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About me[edit]

I'm a second year (MS2) MD/PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh. Will be beginning PhD soon.

Although I listed myself as Babel:zh-1, I cannot really read beyond the 3-year old level, but can speak Mandarin at roughly a second-grade (8 year old) native of China fluently.

Current interests include SlickDeals (similar to FatWallet), SNSD, and DBSK.

Say hi on my talk page!

Short term "to do" list[edit]

Long term "to do" list[edit]

Improve list[edit]

laminar flow cricket (insect)

Write list[edit]


homologous recombination, alkaline lysis, marker gene, selectable marker, replication protein A, Carrier DNA


Basketball terms

Pages I have started[edit]


Jubei-Chan: The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch

Ring strain

Two-hybrid screening

Stub for Cassette (genetics)


Syn addition and Anti addition

6/24/05 Subcloning

6/25/05 Pick and pop

7/04/05 gel isolation HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

7/11/05 Three-point field goal forgot to login :(

7/12/05 minipreparation

7/25/05 Talim (Soul Calibur)

8/07/05 List of Soul Calibur terms

Pages I have made major contributions to:[edit]

DNA ligase

Replica plating

General Chemistry and Quantum Numbers

Hofmann elimination

Brood War Introduction

Stuff about me[edit]

My edit count

Wiki-links that are too cool![edit]

Wikipedia:Contributing_FAQ <-- good read for beginners!


Special:Newpages <-- help police wikipedia from useless articles!


Wikipedia:Copyrights important copyright policy

Copyright problems

Wikipedia:Public domain resources


Wikipedia:Votes for deletion#How to list_pages for deletion


Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion

Wikipedia:Deletion of vanity_articles

WP:MUSIC guidelines regarding musician articles

Wikipedia:Google test


Wikipedia:Template messages/Maintenance