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Articles Created by me[edit]

John Brogden (industrialist)

John Brogden Jun. (industrialist)

Alexander Brogden

James Brogden (industrialist)

John Brogden and Sons

Samuel Brooks

William Brooks of Blackburn

Sir William Cunliffe Brooks, 1st_Baronet

Cunliffe, Brooks

Samuel Budgett

H.H. & S. Budgett

Honeywell 800

Honeywell ARGUS

Eva Luckes

Thomas Savage, 3rd Earl Rivers

Scrapbook for 19..

Julia Pirie, with considerable help from Moonriddengirl

Oliver Wrong

Donald Nicholson (Biochemist), with considerable help from Moonriddengirl

Robin Denniston

Victor Emmanuel Railway

British Nylon Spinners

Berta Geissmar

Articles Revised by me[edit]

Budapest_Quartet major addition

James_Brunlees major addition

Jack Cohen major addition

Isaac Wolfson major addition

Joseph Locke

Kingswood, South Gloucestershire

Stoke Bishop

Solway Junction Railway

Alexander Schneider


Richard Budgett

Tondu major addition

Russell Brock, Baron Brock

Cardiac surgery

Ulverston and Lancaster Railway Essentially created this article.

Alan Bush

Dent's Disease

Sara Gomer

Alan Turing

George Entwhistle

Roberto Calvi 27 Nov 12. An interesting development. It has been reverted by an expert but may return.

Polypterus History of Research

Mont Cenis Pass Railway Big expansion

Rudolf Hess


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