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Noticed that the Malaysian page is rather lacking in certain details. I don't want to go into the sociopolitics merit of the governments policy and what have you. Rather, just want to updates on the subnational (states and territories) flags and then see where I'll go from there.

Currently am spending time away from Malaysia, working in Jakarta till God knows when. I am working on the WikiProject Former Countries. Using what spare time I have on collecting materials and infos on the Federated Malay States (FMS). Really appreciate it if u have anything to share with me. :)


  • As of Dec 14 I'll be out of job but back at home (KL, yay). So will probably be doing some other stuff but most prolly still be history.


Nothing much, I guess I always like history (most people consider this boring, dead people and stuffs). In truth most of the things that we experienced in our lifetime have already been played out before at some other times. Class struggles (Senior execs vs lowly execs), kulturkampf (moderates vs extremists), rise and fall of nations (USSR, Iraq), our technical revolutions (compare to agriculture and industrial revolutions) etc.

My greatest interests though are Malaysian and Prussian history.

  • Malaysians did not do justice to Malaysian history - I find that the historical awareness of ordinary Malaysians embarassingly dismal. Most knew Malacca in 1511 and Independence in 1957. Most don't care about what happened in between. Saddest are those that think it's not their job to know, just old stories of other people not their own. A young country we are but a young nation we are not. Like an old statesman used to say "Melayu mudah lupa" (Malay forgets easily), - I will make you eat your words.
  • Prussian history is very special for me, I admire the story of the people (their idealism and making things change as a nation - NOT their beliefs); how they unified a collection of weak and scattered people, shaping the Deutschland we know today. Conservatives sieged by the liberal West and socialist East, their rise and their fall, the Prussian values, the misunderstandings, being made a scapegoat for evils of other people, and how the Allies and the Communists had no other choice but to dismembered it, defamed, buried it deep such that the only things we know of them are the pointy hats and Bismarck. But history is written by the winners they say.

My other everyday, real life kind of interests are naturally the telecommunication industry, ways to be financially secure, railway - technology and architecture.

Hope you enjoy my scattered contributions in Wikipedia and leave a message for me if you have something to talk about.

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