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My name is Jeff Rosenberg, and I live in Florida. I earned degrees in 1998 in philosophy and computer science, and a minor in physics, from the University of Florida. After my short-lived job as a programmer for a pharmaceutical company, I entered a physics graduate program, earning my master's in 2003. I now work as an applied researcher for a software company. My hobbies are Sudoku, programming, reading, mathematics, sabermetrics, hockey, and fishing.

You can contact me at jrosb1978%%%yahoo.666 (replace "%%%" with "@" and "666" with ".com").

My failed proposal on lists: Wikipedia:Overlistification. I'd love it if somewhere were to revise it enough for further consideration.

Essays I wrote or contributed to:

  1. WP:Listcruft
  3. WP:IIFL
  4. WP:EIN
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