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24 June 2018

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Thank you for taking the time to improve Wikipedia.

A poem
Buickid, he's the greatest [citation needed],
but don't ask him to tie your laces.
He'll mess it right up [citation needed], that's why he quit his job [citation needed],
as an assistant to Laurence Barker Paces.
- The Mekon 22:16, 15 September 2006 (UTC)


This channel was the brainchild of no other than ze greatest CableModem. He finally decided to make a *new* channel for all ze *CHAT* and only chat. Its more relaxing version of ze #wikipedia channel. Everyone except for *pricks* can join in. *I* *like* *to* *put* *asterisks* *around* *my* *words*. CableModem will not be talking anymore in #wikipedia, unless required.

Remember: *It* is, where ze *CHAT* is.
*Chanserv sets +b pricks*!*@*
*CableModem waves to the crowd



  1. ^ Actually, you're not welcome. Go away.
  2. ^ You couldn't think of anything? Meh.