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NHL player nationalities (flags)[edit]

In the case where a player's national allegiance is different from his place of birth, the flag should represent his allegiance rather than his birthplace.

If the player's allegiance is not known, then the birthplace should be used for flags.

National allegiance generally considers these factors:

  • The nation the player represents in international tournaments. (This is the strongest factor as it also represents the other two factors, including allegiance and citizenship.)
  • The player's primary nation of citizenship.
  • The player's personal history (i.e. parents may be Canadians living in Brazil or born in China but holds citizenship AND grew up in Canada). To use "personal history" as a reason, there must be some sort of proof backing it up (for example, the player says he was raised in another nation and would rather play for that nation internationally).

If a player has played for more than one national team, the most recent country should be used.

When adding a player with abnormal national allegiances, something like <!--plays for Team USA--> should be added next to the flag. This prevents the "switching back and forth" of birthplace flags and allegiance flags due to confusion.

Please note that some research may have to be done (via Google or news sources) to confirm national allegiance. If this is the case, it is probably wise to post a mention on the team's discussion page or the player's discusssion page.

Why use allegiance instead?[edit]

  • Not all nations have a law granting citizenship via birth (jus soli).
  • Birthplace can be coincidental (ie. player born on a US military base, or born in the city his father was currently playing in).
  • Players may not even be acquainted with their birthplace because of personal history, such as immigration/emigration at a young age. Assuming the player has connections to the birth country in this case can be misleading.

Players with abnormal national allegiances[edit]

The following players' national allegiances are different from the nations of their births. Their names should correspond with the flags shown below. (Listed by last name.)

When considering player flags, this list should be consulted as the "final authority."

Active NHL players[edit]

Nationality Team Player Place of Birth* Reason
Canada Carolina Craig Adams Seria, Brunei International play.
Russia Carolina Anton Babchuk Kiev, U.S.S.R. (Ukraine) International play.
Slovakia Chicago Peter Bondra Lutsk, U.S.S.R. (Ukraine) International play.
United States Ottawa Patrick Eaves Calgary, Alberta International play.
Belarus Toronto Mikhail Grabovsky Potsdam, East Germany (Germany) International play.
Canada Ottawa Dany Heatley Freiburg, West Germany (Germany) International play.
United States NY Rangers Chris Holt Vancouver, British Columbia International play.
Russia NY Rangers Darius Kasparaitis Elektrėnai, U.S.S.R. (Lithuania) International play.
United States Philadelphia Mike Knuble Toronto, Ontario International play.
Germany Washington Olaf Kölzig Johannesburg, South Africa International play.
Russia Edmonton Alexei Mikhnov Kiev, U.S.S.R. (Ukraine) International play.
Russia San Jose Evgeni Nabokov Öskemen, U.S.S.R. (Kazakhstan) International play. Most recent team is Russia.
Canada Edmonton Petr Nedved Liberec, Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) International play. Most recent team is Canada.
Canada Phoenix Owen Nolan Belfast, United Kingdom International play.
Canada Edmonton Ryan O'Marra Tokyo, Japan International play.
United States NY Islanders Richard Park Seoul, South Korea International play.
Russia Montreal Alexander Perezhogin Öskemen, U.S.S.R. (Kazakhstan) International play.
Canada Calgary Richie Regehr Bandung, Indonesia International play.
Canada Calgary Robyn Regehr Recife, Brazil International play.
United States Colorado Paul Stastny Quebec City, Quebec International play.
United States St. Louis Yan Stastny Quebec City, Quebec International play.
Sweden Toronto Alexander Steen Winnipeg, Manitoba International play.
Russia Los Angeles Oleg Tverdovsky Donetsk, U.S.S.R. (Ukraine) International play.
Russia Nashville Vitaly Vishnevski Kharkiv, U.S.S.R. (Ukraine) International play.
Canada Colorado Wojtek Wolski Zabrze, Poland International play.
Russia Philadelphia Alexei Zhitnik Kiev, U.S.S.R. (Ukraine) International play.

* listed by country that existed at time of birth, with the present-day state in brackets ( ).

Non-active NHL players[edit]

These players are either retired or do not have a contract with an NHL team.

Nationality Player Place of Birth Reason
Canada Sven Butenschon Itzehoe, West Germany (Germany) Personal history. [1] [2]
Canada Eric Chouinard Atlanta, Georgia International play.
Canada Byron Dafoe Sussex, United Kingdom International play.
United States Adam Deadmarsh Trail, British Columbia International play.
Canada Mike Greenlay Vitoria, Brazil Personal history.
United States Brett Hull Belleville, Ontario International play.
United States Rod Langway Taipei, Taiwan International play.
Italy Jason Muzzatti Toronto, Ontario International play. Most recent team is Italy.
Canada Chris Nielsen Moshi, Tanzania International play.
Canada Jim Paek Seoul, South Korea International play.
Sweden Tomas Sandström Jakobstad, Finland International play.
Italy Carter Trevisani Carlisle, Ontario International play.

Debatable/Further verification needed[edit]

These players' national allegiances are up for debate and need further verification before the flag can be changed (if a change is deemed appropriate).

Nationality Team Player Place of Birth* Reason
Canada ? Washington Donald Brashear Bedford, Indiana Personal history: raised in Montreal
Need confirmation of possible Canadian citizenship.
Canada ? No NHL team Rumun Ndur Zaria, Nigeria Personal history: raised in Sarnia, Ontario.
Need confirmation of possible Canadian citizenship.
Need info on any international play.
United States ? Carolina Glen Wesley Red Deer, Alberta Personal history: recently acquired US citizenship.
No international play yet, so cannot confirm allegiance.

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