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User:Bubble Bunny[edit]

Howdy! I've been a bit confused so I've probably got about fifty different pages on this site, but what the heck! In case your wondering, no Bubble bunny isn't my real name, SHOCK HORROR! I came up with the name this way: I used to watch this cartoon "Cardcaptors, and my favourite clow card was Bubbles. And I just so happen to have a pet bunny rabbit!

Very Mini (or at least started out as mini) Auto Biography[edit]

Live in: England, UK.

Fav. animal: bunny rabbit (big surprise!)

Fav. singers: Cher, Shania Twain, Leanne Rimes, Celine Dion, Pink.

Fav. Cher songs: A different kind of love song + Shoop Shoop Song.

Fav. Leanne Rimes songs: Right Kind of Wrong+ Can't Fight the Moonlight

Fav. Celine Dion songs: A New Day + Alive + Goodbye

Fav. Pink songs: U and Ur Hand + Because I Can + Dear Mr President

Fav. Movies: The Craft + Miss Conjeniality + Coyote Ugly

Top 7 Tv shows: 1.Buffy, 2.Charmed, 3.Ally McBeeal 4.Angel, 5.Desperate Housewives, 6.Ugly Betty 7.Ghost Whisperer

Fav. Charmed one: Piper

Fav. Holiday destination: Bangkok (I had an amazing tour of the prince's palace).

Desired Holiday destiantion: Hong Kong + Rome

Star sign: Aquarius

Element (according to star sign): Air

Chinese zodiac: Rooster (I think)

Fav. subject: Drama

Least Fav. subject: Maths + PE

Dream Job: actor/ jounalist/ photographer (I'm not too sure yet!)

If I had three wishes: 1)World peace, 2)to have infinite wisdom 3)To meet the charmed ones.

Phobia: I think it's called Pupaphobia (fear of puppets)

Fav. Food: Quorn Sausage + Most things that are spicy! (I'm a vegitarian)

Least fav. food: Brochalli

Fav. foreign food: Indian

Fav. weather: Sunny

Least Fav. weather: Hail

Main Hobbies: Acting and Witchcraft

Talents: Acting, singing, witchcraft(mainly divination)

Powers (gained through witchcraft): Premonition, Telepathy/Empathy and Element Conjuring (Wind).


In my Citizenship class at school we have been learning about what would be considered as the perfect world. As I am against war, my perfect world would be a non-violent one. We had to right poems about our perfect worlds, here is mine!

No More

No more war, bring forth the dove, Reveal to Earth the peace and love.

No more of this hell on Earth, Give hope and understanding birth.

No more death that spreads like fire, To live in harmony is my desire.

Let light rise from this endless night, Please, I beg you, stop this fight!

No more war, bring forth the dove, Reveal to Earth the peace and love.

         [The End]

I hope you like it!


Ever since I was young I've been interested in the world of witchcraft! Although at that age I went through a "Sabrina the teenage Witch" phase, where I thought you could make magic just by pointing! Anyway, as I grew older and reached my present teenage years, I discovered what witchcraft really was! I took my best friend Rachel to this shop in the town centre, which specialises in Wicca! We got a book each and from that day forward we've been doing spells all the time! We're both getting good at it and we made friends with another witch, Hannah! We each have our speciality: Rachel's good at changing the climate (weather ect.), Hannah's pretty good at channeling the elements so she can manipulate one of the four! Me... the majority of my spells have been a success, but I suppose my best works divination. I can see the future and different types of information through magic!