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Hello Welcome to Jeremy Buller's Wikipedia Page[edit]

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My purpose here is to uphold the unbiased nature and keep Wikipedia encyclopedic. I vow to revert and subvert vandalism and unverified information! Anyways, if you'd like to contact me feel free to!


I like (and will help improve pages relating to):

-3D Graphic Design

-Blender 3D

-Japanese Language, and all things Japan

-Anime, Manga!!

-John Grisham

-Social Libertarianism

-Free Market Capitalism

-Fiscal Conservatism

-Armstrong and Getty

-Xbox 360

-Gears of War 2

-Halo 3/ODST

-Left 4 Dead 2

-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

-Physics, Light, and the Properties of the Universe