User from Sweden Template:User citizen Sweden Template:User interest Sweden Template:User WP Sweden Template:User Sweden Template:User WikiProject Sweden
Switzerland CH Western Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Switzerland Template:User Switzerland/doc1 Template:User in Switzerland Template:User from Switzerland Template:User citizen Switzerland Template:User interest Switzerland Template:User WP Switzerland Template:User Switzerland Template:User WikiProject Switzerland
Syria SY Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Syria Template:User Syria/doc1 Template:User in Syria Template:User from Syria Template:User citizen Syria Template:User interest Syria Template:User WP Syria Template:User Syria Template:User WikiProject Syria
Tajikistan TJ Central Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Tajikistan Template:User Tajikistan/doc1 Template:User in Tajikistan Template:User from Tajikistan Template:User citizen Tajikistan Template:User interest Tajikistan Template:User WP Tajikistan Template:User Tajikistan Template:User WikiProject Tajikistan
Tanzania TZ Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Tanzania Template:User Tanzania/doc1 Template:User in Tanzania Template:User from Tanzania Template:User citizen Tanzania Template:User interest Tanzania Template:User WP Tanzania Template:User Tanzania Template:User WikiProject Tanzania
Thailand TH Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Thailand Template:User Thailand/doc1 Template:User in Thailand Template:User from Thailand Template:User citizen Thailand Template:User interest Thailand Template:User WP Thailand Template:User Thailand Template:User WikiProject Thailand
Togo TG Western Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Togo Template:User Togo/doc1 Template:User in Togo Template:User from Togo Template:User citizen Togo Template:User interest Togo Template:User WP Togo Template:User Togo Template:User WikiProject Togo
Tokelau TK Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Polynesia Template:User Tokelau/doc1 Template:User in Tokelau Template:User from Tokelau Template:User citizen Tokelau Template:User interest Tokelau Template:User WP Tokelau Template:User Tokelau Template:User WikiProject Tokelau
Tonga TO Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Tonga Template:User Tonga/doc1 Template:User in Tonga Template:User from Tonga Template:User citizen Tonga Template:User interest Tonga Template:User WP Tonga Template:User Tonga Template:User WikiProject Tonga
Trinidad and Tobago TT Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago Template:User Trinidad and Tobago/doc1 Template:User in Trinidad and Tobago Template:User from Trinidad and Tobago Template:User citizen Trinidad and Tobago Template:User interest Trinidad and Tobago Template:User WP Trinidad and Tobago Template:User Trinidad and Tobago Template:User WikiProject Trinidad and Tobago
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Abu Dhabi AE-AZ Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Abu Dhabi Template:User Abu Dhabi/doc1 Template:User in Abu Dhabi Template:User from Abu Dhabi Template:User citizen Abu Dhabi Template:User interest Abu Dhabi Template:User WP Abu Dhabi Template:User Abu Dhabi Template:User WikiProject Abu Dhabi
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Ras al-Khaimah AE-RK Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Northern Emirates/Ras al-Khaimah work group Template:User Ras al-Khaimah/doc1 Template:User in Ras al-Khaimah Template:User from Ras al-Khaimah Template:User citizen Ras al-Khaimah Template:User interest Ras al-Khaimah Template:User Ras al-Khaimah WG Template:User Ras al-Khaimah Template:User Ras al-Khaimah work group
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Georgia US-GA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Georgia (U.S. state) Template:User Georgia USA/doc1 Template:User in Georgia USA Template:User from Georgia USA Template:User citizen Georgia USA Template:User interest Georgia USA Template:User WP Georgia USA Template:User Georgia (U.S. state) Template:User WikiProject Georgia (U.S. state)
Hawaii US-HI Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Hawaii Template:User Hawaii/doc1 Template:User in Hawaii Template:User from Hawaii Template:User citizen Hawaii Template:User interest Hawaii Template:User WP Hawaii Template:User Hawaii Template:User WikiProject Hawaii
Idaho US-ID Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Idaho Template:User Idaho/doc1 Template:User in Idaho Template:User from Idaho Template:User citizen Idaho Template:User interest Idaho Template:User WP Idaho Template:User Idaho Template:User WikiProject Idaho
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Indiana US-IN Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Indiana Template:User Indiana/doc1 Template:User in Indiana Template:User from Indiana Template:User citizen Indiana Template:User interest Indiana Template:User WP Indiana Template:User Indiana Template:User WikiProject Indiana
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Montana US-MT Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Montana Template:User Montana/doc1 Template:User in Montana Template:User from Montana Template:User citizen Montana Template:User interest Montana Template:User WP Montana Template:User Montana Template:User WikiProject Montana
Nebraska US-NE Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Nebraska Template:User Nebraska/doc1 Template:User in Nebraska Template:User from Nebraska Template:User citizen Nebraska Template:User interest Nebraska Template:User WP Nebraska Template:User Nebraska Template:User WikiProject Nebraska
Nevada US-NV Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Nevada Template:User Nevada/doc1 Template:User in Nevada Template:User from Nevada Template:User citizen Nevada Template:User interest Nevada Template:User WP Nevada Template:User Nevada Template:User WikiProject Nevada
New Hampshire US-NH Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject New Hampshire Template:User New Hampshire/doc1 Template:User in New Hampshire Template:User from New Hampshire Template:User citizen New Hampshire Template:User interest New Hampshire Template:User WP New Hampshire Template:User New Hampshire Template:User WikiProject New Hampshire
New Jersey US-NJ Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject New Jersey Template:User New Jersey/doc1 Template:User in New Jersey Template:User from New Jersey Template:User citizen New Jersey Template:User interest New Jersey Template:User WP New Jersey Template:User New Jersey Template:User WikiProject New Jersey
New Mexico US-NM Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject New Mexico Template:User New Mexico/doc1 Template:User in New Mexico Template:User from New Mexico Template:User citizen New Mexico Template:User interest New Mexico Template:User WP New Mexico Template:User New Mexico Template:User WikiProject New Mexico
New York US-NY Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject New York Template:User New York/doc1 Template:User in New York Template:User from New York Template:User citizen New York Template:User interest New York Template:User WP New York Template:User New York Template:User WikiProject New York
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North Dakota US-ND Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject North Dakota Template:User North Dakota/doc1 Template:User in North Dakota Template:User from North Dakota Template:User citizen North Dakota Template:User interest North Dakota Template:User WP North Dakota Template:User North Dakota Template:User WikiProject North Dakota
Ohio US-OH Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Ohio Template:User Ohio/doc1 Template:User in Ohio Template:User from Ohio Template:User citizen Ohio Template:User interest Ohio Template:User WP Ohio Template:User Ohio Template:User WikiProject Ohio
Oklahoma US-OK Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Oklahoma Template:User Oklahoma/doc1 Template:User in Oklahoma Template:User from Oklahoma Template:User citizen Oklahoma Template:User interest Oklahoma Template:User WP Oklahoma Template:User Oklahoma Template:User WikiProject Oklahoma
Oregon US-OR Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Oregon Template:User Oregon/doc1 Template:User in Oregon Template:User from Oregon Template:User citizen Oregon Template:User interest Oregon Template:User WP Oregon Template:User Oregon Template:User WikiProject Oregon
Pennsylvania US-PA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Pennsylvania Template:User Pennsylvania/doc1 Template:User in Pennsylvania Template:User from Pennsylvania Template:User citizen Pennsylvania Template:User interest Pennsylvania Template:User WP Pennsylvania Template:User Pennsylvania Template:User WikiProject Pennsylvania
Rhode Island US-RI Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Rhode Island Template:User Rhode Island/doc1 Template:User in Rhode Island Template:User from Rhode Island Template:User citizen Rhode Island Template:User interest Rhode Island Template:User WP Rhode Island Template:User Rhode Island Template:User WikiProject Rhode Island
South Carolina US-SC Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject South Carolina Template:User South Carolina/doc1 Template:User in South Carolina Template:User from South Carolina Template:User citizen South Carolina Template:User interest South Carolina Template:User WP South Carolina Template:User South Carolina Template:User WikiProject South Carolina
South Dakota US-SD Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject South Dakota Template:User South Dakota/doc1 Template:User in South Dakota Template:User from South Dakota Template:User citizen South Dakota Template:User interest South Dakota Template:User WP South Dakota Template:User South Dakota Template:User WikiProject South Dakota
Tennessee US-TN Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Tennessee Template:User Tennessee/doc1 Template:User in Tennessee Template:User from Tennessee Template:User citizen Tennessee Template:User interest Tennessee Template:User WP Tennessee Template:User Tennessee Template:User WikiProject Tennessee
Texas US-TX Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Texas Template:User Texas/doc1 Template:User in Texas Template:User from Texas Template:User citizen Texas Template:User interest Texas Template:User WP Texas Template:User Texas Template:User WikiProject Texas
Utah US-UT Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Utah Template:User Utah/doc1 Template:User in Utah Template:User from Utah Template:User citizen Utah Template:User interest Utah Template:User WP Utah Template:User Utah Template:User WikiProject Utah
Vermont US-VT Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Vermont Template:User Vermont/doc1 Template:User in Vermont Template:User from Vermont Template:User citizen Vermont Template:User interest Vermont Template:User WP Vermont Template:User Vermont Template:User WikiProject Vermont
Virginia US-VA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Virginia Template:User Virginia/doc1 Template:User in Virginia Template:User from Virginia Template:User citizen Virginia Template:User interest Virginia Template:User WP Virginia Template:User Virginia Template:User WikiProject Virginia
Washington US-WA Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Washington Template:User Washington/doc1 Template:User in Washington Template:User from Washington Template:User citizen Washington Template:User interest Washington Template:User WP Washington Template:User Washington Template:User WikiProject Washington
West Virginia US-WV Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject West Virginia Template:User West Virginia/doc1 Template:User in West Virginia Template:User from West Virginia Template:User citizen West Virginia Template:User interest West Virginia Template:User WP West Virginia Template:User West Virginia Template:User WikiProject West Virginia
Wisconsin US-WI Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Wisconsin Template:User Wisconsin/doc1 Template:User in Wisconsin Template:User from Wisconsin Template:User citizen Wisconsin Template:User interest Wisconsin Template:User WP Wisconsin Template:User Wisconsin Template:User WikiProject Wisconsin
Wyoming US-WY Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject Wyoming Template:User Wyoming/doc1 Template:User in Wyoming Template:User from Wyoming Template:User citizen Wyoming Template:User interest Wyoming Template:User WP Wyoming Template:User Wyoming Template:User WikiProject Wyoming
District of Columbia US-DC Northern America Wikipedia:WikiProject District of Columbia Template:User District of Columbia/doc1 Template:User in the District of Columbia Template:User from the District of Columbia Template:User citizen District of Columbia Template:User interest District of Columbia Template:User WP District of Columbia Template:User District of Columbia Template:User WikiProject District of Columbia
United States Virgin Islands VI Caribbean Wikipedia:WikiProject Caribbean/United States Virgin Islands work group Template:User United States Virgin Islands/doc1 Template:User in the United States Virgin Islands Template:User from the United States Virgin Islands Template:User citizen United States Virgin Islands Template:User interest United States Virgin Islands Template:User United States Virgin Islands WG Template:User United States Virgin Islands Template:User United States Virgin Islands work group
Uruguay UY South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Uruguay Template:User Uruguay/doc1 Template:User in Uruguay Template:User from Uruguay Template:User citizen Uruguay Template:User interest Uruguay Template:User WP Uruguay Template:User Uruguay Template:User WikiProject Uruguay
Uzbekistan UZ Central Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Uzbekistan Template:User Uzbekistan/doc1 Template:User in Uzbekistan Template:User from Uzbekistan Template:User citizen Uzbekistan Template:User interest Uzbekistan Template:User WP Uzbekistan Template:User Uzbekistan Template:User WikiProject Uzbekistan
Vanuatu VU Melanesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Vanuatu Template:User Vanuatu/doc1 Template:User in Vanuatu Template:User from Vanuatu Template:User citizen Vanuatu Template:User interest Vanuatu Template:User WP Vanuatu Template:User Vanuatu Template:User WikiProject Vanuatu
Vatican City VA Southern Europe Wikipedia:WikiProject Vatican City Template:User Vatican City/doc1 Template:User interest Vatican City Template:User WP Vatican City Template:User Vatican City Template:User WikiProject Vatican City
Venezuela VE South America Wikipedia:WikiProject Venezuela Template:User Venezuela/doc1 Template:User in Venezuela Template:User from Venezuela Template:User citizen Venezuela Template:User interest Venezuela Template:User WP Venezuela Template:User Venezuela Template:User WikiProject Venezuela
Vietnam VN Southeast Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Vietnam Template:User Vietnam/doc1 Template:User in Vietnam Template:User from Vietnam Template:User citizen Vietnam Template:User interest Vietnam Template:User WP Vietnam Template:User Vietnam Template:User WikiProject Vietnam
Wake Island US-UM Micronesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Micronesia/Wake Island work group Template:User Wake Island/doc1 Template:User interest Wake Island Template:User Wake Island WG Template:User Wake Island Template:User Wake Island work group
Wallis and Futuna WF Polynesia Wikipedia:WikiProject Polynesia/Wallis and Futuna work group Template:User Wallis and Futuna/doc1 Template:User in Wallis and Futuna Template:User from Wallis and Futuna Template:User citizen Wallis and Futuna Template:User interest Wallis and Futuna Template:User Wallis and Futuna WG Template:User Wallis and Futuna Template:User Wallis and Futuna work group
Western Sahara EH North Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Western Sahara Template:User Western Sahara/doc1 Template:User in Western Sahara Template:User from Western Sahara Template:User citizen Western Sahara Template:User interest Western Sahara Template:User WP Western Sahara Template:User Western Sahara Template:User WikiProject Western Sahara
Yemen YE Southwest Asia Wikipedia:WikiProject Yemen Template:User Yemen/doc1 Template:User in Yemen Template:User from Yemen Template:User citizen Yemen Template:User interest Yemen Template:User WP Yemen Template:User Yemen Template:User WikiProject Yemen
Zambia ZM Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Zambia Template:User Zambia/doc1 Template:User in Zambia Template:User from Zambia Template:User citizen Zambia Template:User interest Zambia Template:User WP Zambia Template:User Zambia Template:User WikiProject Zambia
Zimbabwe ZW Eastern Africa Wikipedia:WikiProject Zimbabwe Template:User Zimbabwe/doc1 Template:User in Zimbabwe Template:User from Zimbabwe Template:User citizen Zimbabwe Template:User interest Zimbabwe Template:User WP Zimbabwe Template:User Zimbabwe Template:User WikiProject Zimbabwe