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My user name is short for one of my nicknames, Buffer G. Overflow (please see buffer overflow, a term occasionally used to describe my way of thinking and/or communicating).

Who am I? A dork, working for the Man. In London.

My first contribution was the complete rewrite necessary to get a reasonable entry on Derrida (I'll revisit it after some of the other items that follow). Next up are deconstruction (complete rewrite), de Man (recently improved, still work to be done), Lyotard, a little Lacoue-Labarthe (got a reasonable start on it), and improving the information on Heidegger and Nazism (which has gotten better). For various reasons research in this area has motivated me to contribute to the articles on Paul Celan (lots on the man, not so much about the poetry) and the Anschluss (man, does that article keep on growing). I've also put together an article on James Jesus Angleton and the Frankfurt Trial. If you figure out what these topics have in common, pass it along via my talk page.

Read my blog here, at least if you want to know how far I'll go arguing about obituaries with newspapers who rarely print corrections and never issue retractions, no matter how poor the research behind what they've printed (I'm talking about the New York Times and the Economist, if you're not inspired to follow the link). Somewhere in there you may get my proper name. If you're daring, look me up on friendster (my profile's not open to the public) and drop me an invite. I have no idea what I'd accept.

First successful FAC[edit]

Thanks largely to the efforts of User:Themanwithoutapast, the Anschluss article, to which I've contributed heavily, has succeeded as a feature article. Yee-hah!

On August 21, 2005, said article made it to the main page.


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