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Who needs a user page? Pfft.

My Sandbox

I have been an editor on Wikipedia since September 2006. That was my first month of high school!

The musical ensembles that don't make my head explode[edit]

4/23/2017: This list was compiled in 2007-2008. It is quite beautiful seeing how much and how far my tastes have expanded since then. Regardless, I never stop liking musicians I once listened to, and I don't believe in guilty pleasures, so I keep this list here as a glimpse into my early teenage years.

Angels and Airwaves
Arcade Fire
Bell Orchestre
Bloc Party
Bloodhound Gang
Boxcar Racer
Clues (band)
Cold War Kids
The Dodos
The Fiery Furnaces
The Hives
KC Accidental
The Killers (band)
Linkin Park
The Mars Volta
Metric (band)
Modest Mouse
Nine Inch Nails
Pink Floyd
The Raconteurs
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rise Against
Scars on Broadway
Serj Tankian
Silversun Pickups
The Strokes
Sum 41
System of a Down
Taking Back Sunday
TV on the Radio
The Triangles are Squares
The Unicorns
The Used
The White Stripes

Interesting stuff I found while surfing Wikipedia[edit]

Longplayer (WOW)
The Cure for Insomnia (Crazy...)
Titin (Pretty amazing)
Cannibal Corpse discography (Wow...)
Infinite Monkey Theorem (Strange =/)
Tomato is a fruit. (HAA!!!)
Cucumber is a fruit! (Also)
Unexpected Hanging Paradox
The Bottle Imp
Pit of despair

Articles by Me[edit]

Black Mirror
Keep the Car Running